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Gaijin Games Tease Fifth Game in BIT.TRIP Series

Posted by Patrick Elliot

Facebook post outs new instalment...and Wii Zapper support?

Gaijin Games, the team responsible for creating the retro-styled BIT.TRIP series on WiiWare, is spilling the bits on its latest game. Recent updates on its official facebook page have been dropping cryptic clues as to what is coming next in the series, partially revealing the title of the game as "BIT.TRIP F_ _ _" and hinting that it may be a shooter.

Many readers have started referring to the game as BIT.TRIP FIVE, mainly due to the four predecessors in the series – BIT.TRIP BEAT, CORE, VOID, and RUNNER. However, the developers suggest the name may be a bit more complex, referring fans to two online dictionaries (here, and here), which lay out all the possible four letter words that begin with the letter F.

One thing is for sure though, the game can be played with the Wii Zapper, as Alex Neuse, one of the series creators, posted this little tidbit on the page:

Alex Neuse here. I just got my first legitimate PERFECT in an entire BIT.TRIP level! It was Level 1 of BIT.TRIP F_ _ _! My key to success? The Wii Zapper.

Gaijin has already said that the BIT.TRIP series will be six games long. Seeing that the games have traveled a timeline of sorts through the annals of videogame history (starting with a Pong-like paddle, moving up to the D-Pad and eventually turning into a 2D platformer) it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to see CommanderVideo blasting through some sort of shooter mechanic.

Still, we'll have to wait until a more specific name is given to know for sure. Until then, any speculations? Perhaps BIT.TRIP FLOW? Or how about BIT.TRIP FAUX? Got it! BIT.TRIP FIDO!


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Kaeobais said:

Eh, BIT.TRIP FIRE sounds to obvious for a bit trip game. Some people on the facebook page are saying BIT.TRIP FLUX, and that sounds good. We won't know for a while, though.



Z_Bone said:

brandonbwii, you beat me to the punch. I agree. I think it has to be bit.trip fire. Especially if it's a shooter.



Dazza said:

So far all the games in the BIT.TRIP series have gained great review scores, so I'm banking that this one might be Gaijin's downfall.


Only joking guys!



osb1842 said:

Chris from Gaijin here... I'm going with BIT.TRIP F... wait a minute! You guys almost got me Nice try.



KDR_11k said:




vakama94 said:

Bit.Trip Fire might be the name, but who knows, finally, the guessing time begins!



V8_Ninja said:

I got it! BIT.TRIP FREE!!!

Seriously, I'm voting for Flux, mostly because that makes the most sense.



SilverBaretta said:


But for my serious guess, I'm going with BIT.TRIP FIRE or FLUX, because those do seem like the best names for it. Unless it's just to throw us off and it's BIT.TRIP FAKE or even weirder, BIT.TRIP FIVE!



Mystic_Kirby said:

Gaijin Games is doing what they do best (other than games). Posting cryptic hints.



SwerdMurd said:

it's gonan be called BIT.TRIP.BOREDOM....this time instead of occaisionally pressing unchanging button sequences, there will be no buttons at all. It will just be large, blocky pixels in a 6 minute cutscene. This one will cost 200 more points than the last one as well.



wanderlustwarrior said:

anyone remember this:


I support Flew or Flux.



Radbot42 said:

FLUX has already been thrown out. If you read all the posts under that facebook post you will notice how Gaijin already threw that name and all the previous ones out the window



WiiLovePeace said:

Bit.Trip FACE maybe? Or maybe a word from a language other thn english, just using english letters? Hmmmm...



YoshiSage said:

Insert some BIT.TRIP F*CK joke here.

Seriously, way too many of those have been made already in just a few days.



HiroshiYamauchi said:

@30. SilverBlacktail

Now you know about two, 'cause i don't think the BIT.TRIP games are all that. They're not bad games, but i never got too excited by none of them.



MeloMan said:

Nah, if it's a shooter nothing makes better sense than BIT.TRIP FIRE. There'll probably be a BIT.TRIP RACE after this since they seem to be spanning different genres. called it

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