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Get the Lowdown on And Yet It Moves with this Series of Videos

Posted by James Newton

Rotating puzzler explained

WiiWare puzzle platformer And Yet It Moves is a curious beast: with graphics inspired by paper cut-outs and hamsters with horns, it's truly unlike anything on the format so far. Maybe that's why developer Broken Rules wants to give you a headstart before the game's release next week with a series of helpful instructional videos.

Detailing everything from controls to modifications, the videos give a unique behind-the-scenes look at Broken Rules and show off many of the game's Wii-specific features.

And Yet It Moves WiiWare Part I: Free Rotation

And Yet It Moves WiiWare Part II: Controls

And Yet It Moves WiiWare Part III: Playmodes

And Yet It Moves WiiWare Part IV: Modifications

And Yet It Moves WiiWare Part V: Bonus Levels

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ArmoredGoomba said:

Very unique game concept. For anyone that wants to give it a try there's a PC demo of the game (I got it on Steam).



JakobG said:

Their accents are hilarious.
I can't wait to play it, it's probably the first game that's better than it's PC-version.



Corbs said:

I played it the other night for a couple of hours and it's wild. Definitely a game to check out.



Paperclip said:

I was going to save mah points for Bit. Trip Fate, but if this is lengthy, I'll have to get it.



Meta-Rift said:

I played the PC demo, and while it was fun, the full version only has 16 levels. I think I'll save my points.



Nanaki said:

Played it a while ago and I really wanted to get it. A bit surreal in the motion and stuff -- reminded me of Salad Fingers, a bit.



Arcanum said:

i see alot of potential use for that kinda concept on the 3DS with its motion and gyro sensers. especially with legend of zelda since they could make some amazing dungeons.



WaveBoy said:

This game should of starred Fido Dido....oh wait
Anyways, I guess I'm kind of interested....



MakeMyBiscuit said:

Great job Broken Rules!

Day one purchase for me! Keep it up and thank you for the videos.

I lIke the cool style of the videos!

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