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Get Ready for a Story Mode Full of New Pokemon in Black & White

Posted by James Newton

And there'll be no old monsters until you've finished

Video chat, three-on-three battles and a brand new graphical style are just some of the surprises awaiting folks who plan to pick up the new Pokémon Black & White, out in Japan next month and reaching the Western world next Spring. They're not all the surprises, though: in fact, the story mode promises to be full of them.

Until you've completed the story you will not see a single familiar Pokémon, as only brand new monsters will be available for catching. Why would GameFreak do such a thing? To inject the new titles with a massive dose of newness, aiming to recapture the sense of wonder felt by gamers all over the world at discovering the brand new monsters in the original Red and Blue titles.

With brand new creatures and features, this could well be the long-awaited next evolution for Pokémon.


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Kid_A said:

Color me impressed. I can't say I've ever been excited for a pokemon game, but this one has me thoroughly intrigued.



Hokori said:

Wait what about that Pokemon that looks like Luvdisc? and Pikachu?



JohnWalrus said:

I'm glad. It gives me a better goal for completing the game, and also it recaptures the excitement of being in a totally unfamiliar place.



Xkhaoz said:

I'm just excited that they're finally changing the formula this time around. I mean, most of the new Pokemon games have been mostly just the same game on a new platform with new Pokemon and a new gameplay thingy. But this time, they're finally making an actually different game.



SkullHydra said:

@Otaku and B-ry: They can still have those Pokemon, but only have them in the National Dex. Just like they did with the evolutions in Diamond and Pearl.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Geeze, that's worse that what they pulled in Ruby and Sapphire! Considering that the R&S thing made me quit the series for a few years, I'm not too sure that's a good thing. Well, I guess the main difference is that I didn't know there WAS a National Dex in those games at the time (never finished them, clearly), so...I guess this COULD work. It also beats having a Golbat that wants to evolve but can't due to "unknown forces" in LeafGreen (my brother currently has that problem).



Klapaucius said:

That's a brilliant decision Only new Pokemon will make it full of surprises, and more exciting that yet more Zubat and Geodude filled caves.
Every new thing I hear makes me want it more and more >_< but I must wait for an English version.



nothankyou said:

I'm not really into pokemon since my sister lost my pokemon pearl game, but after seeing all the awesome new stuff, I might check this one out.



Punny said:

Sounds original. Seeing Pokémon from past games multiple times in a row can get repetitive and tiring (I'm looking at you, Ratatta!), so this is a good move. As for Eevee evolutions, there's always the end of the game after you beat the Pokémon League Champion, so old Pokémon (like Eevee) might appear to capture and evolve.



Objection said:

Boy I sure hope the other new monster designs are better than the ones I've seen so far. Otherwise, its gonna be a looong way to the finish.



komicturtle said:

I think this is a smart idea. I don't know why people freak out about NEW Pokemon. Believe me, the new ones will NEVER genuinely replace the original 151/251 (The 2nd Generation, to my surprise, was being planned ALREADY when Red and Green were coming out).

Not only that- but the fact that this region is REALLY far away from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh- so it makes perfect sense that those species seen in the regions listed are missing. But it raises the question of why was there a bulletin board with a Pikachu in Hiun City.

I'm really looking forward to this game and I know I won't be disappointed. I think they are really addressing the fact that the games at least needs some new gameplay elements. Go GameFreak! And if a Raging Ruby and Stormy Sapphire comes out- maybe hand it over to the 3DS or have some features designed for the 3DS exclusively.



Birdman said:

@B-ry and Swiket - Or it could be like Heracross and Pinsir where they just look similar but aren't evolutions of each other.



ExploderReviews said:

For those of you that think that its just going to be more of the same pokemon, i disagree. While their graphical appearances may be similar, think of the new moves, new abilities, new types.



Nintendokid said:

Well I hope you can trade from other pokemon games to Pokemon Black and White then you won't have to beat the whole game to see familiar Pokmon.Tip to get your pokemon to a higher level 1:Trade from Black or White to a Pokemon game that you already beaten.2:After you do that put the starte pokemon in the first of your slot.3:Beat the Elite Four to get your pokemon up to a higher level.4:Trade back from the old DS game.5:You wouldn't have a problem now to beat Pokemon Black and White.P.S usually when you battle the Elite Four your Pokemon level up to 40 or less.



Raylax said:

I like this idea for two reasons. No more Zubat. No more Tentacool/cruel. Caves and surfing are now automatically more bearable.
The 'all-new experience' thing is also the reason why they've started numbering routes back from Route 1 again.

Notes to everyone above: You'll still be able to get your old favourites through trading or when the story mode is complete (I'd imagine completing the game will net you the National 'Dex, which will coincide with an influx of Pokemon from different regions, as has been the case in this and the 3rd generation. And you can still trade your Pokemon from DPPt over through Gen V's version of the Pal Park.

Also, regarding evolutions of Pokemon from previous generations, there's a couple of possibilities - first, as Gen IV did, the Pokemon in question may simply not be available until you get the National 'Dex (note they said this 'Dex will be only Gen V Pokemon, they didn't say it would be ALL the Gen V Pokemon). Secondly, the evolutions may be available in the wild but the ability to breed them down to their base form may be restricted to an item only available after obtaining the National 'Dex.

@19: That won't work. Like Pal Parking from Gen III to Gen IV, it's a one-way street from Gen IV to Gen V. Can't transfer from BW to DPPtHGSS. Also; even if it were possible, it's not recommended. Speed-levelling like that means your Pokemon miss out on a lot of growth points (or Effort Values to give them their proper name). A level 50 that's been speed levelled has stats of something roughly 10-15 levels below what they should be. And also without the right badges, high-level Pokemon will disobey you.



Hokori said:

I hope they just dont over do evolutions like in DPt
Come on. we got Mantike, Munchlax, Weavile, Mime Jr., Magnezone, Ambipom, Happiny, Mismagius, Honchkrow, Chingling, Licklicky, Rhyperior, Bonsly, Tangrowth, Electivire, Magmortar, Togekiss, Yanmaga, Leafeon, Glaceon, Gliscor, Mamoswine, Porygon-Z, Gallade, Probopass, Dusknoir, Frosslass. But my least Favorite is Budew and Rosearde because it just looks weird in the Pokédex with out Roselia in between. Also Regigigas just seemed like an excuse to make another Legend.



pikku said:

darn it.I was gonna just try and let this pokemon gen pass and get grey when it comes out, but it seems that This one will be my first Pokemon game



Egg_miester said:

@Raylax yet tentacruel's and crobats are 2 powerful pokemon.

@B-ry i am sure eevee have evo it be after you get national dex like the d/p.

i am both happy and worried with this new i am happy because i was always bored and hated seeing the same pokemon in the games, but i am worried because of all the pokemon they already made and they never like having more them 100-150 new pokemon a gen that are never been type balanced well how the starting dex will look



Aenaida said:

This makes me feel a bit better. Not enough to make it a definite purchase, though.



Kirk said:

There's far too many Pokemon now imo.

If however the game only has like 150 or so new Pokemon, like in the originals, and that's all you really need to complete it then it might actually be a good thing.



Klapaucius said:

@14 (komicturtle92)
"The 2nd Generation, to my surprise, was being planned ALREADY when Red and Green were coming out."
If you're referring to Ho-Oh's appearance in the anime, then while its true that the release of the anime and games (Red and Blue) coincided (or even the anime was shown first as a way to drum up interest in the game) in NA and Europe, in Japan the game (Red and Green) was most certainly made before the anime. I'm pretty sure the game launched before the anime also, but I may be wrong on that point.
Unless you've read somewhere that the maker of Pokemon originally planned 251 Pokemon but limited it to 151 due to memory or time contraints during development. In which case, I want to read it too

@20 (Raylax)
When has it ever been said that you can't trade between Black/White and the other DS Pokemon games?
Its not a 3DS game, so it doesn't have the same GBA->DS issue.



jack0 said:

sounds like what a parent would say to their child, 'no more ice-cream till you eat your veggies!'



Rensch said:

If they are as uninspired as in previous games, which the first Pokémon shown mostly suggest, then it doesn't make much of a difference.



realar said:

This will be BOTH a good and bad thing for the series.
It's good for those who've never played pokemon ever. Those also who like brand spanking new- we might outnumber the original Kanto bunch guys!! I like variety, variety is nature.
Though it's bad because we don't have any old buddies to accompany us, it's almost like when Ash went with just Pikachu to Hoenn. However I can transfer some bred friends faster than Pal Park, Rotom's offspring will live on! I'd love to see my plasma pal fight alongside his scientific equal- Rankurusu. Then again, Who knows when I'll get to the closest PokeShifter building, that's a concern.



ryty1231 said:

[s]Hm... I actually like this idea compared to most others.[/s]

What about my Pelipper?!



Klapaucius said:

I also loved Pelipper! He was in my team in Ruby... excellent flying/water Pokemon! Surf and Fly all in one Pokemon



mjc0961 said:

This is only a good thing. RSE were pretty good because of it, but they didn't go far enough. This is easily an improvement.



NGpenguin said:

there suposed to be around 157 new pokemon so thats probaly why. lets just hope that new bat thing is not like zubats



Pokemon_Girl said:

the new change will actually help you beat the game beacause when you found a new pokemon in all old games you wanted to catch it, Right? so therefore you will get the national pokedex sooner and thats one less goal you have to worry about. same thing with the national pokedex! so even if you hate the idea of new pokemon popping up everywhere you will at least have somthing good to say about it!



NGpenguin said:

good thinking Pokemon_Girl your right! ...... i think the grass starter looks awesome but dosent it look like a green cyndaquil? does any one agree?



PokEkid said:

i think this makes it even more worth it to get but i hope we get more flying + ??? pokemon, then RSE and DP+PL games which had like 5 different flying types



jediknight said:

CANT WAIT TILL IT COMES OUUUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loooooovve the chat feature! me and my friend will be on it 4 eva! the grass starter DOES look like cyndaquil!@ ng penguin. i agree!



NGpenguin said:

jediknight thanks 4 agreeing i cant wait for it either! im thinking about getting the japan version, i might not be able to read it but still



NGpenguin said:

probaly not because the old pokemon might be considered new because of their ability changes

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