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Insanity Grips the DS in Upcoming Shutter Island Game

Posted by Darren Calvert

DiCaprio in your pocket

Movie fans who enjoyed Martin Scorsese's nailbiting thriller, Shutter Island will soon be able to stroll off the boat into insanity themselves on the DS as revealed by a recent ESRB rating:

This is a seek-and-find puzzle game, based on the movie Shutter Island, in which players assume the role of U.S. marshals who investigate odd occurrences in the Ashercliffe Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Players search for clues/items among scenes of jumbled objects, and interview hospital personnel to uncover the whereabouts of a criminal. A handful of items contain blood on them (e.g., a blood-soaked cloth, a scalpel with light traces); other items include smoking pipes and cigarette packs (there is also occasional dialogue referencing smoking). During the course of the investigation, players can obtain patients' files that detail acts of murder: the drowning of a patient's three children; the arrangement of dead bodies around a dinner table; and the scalping of relatives for use as hats.

This DS movie adaptation is being handled by City Interactive and is currently available on the PC.

As the ESRB description reveals, this game will not shy away from the darker elements of the movie, so perhaps not one for the kids! For older gamers who like doing a bit of detective work on the move, this might be one to watch out for later this year.


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James said:

I hear the film is very good though I must admit this is an unlikely candidate for a DS game!



Dazza said:

It's a great movie, but with all those plot twists I can't imagine how it could be adapted into a 'seek and find puzzle game' without making lots of compromises.

Maybe a Shutter Island platformer would have been a better idea? Bash any mentalists and guards that get in your way to keep your insanity meter in check. Your goal will be to duff in the psychologists who think they know it all. If your insanity meter gets too high then you get a lobotomy!



James said:

It'll just be a hidden object game that doesn't even bear Leo's likeness. Mark my words!



y0ss4ri4n said:

"I'm a US marshal, this is definitely NOT an elaborate delusion!"
Oi! Spoilers!



FATEM said:

It's an absolutely brilliant movie, however anyone who's seen the movie will know the ending and have little interest in the game. I predict a good game that will suffer from poor sales.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

I agree, the license itself is the games worst enemy. Knowing the truth when playing this game is bound to lead to some frustration.



Ron_DelVillano said:

I didn't think this movie was that great, and it was pretty predictable. I do, however, own a pretty sweet Shutter Island hat.



Objection said:

Interesting. I go tto say though, I think it's too soon for that photo caption. It's like saying "Aeris dies!!" 2 months after FFVII came out. It's okay to say now, but Shutter Island's not even 6 months old, yeah?

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