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High Voltage Software Has 3DS Ideas That "Break The Mould"

Posted by Trevor Chan

Conduit developer has "hundreds" of them

The upcoming Nintendo 3DS has shown that it can perform new tricks that no other portable system has performed before, and this latest raising-of the-bar has opened up the minds of developers and allowed them to conceive of new ideas that were previously not possible due to the available technology.

Having developed The Conduit and its upcoming sequel, both don't stray far from the typical first-person shooter, and the beat 'em up Tournament of Legends is a recognisable fighting game; but to High Voltage's credit, both sets of releases aren't afraid to utilise the system's capabilities and make use of the Wii's motion controls. So what will the studio come up with for the 3DS and its next generation of tech-features?

Speaking to Official Nintendo Magazine, Bill Sulivan, a designer at High Voltage, has expressed the company's excitement with the new hardware:

It's easy to work with incrementally improved technology but the 3DS isn't just another step in a set direction, it's a completely different path... It's very exciting to brainstorm for a system with multiple cameras, touch-screen capability, 3D visuals, and motion control. We already have hundreds of ideas for our games that break the mould and free our minds from limitations that we have had in the past.

It's good to hear them speak of what can be done with the 3DS so optimistically and we hope some of those ideas actually come to fruition.


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grenworthshero said:

As far as I know, High Voltage hasn't made anything amazing, but they do make some pretty solid games, so hopefully we'll see some good releases from them when the time comes.



OverlordMao said:

Anyone else reminded of the Electric Six song?
"Danger, Danger, HIGH VOLTAGE!
When we touch, and when we kiss."



JimLad said:

"Don't you wanna know how we keep starting fires?"

They're commited to their visions, that counts for a lot. The Conduit would have been a great game had they not rushed it and added decent content. The groundwork was all there though so I have high hopes for Conduit 2.



Croz said:

They may have hundreds of ideas but... it doesn't mean any of them, are any good.



V8_Ninja said:

Let me see those ideas before you start calling them "Revolutionary", High Voltage.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@JimLad At the same time they were trying to create the engine so they may have put less focus on the game at the time. For the most part they do seem to have a number of decent licensed releases, which is saying something.



Nintendoftw said:

You guys are all disappointed at High Voltage but in reality playing The Conduit on the go for some of you WITHOUT FRIEND CODES would be a dream.



TheBaconator said:

HVS is all talk for the most part, and it sure is showing with this statement. I bet 10 of the ideas involve paddleball and the other 90 include Adam Sandler.



Objection said:

Good at technology, yes. But their games are only solid at best, never groundbreaking in design, really. And...i still want Animales de Muertes.



Vinsanity said:

I'd rather these guys keep pumping out interesting failures than dreck licensed games. But for the meantime, it looks like they'll continue to do both. And I can't blame 'em when you gotta keep your studio open and licensed titles matter how bad Iron Man 2 is.

Also, I live only a few states away and I want to apply for work there eventually. So I gotta root for the studio to be successful!

I'm just hoping that they'll resurrect Animales De Los Muertos someday. Could make for a fun little arcadey shooter in 3D, guys.....



HugoSmits said:

@ Blaketoberfest :

Are you kidding me ? I though that was actually one of the best mario-kart clones around!

You can build your own kart! the multiplayer was superb!



LuWiiGi said:

@HugoSmits You still post on here? Cool. Are you planning on making anything for the 3DS?

ON TOPIC: I agree with fishman100. The 3DS will change gaming forever!



The_Fox said:

Ideas are easy. It's the execution that matters, something HVS has really been having a problem with.

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