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Ghost Recon Shows Different Strategy to Invade Wii

Posted by Trevor Chan

Tom Clancy's latest instalment built from the ground up

A couple of months ago at E3, it was made known that amongst the strong third-party support for the upcoming 3DS, numerous games were in the planning stages and two Tom Clancy titles were just a couple of examples. Today, Ubisoft has announced that Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon will also be released on the Wii, with a scheduled North American release penned for November.

The narrative follows Ghost soldiers Hibbard and Booth as they touchdown in Moscow, Russia and are separated from the rest of their team. With no other choice but to operate as a two-man-team, our soldiers must make their way to the target with the help of the local militia. With the odds heavily against them, players must utilise the advanced weaponry and training if they are to overcome the enemy. Game features include:

  • A true Ghost Recon experience: Progress through 12 missions of high intensity combat, tactical infiltration and WOW moments, from the villages of Norway to the streets of Moscow. No matter your skill level, Ghost Recon on Wii is designed to specifically accommodate a wide range of players, from casual players to hardcore gamers.
  • Built from the ground co-op experience: Two players in third-person on one screen make the experience more natural, more intuitive and more social than ever. Co-Op Hot Join: Friends can hop in and out of co-op at-will, with the AI taking over as needed.
  • Arcade Mode: Play in cooperative mode and compare your score online on the world leader boards.

We reported back in February that Ubisoft would be bringing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier to the Wii but with a "different approach" to its HD counterparts. It seems that difference is the cooperative approach that's lightly showcased in the announcement trailer.

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irken004 said:

Gaaawd November is going to break my wallet!

EDIT: Nevermind, this looks bad.



Oregano said:

It looks like a third person version of Heavy Fire.... with worse graphics and Heavy Fire was poo...



MrWout said:

indeed seems like the special approach for Wii is on-rails....again...



Kelvin said:

The co-operative system looks interesting, a bit like how Chaos Engine did it back in the day. Now there was a great game.

But my gosh the visuals are rough. The PS2 is capable of better.



brandonbwii said:

In all honesty, I think it looks kinda decent on-rails or not. That could just be the way the trailer is presented though.

"Co-Op Hot Join: Friends can hop in and out of co-op at-will, with the AI taking over as needed"

If the game is indeed on-rails, why would AI need to take over? Wouldn't it be completely AI based in the first place. Maybe it's like Avatar co-op or the Lego series?



OldBoy said:

Yawn ...another FPS war game.Man I'm so bored of these games. Saying that it looks pretty decent and its not like there is a lot of this kind of game for Wii so it's nice for the people that like em.I'd be more intrested in this if it was On-Rails TBH. I loves me a good on-rails,though i'd rather be blastin aliens than stereo typical terrorists.



brandonbwii said:

I think it is in fact on-rails. Similar to Time Crisis. I saw glimpses of the arcade mode in that trailer as well.

Overall needs moar info. Ubisoft can surprised on wii in both good and bad ways before.



millarrp said:

looks interesting, hopefully the graphics will get a little more polish before release



TrevorTheChan said:

grenworthshero: So you're saying this format is identical to the 360 version? Or maybe you're saying this looks like a clone of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Reflex?



OldBoy said:

Ah ha!! Thanks. Well if it is like Time Crisis I'm sold. I freakin loved Time Crisis on the PS2 ,it was the major reason I bought one.
Somehow I don't think this will have the same awesome cheese level as TC though. Ghost Recon seems to take itself quite seriously from what I've seen of it (Only played GRAW on Xbox and hated it). I shall keep my eye on it anyway.



brandonbwii said:

The problem I have with rail shooters is not taking a beloved franchise and dumbing it down for Wii. My problem is that not a damn one is as good as Time Crisis

Edit: Could be a bit easier on the eyes though. Hopefully they'll find time (or care enough) to put the effort in the visuals.

Edit 2: Wait, isn't the HD version coming next year? I guess bringing the Wii version out for the holidays is a smart move.



V8_Ninja said:

Getting a big Time Crisis vibe from the trailer. I just hope it can stand up to those games in terms of set-pieces and action.



TheBaconator said:

In the preview it says the game is like an on-rail shooter in which there isn't complete control over your character and it moves from place to place for you, but when you get to the area to fight in you command your solder to move up, take cover, fall back, etc.



Oregano said:

You do choose where you move by pointing to different areas of cover to move to that, other wise it's a standard rail shooter but they seem to be trying to promote it as a third person shooter.



OldBoy said:

@Brandon 'My problem is that not a damn one is as good as Time Crisis '

Too right!! Why the hell haven't Wii seen a TC compilation? I don't know.
Have you played HOTD:Overkill? Its nearly as good as TC (not quite though) tis a great game all the same.



James said:

There's a Time Crisis compilation heading to PS3 but I believe Sony is very protective of that one, hence why (to the best of my knowledge) there's never been a Time Crisis game on a non-PlayStation console.



OldBoy said:

Come on Namco get out of stinky Sonys back pocket and give us a Wii version Dammit. (Or do sony own Namco now? Genuine question! )



brandonbwii said:

tbh, I didn't like Overkill too much except for its humorous over-the-top storyline. I'm personally waiting for the ports of Gunblade NY and LA Machine Guns.

That article was a painful read. The Wii hate was just oozing through that page. At least it did give me more insight.



FunderThucker said:

Looks like absolute crap. I have too many on rail shooters. Oh well, there's still Conduit 2 and Goldeneye



Shiryu said:

Ubisoft just cleared the way for COD Black Ops to win the FPS war, then.
Also... I am now worried H.A.W.X. 2 will become an Afterburner instead of a proper arcade flight sim like Ace Combat/Sky Crawlers...



luke17 said:

It's at this point where I can bring up the question...does the Wii have more or less horsepower than the Gamecube? It appears that graphics on the Gamecube could top this. What a joke. Is the Wii really that crappy that ALL the shooters have to be on rails? Gimme a break.



The_Fox said:

Looks like it could be decent. As long as it has more than 2 hours worth of gameplay.



In what part they said it was on-rails? They never said that. They just said that is linear path but that's it.

Why you like to make thing up anyway?



Nin1Od0 said:

i'm just surprised that in terms of the "on rails" argument Dead Space Extraction wasn't mentioned? (i liked HOTD:Overkill more with the volume off, they really "overkilled" the the F bombs there) that was a great (DS:E) on rails game to date on Wii for Time Crisis, i can't stand Time Crisis.

and, yea it may be another "war" game in any definition mentioned here...but are we really complaining without comparing the flooded "war" related games available on the PS3 or X360???

like come on! we want to complain about lack of "hardcore" games, and when there's a bone (in this case, war shooters) thrown at the wii, we're going to complain about doesn't make sense. and the sales reflect that.

it's isn't like they've all turned out bad either. COD World at War and COD Reflex are both really good (not saying great ok to be clear) fps, way better and smoother than COD 3 that was at launch. Didn't play the Band of Brothers title so I can't say anything about that.

and this, just based on video, looks like it will be good (hoping that by this time, developers would of already known or know how to make it as good or better then Reflex or WAW), and hopefully graphics will be polished a bit more.

ALMOST FORGOT, Resident Evil: Dark Side Chronicles/Umbrella Chronicles...I don't remember "on-rails" being as deep as any of the three I've mentioned, oh, it's cuz they never were. and RE has a lot in it, especially those that are looking for the "cliff notes" version to RE games to catch up.



Nin1Od0 said:

***all of the Medal of Honor attempts were pre success of COD WAW and Reflex.***



Oregano said:

@buffalobob: And Dead Space: Extraction is a 'guided first person experience'./sarcasm

@Nin1Od0: We may want hardcore games but we don't want crappy, low budget, low effort stuff. Sorry but I'm not letting myself be abused by third parties who aren't even going to try on the Wii anyway.



Shmavey said:

This stinks! I was really excited to play this, thinking it would be a cool fps with online, but obviously there taking the rail shooter way out.



brandonbwii said:

We apparently don't want hardcore games or else Red Steel 2 would've sold more.

I fear for the rest of Ubisofts line up on the Wii. Driver, Shaun White, and HAWX 2 are all unique to Wii with what looks to be genuine effort but I bet everyone on this website is already eyeing the HD versions of those titles.

It is confirmed that is on-rails. Check



grenworthshero said:

What? No, I'm not saying either of those. I'm saying the obvious strategy is to dumb everything down, add the light gun element, and probably make the game on rails to make it even easier to manage.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@brandonbwii Red Steel 2 failed for a couple of reasons...for one thing many people didn't want to be burned a second time (a very big problem when the original released at the same as the Wii). Apparently, Red Steel 2 didn't have much advertisement either...



Gamesake said:

Red Steel 2 should fail. It's exactly like Metroid Prime and everyone already owns that. I was excited for this game before I saw this. It looks like Cybertron Adventures and I don't like Time Crisis games.



Hardy83 said:

YAWN, another 3rd person war game...There's like what? 5 on the Wii.....WAY too many..

Wait it's on rails? OMG There's like 5 of those too! CRAAAAAAP!!!

Yeah, it's totally the devs fault for games like this and RS2 failing, not Nintendo in any way...Or the barely existing Wii "core" audience...Yeah..YAWN!



JimLad said:

Rails make me sad
If you're going to do a rail shooter, don't use a franchise which is known for another type of gameplay. At least create an original IP, or use one that is already known as a rail shooter series (ala Sin and punishment)
That said, as far as rail shooters go, this looks fairly decent, but I'd still rather have a proper FPS with co-op.

Red Steel 2 is exactly like Metroid Prime? :/
...except for almost everything about it?

The reason 'hardcore' games fail on Wii is because the 'hardcore' players have all chosen the 360/PS3 as their console of choice. Notice I put air quotes around 'hardcore' as it is a term so commonly thrown about, most people have forgotten it's true meaning. Use of the term hardcore as a label only came about with the rise of casual games, as a way of defining non-casual games. This includes everything from Call of Duty to Mario. However it's quite a strong sounding definition. So the elitist gamers, the ones who have the most time to sink into it, and are constantly trying to prove they are the best, they have reserved the title for themselves and the games they favour. Over time this has developed a stigma, that to be truely hardcore you need to play online, and the game must be as long as possible. Couple this to the fact that the industry is primarily driven by adolescent teenagers, who at that time in life are easily impressed by gratuitous violence and gore. Then you've got what we have now, every second game to come out for the 360/PS3 is violent in nature, usually through the use of firearms, and has some sort of online mode. Most of the biggest developers are doing this because it's good business, and in a world of HD graphics and massive production costs, they simply won't risk trying anything else. And of course this includes making decent games for the Wii. Which is why the majority of games are either made by smaller studios on miniscule budgets, or spoilt by clueless publishers trying to appeal to both the traditional gamers and the magic casual crowd.

No one is to blame, the industry has simply gotten too big for itself. Making games is now a huge investment, and the Wii, the console that dared to go against the pack, is suffering the most as a result. (though when I say it's suffering, what I mean is the fans are suffering)
It's a cruel cycle: Developers can't get the backing to make high quality games, customers won't buy lower quality games, developers don't make enough money to get any more backing next time.

(Didn't realise how much I'd typed lol)



wes008 said:

It's sad when the definition of "built from the ground up" means horrible.



luke17 said:

With graphics this ugly, you'd think they'd have some extra space to make it a free roaming FPS.




Looks ok to me. If the gameplay holds up I may consider it even though I don't get many 16+ games as I am a family man (ie. when do I exactly play them?!)



KrazyKain said:

I heard coop i got so excited.. then i watched it.. how the hell is this 'a real ghost recon experience'...



brandonbwii said:

How is it Nintendo's fault for RS2 not saling well? How is it Nintendo's fault that Ghost Recon is a rail shooter? Are you just looking for reasons to bash Nintendo now? First online now your just searching for stuff.

Wow, that definitely falls into the "any excuse will do" category.



Nin1Od0 said:

forums and such really do have entertaining consversations do they.

look, the moment the Nintendo Wii was mentioned, built, etc. there was no denying that we were going to be getting the short end of any game what so ever compared to what was coming out to PS3 and XB360. so hind sight, i'm not looking for a Wii game to even come near quality or content to equal those versions either.

so when people complain that their COD isn't as good as the XB360/ duh. when their Madden or NBA2k isn't on duh. When their Need for Speed is not even duh. we can't use the higher end versions as a standard to what the Wii can do...cuz Wii can't.

but doens't mean that the effort put in some of those games are bad either.
Wii's Dead Rising is a great translation, as well as both Reflex and WAW...really good for "Wii". Dead Space Extraction was a great approach considering it will never translate to a solid FPS on Wii. RE's rails are the better selling rails. (IS SIN & PUNISHMENT properly classed on the Rails?)

and someone mentioned that 5 was too many...5 war games and 5 rails are a lot? complain about the 20+ party games...oh wait....more like 40, err almost the entire selection!!!

at gamestop my co-workers used to joke around...."if it has mini games it's a Wii-version/game".

so @ oregano yes, there are plenty of 3rd party titles that indeed do suck and are of low budget...(Ginger Bread Man lol) but there are a few quality ones that should be picked up...BUT ARENT!!! so @ brandonbwii, i agree with his statement, that there are hardcore titles available, but we obviously don't want them since we don't buy them (in general, not specifically).

@oregano, technically, just because we may not choose to buy the wack or ok 3rd party games, "Wii" still abused ourselves in a bit in terms of expectations when owning and wanting exceedingly more for Wii.

it's evident enough when we come to ourselves and say, "I'm going to get the better version"...LMAO, if it's a choice between a Wii version or a PS3/XB360 version...more than likely it'll be the non-Wii version.'s not Nintendo's job to market a 3rd party game....that's the 3rd party. i will blame Nintendo for not giving money to 3rd parties for not marketing. but it's definitely not their job to market something not of their creation.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

Looks interesting. The graphics look like they could be a little more polished up but this looks exactly like how I thought the sequel to "Heavy Fire" (which I really liked) could look, game play wise.

I'll keep an eye on it.



KDR_11k said:

So Dead Space Extraction bombs catastrophically and third parties see that as a sign that the Wii audience wants rail shooters?



lilboyblue said:

@ who ever brought red steel 2 into the discussion. that game was almost bound to fail for 7 reasons.

1.) I say It was connected to a bad launch title.
2.)not much reply value
3.)no multilayer what so ever
4.)no mercenary mode like RE4
5)another reason I personal didn't buy it was because of the MHT bundle
6.)they missed they're holiday release date. then choose to release it march when most people are tapped out because of the holidays.
.7)lastly A torrent got leaked b4 the game got released to the public so everybody just pirated it. (they should have protected they're stuff)

back on topic the game another rail shooter. why should we settle for this when sin and punishment 2 the best rail shooter this gen is out and on the lose.

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