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Inchworm Animation Could Beat Flipnote at its Own Game

Posted by James Newton

The DSiWare animation wars commence!

Flipnote Studio is one of the best reasons to own a DSi – endless flipbook-style animations are possible, and you only have to browse Flipnote Hatena to see the tool's potential in the hands of talented artists. If you're a fan of Flipnote, you want to look out for Inchworm Animation, on the way to DSiWare early next year.

As well as the ability to create animations in full colour and export your creations to SD in either Shockwave Flash or still BMP format, you can use the DSi's in-built camera to take snaps for time lapse or stop-motion animations. Even if you can't draw, you can still use the camera to realise your dream of an animation where Mario gets stomped on by a Goomba.

Head on over to the Inchworm Animation website to see some animations in action and head back as we bring you more news on this very promising title.


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LuWiiGi said:

If it has a Hatena-like service, then I can't wait. I'll get it anyway though. Hope it's free...



SilverBaretta said:

Wow, flash export, color, ad pixel art too, according to the snapshots! I may have some fun with this!



Taya said:

Flipnote is awesome and this looks good too!

I guess people will have to learn to tell stories without sound.



Hokori said:

Pass I dont even play Flipnote that much, but ill try to play Flipnote more



Raylax said:

Lol guys, how the heck do you expect this to be free? It's third-party. They have to make a profit. Business doesn't work very well if you give away your only product, y'know
I expect this to be an 800-point app. And given what it seems it can do, that seems like a bargain.



lOnE-WolF said:

Looks great, definately a must-have for your DSi. I honestly don't use Flipnote for animation ( rather, I enjoy the stuff other make) but I'm likely to pick this up anyway.

Interesting, just like how we got two music studio apps in 1 month, now they're going to be releasing a 2nd animation studio. Something for everyone



Token_Girl said:

This could be a really cool app for those who are interested in animating, prefer touchscreen drawing over a mouse, and can't afford flash. Aside from the occasional glance at the Hatena website, I don't really bother with flipnote, so it's not for me. At 800 points, it would be a good deal though for people casually interested in animating or for kids who can't afford flash on their computer.



LuWiiGi said:

@Raylax You're right. If it's third party, this is gonna be at least 500.
@Taya I think it's better without sound. All people do with sound on Flipnote Studio is make chipmunk voices and record music clips.



Punny said:

I'm not sure. It would seem like a waste if this is a product I would have to pay for, especially since Flipnote Studio is free.



sonic_brawler95 said:

I'd still get this. I'm kinda glad there is no sound, because music in my flipnotes always sound so scratchy. I have no iidea how people make great sounding flipnotes. It would be nice if there is a Hatena kind of service in it. Guess we'll just have to see. Yay! Color!

Oh, and I'm predicting 800 points for some reason.



siavm said:

Next year is 3ds so no to this. Flipnote may have 3 colors but it has a great service with it.



Odnetnin said:

Awesome technology, but with 3DS coming up, like siavm says, I don't really feel like investing any more in DSiWare, since it kinda seems like a big ripoff right now.



Mystic_Kirby said:

A LOT OF COLORS > 3 colors
Stop-motion and timelapse > importing from library in monochrome
Polygons and borders > Lines and squares
6 zoom levels > No zoom
No sound < Sound capabilities
About that last one, it doesn't matter, I could just add sound to it on my computer.
But this will be in my possession day one.



pfontaine2 said:

I've been watching the development of this for over a year now and I'm extremely happy to see it finally being released. This is going to be a full-fledged paint and animation program that offers lots of brush control, layers, transparency, and more. It will have a lot of the same functionality of the homebrew app Colors, but with much more functionality, control, and page flipping for complex animations. I can't wait!!



triforceofcourage said:

if they still have dsiware on 3DS (i think they will) then i will get this!
no sound is good because most people just make like stories and songs with no animation. but bad for good REAL animation... because its good for sound FX and stuff.



Roltron said:

If it has service like Hatena, sound,the ability to convert to gifs, and it's free it will be a an instant download for me. Though, if it's not free I would consider it.

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