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Get a Feel for Okamiden with New Screenshots and Gameplay Video

Posted by James Newton

Puzzles, combat and dialogue all in one place

Capcom's Okamiden is shaping up to be one of the DS's biggest titles of 2011, as these new screenshots and gameplay video from Gamescom in Cologne show.

Taking in more of the paint-and-brush gameplay from its predecessor Okami, the extra precision offered by the DS stylus opens up new opportunities for Celestial Brushwork, as the trailer shows the outline of a scarecrow being traced over with the Celestial Brush. There's also a selection of newly framed screenshots available in the gallery, as well as links to our previous Okamiden coverage including an exclusive interview.

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Roopa132 said:

I'm really looking forward to this game. But the painting screens seems to interrupt the game pretty harsh* I hope that won't be too annoying when you have to use it often.

*music just stops, screen cuts to black for a millisecond and then the painting screen appears



Elvis444 said:

@1 I'm guessing that the final build will transition similarly to Okami, and I didn't have any problems with that. Looking forward to this.



Punny said:

The inturrupting paint screen dilema won't stop me from having fun with this charming game! Need I remind that this was nominated for and winner of numerous Best DS Game of E3 awards?



JakobG said:

It looks great, but it appears they are reusing a lot of stuff, such as sceneries and music.
Then again, ISSUN!



Cia said:

This is almost a remake. I hope that people complain as much about it as they did concerning "twilight princess was ocarina of time remake" which isn't even true as everyone knows who have actually played those games through. This "Okamiden" is made by completely different developers than the original, by the way.



Sakeraf said:

this looks good but not nearly as good as Okami.
i hope they remake this for the Wii and/or 3ds... these graphics are really dissipointing.



Raylax said:

This looks great. I don't see the brush pause being intrusive to the gameplay, Okami did exactly the same in roughly the same transition speed and I never found that intrusive. Can't wait for this game, it's gonna be awesome.



Megumi said:

@3: the sliding part of it (where it goes to the bottom screen), but the "no music for a split second"...I dunno, I'm sure they'll fix it up.



coyote37 said:

Chibi is so cute! Definitely looking forward to this, although the timing might see it overshadowed by the 3DS I think.

Also, that's the first time I've seen the logo- so it's 'Oh' 'kah' 'mi'- Den, right? These things matter to me. I was mortified when I found out I'd been pronouncing Katamari Damacy (shi) wrong for months.



Fuzzy said:

This is taking ages to come out. Can't wait to get my hands on it!



RyuZebian said:

Precision drawing seems great, but I agree that the screen swapping when using the paint brush is really bad! Hopefully it can be fixed. And as I said when this was announced, I see this as only a spin-off. I'm still wiating for Okami NI!

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