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Gods vs Humans Smites You with In-Game Teaser

Posted by James Newton

WiiWare deities on the move

There are plenty of tower defence games on WiiWare, but Zallag's upcoming Gods vs. Humans is a twist: it's a tower attack game.

You play a God, benevolent and kind, but you're troubled when humans begin building a tower to heaven. How can you stop them from reaching you? By destroying the tower, of course. With a range of Godly powers at your disposal, including fireballs and pin-up girls (yes, really) you must disrupt the building process and prevent the humans from reaching the top.

Here's the first in-game footage to explain a little more, and stay tuned as we'll be bringing you First Impressions of Gods vs. Humans in the near future.

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Tate24 said:

This look alot like

FF My life as dark lord!

but with sum differences!

looks pretty cool though!!



therube said:

As smiting humans from atop the heavens has been a long-standing fantasy of mine, I will be day-one downloading this little number.



Oregano said:

Awesome, love the look of it and it does look like My Life As a Darklord!



irken004 said:

Huh, interesting. Seems kinda bland looking compared to MLAADL though, but I'm guessing this won't have tons of DLC



JakobG said:

I didn't know Poseidon was responsible for the Tower of Babel-incident.



EdEN said:

It's a bit the reverse of My life as a Darklord since the enemies are the ones building the floors, not you.



rjejr said:

It says 2 players on the side, any confirmation on that?

I was never a big tower defense guy but Swords and Soldiers is my favorite WiiWare game (I know it's not a tower defense game but it's close) and Plants vs. Zombies is, well, better than that.

And what little I played of MLAADL (demos, what a concept) it did look like this, but as was already mentioned,it looks like you play the other side here.



odd69 said:

If My Life as a Darklord and Swords and Soldiers had a baby, this would be it.



Roltron said:

Reminds a little bit of the Bible story of the tower of Babel. People wanted to reach Heaven, but God destroyed the tower and scattered the people and changed their language.



Zallag said:

rjejr> I can confirm to you that there will indeed be a 2 player versus mode in the final version of the game

Thanks a lot for all your comments If you think it is like FFCCMLAADL don't worry, the gameplay is completely different.



Adam said:

"FFCCMLAADL" Wow, what a mouthful.

Thanks for the info, Zallag! It's always nice to see developers dropping by in the comments here. I'm very much looking forward to your game!



Zallag said:

Adam> Indeed it's better to write it than to pronounce it Thanks for your comment, we're a small independent publisher and we read as many comments as possible on the internet. The opinion of the players is very important to us as we want to deliver the best game possible! I especially enjoy reading the comments at Nintendo Life because you're all very enthusiastic

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