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Interplay Moulds Us Some ClayFighter DSiWare Screenshots

Posted by James Newton

Morph is nowhere to be seen

The more seasoned gamers amongst our readership may remember the 16-bit ClayFighter from its original release back in 1993, or perhaps from its more recent outing on the Virtual Console. Those yet to discover the game's moulded delights will soon be able to see what they make of it when ClayFighter launches on DSiWare in the coming months, and we've just received a packet of screenshots.

Bad Mr. Frosty, Bonker and hero of Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure all feature in the stills that show the game's lost none of its bizarre quirks in the transition to DSiWare. Where else could you see a nearly-naked Santa take on an evil snowman, or witness Earthworm Jim getting whacked by a pumpkin-headed monster? For those reasons alone, keep ClayFighter on your pocket radar.

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suburban_sensei said:

I used to love Clay Fighter back in the day. Just not sure what I think of this DSiWare version...looks a bit rough.



Xkhaoz said:

Man, I was thinking this was dead. Good to see it's still alive But what about the WiiWare one?



SilverBaretta said:

A new Clayfighter!? I'll definitely look out for this, the original, 63 1/3, and Sculpter's Cut were great!



sonic_brawler95 said:

I bet it will be 500 points.
I never played the original clayfighter, but I may check this out. lol, Earthworm Jim ftw.



Kyloctopus said:

I was told last year that clayfighter would come summer 2010 but why would interplay give them a deadline by that time?



Ernest_The_Crab said:

Wow...Clay Fighter, really? That game was pretty quirky if I remember right though I never did figure out how to use the claytalities.



NintendoCoDGamer said:

YEEESH! YEESH! Anyway, I've never played Clay Fighter, but it sounds like a good game (read a feature in NP about it) so I might get this if I have money around that time.



accc said:

Wow, Interplay actually showed some proof that the games they announced they were working on months ago really exist! Now if only they would give us some screens/footage of Stonekeep and Descent and MDK2.



motang said:

I never bought this game on the SNES, but I sure will on my DSi and kick butt with Boogerman or Earthworm Jim!



ShawnWilson said:

I will def buy this. I owned this game back in the day and I don't have any bad memories of playing it.



LordJumpMad said:

Never like ClayFighter....

But sound cool that Boogerman and Earthworm Jim are in it.

But the Gameplay is still bad....



retrox said:

I had this for my Genesis back in the day. Not a very memorable game for me.

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