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First Sonic Colours Gameplay Trailer Drills, Dashes and Grinds

Posted by James Newton

Wisps on Wii

Fresh from the announcement of mid-November release dates for Sonic Colours on Wii and DS, Sega has smashed open a monitor, releasing a brand new gameplay trailer for the Wii game into the wild.

Showing off Tropical Resort and Sweet Mountain as well as two Wisp powers, and with recent claims from producer Takashi Iizuka that the game won't suffer from the Sonic Cycle still hanging in the air like gleaming golden rings, there's still the possibility this could be an enjoyable 3D outing for the blue 'hog.

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Akirih said:

Give me a classic controller support instead of the weird controls Sonics on wii have and is instant-buy



irken004 said:

That song is kinda annoying. Now that I think about it, quite a few of the bad sonic games had this kind of edgy music...
/me thinks of the Sonic Cycle! D:



Cia said:

I certainly hope they don't have that horribly cheesy music in the game. Just remix themes from Sonic 2 and everyone will hail this as the best 3d- Sonic ever. Music really counts.



Ernest_The_Crab said:


You'd be surprised by the number of developers who don't pay attention to the music. In fact, in most cases it's an afterthought.



SilverBaretta said:

Well what do you know? Looks fantastic! That trailer just boosted my expectations from "great" to "cutting-edge." And I really hope for Gamecube controller support for this game, as that made all the difference for me in Unleashed. It's kind of odd, too, the more I hear the song the more I like it, except the slight auto-tune effect. The trailer was edited well, too. I liked the transitions between the cinematics and the gameplay.



Stuffgamer1 said:

That band did the sung theme for Sonic Unleashed as well, but that game's in-game music was good and sans-vocals. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the same way.



jack0 said:

@ 1st comment
they were showing off sonic 4 at comic con its going to be on wii ware, xbla and ps3n

and im very happy that the devs for colours listened about the fact that we dont like fighting and dark sonic!



Jimmy_721 said:

Can we realy trust this? Best to wait for the reviews or youl be thinking, "Why did I buy this game?!" Thats what I feel about all my Sonic games.



pixelman said:

I'm still nervous about Tails' inclusion. I haven't seen him in the gameplay at ALL, which makes me wonder why you keep seeing him in the cutscenes. Hopefully he's only included as a story character. :/

And I agree with irken, that song's really getting on my nerves now.



thaantman said:

This 3D sonic games looks to have potential, but looks can be deceiving we all said the same thing about the other 3D sonic games, but in the end the extra gimmick killed it. Best wait for a review, or for the real sonic game sonic 4



pikku said:

Song is annoying :/.
I'm definitely gona wait for reviews on the Wii version. if the DS version is like Rush, I'll probably get it though



C7_ said:

Haven't we seen most of this in E3 demo gameplay though? Really the only new thing in this is the music, which isn't too bad. I'd like to see some of the other power-ups we haven't though, I think we grasp the concept of drilling through dirt and using the lazer to bounce off things and turn really sharply.
@ the comments involving music, Sega hasn't really been known for going too far with it, from what I've played it gets really repetitive, especially in their spin-offs where all they do is re-use old music with a menu theme thrown in.



burnedmatch said:

for some reason kind of reminded me of jet set radio. don't know if that's a good or bad thing but the game does look interesting. downloadable demo would help but that wont happen



brandonbwii said:

I still will never understand why people expect traditional controls in a Wii game. Durr it's selling point is motion. The classic controller was primarily meant for VC but gamers begged for it in EVERY game. This is Wii not an HD console. If you wanted tradition you'd just stick with those.



Adam said:

Durr yourself. People can like Wii games without wanting motion controls in every single game. There are a lot of great games on Wii that make no use of motion control, or at most require a shake that could just as easily be a button press and be no less fun.



CanisWolfred said:


Except this game isn't available on any of the HD systems. Personally, I'd prefer standard controls, too. The remote controls were imprecise and hard to get used to in the other games.



SilverBaretta said:

Honestly, I'll get enjoyment out of this game no matter how it turns out. I enjoyed Shadow the Hedgehog, and we all know how that game is.



Punny said:

Looks like one for my Christmas list! I don't hate the song, but I've heard better in the Sonic series. But which one to get, DS or Wii?



motang said:

Damn that looks awesome, let's hope it turn out to be a awesome game!



SuperMarioFan96 said:

I think this looks great. The wisps don't seem gimmicky at all and actually seem like they add to the gameplay, unlike, say, the wherehog stages in Unleashed. Not to mention these basically look like the day stages in Unleashed not including the wisp parts, which is a good thing.
Not really into the music though.....



IronMan28 said:

Sonic and the Secret Rings...please don't turn out like Sonic and the Secret Rings. I really like the old Sonic games, but unlike Mario, when the jump to 3D kind of improved the game, Sonic just seems to have (somewhat ironically) fallen behind....



Buster13 said:

After seeing that trailer, I realized just how much I want to see a Sonic game for 3DS. The "behind-the-back" game play opens a whole bunch of potential for 3D effects (Imagine the grinding sparks coming out at you, or the dust clouds as he skids). Add the blistering speed and the enhanced sense of distance and it could end up being one hell of a roller coaster ride.

As for Colors, I'm optimistic about it. As long as SEGA doesn't drop the ball with some new, crazy, gimmick before the game's launch, then I'll definitely be purchasing. Probably not day one, though.

But that theme in the video... I'm not so sure...



komicturtle said:

I don't mind the song, really. It suits the game, at least I think. I'm sure this game will turn out good- but hopefully a major improvement over certain past titles. I really liked the original Sonic Adventure games. Sonic Heroes was fun. Never played Shadow the Hedgehog or the later Sonic titles (except spin off Sonic Riders which I loved).

High hopes for my favorite hedgehog



Chrono_Cross said:

I don't see why people don't like the song.

And this looks really good so far. I just hope it keeps it's fast paced/2-D gameplay.



Retronaut said:

I love that the main topic of conversation here seems to be the song.
For the record, I like it.



FunderThucker said:

I really don't care how well this game is since I'm preordering it anyways for the sonic hat. Would be really cool though if sega could stop making crappy sonic games, but this looks really fun. Song's not bad either, what are you guys talking about.



Toonlink97 said:

It's Unleashed with only day stages. Very nice looking, but I'm worried SOMETHING will destroy it all. Horrible controls, possible long cutscenes, and the music. Just keep the music orchestrated, the controls good, and cutscenes short or non-existent, and everything's good. Apparently they're not implementing a gimmick in it, so no need to worry about that.



madgear said:

Is there ever any chance we'll have music like on Sonic CD again? The original soundtrack to that is fantastic and suits the type of game perfectly.



JimLad said:

That song is awful, like a crappy highschool movie soundtrack.
It's no Crush 40, but at least use something with guitars. Or failing that: a 16 bit accompaniment, the kind of stuff you remixed for Smash Bros Brawl.

On the game: uh... it's Sonic running and using a homing attack, looks like most other Sonics tbh. The trailers always look exciting, but we won't know how good it is until somebody plays it.
Though I still don't get why they have this AND Sonic 4 as both 2D type games...
I also don't get why they won't try making Sonic Adventure 3. Just use the old engine, update the graphics a bit. Those games had some issues but were good, and much of the fanbase would welcome a new one with open arms after the crap we've had.



RyuZebian said:

Well, as long a it doesn't get... Um... Ho to say it the clean way... Sexually intercoursed up? Yeah, as long as it doesn't get sexually intercoursed up, this will probably be as good as it looks, and it looks GOOD. (Yeah, I know I could have said screwed, but successful innovation is always for the better... Or not.)




The screenshots and trailers of many sega games always look great but we need to be careful and take a balanced view on the final product.

Didn't Corbs say the controls were imprecise?

ONM and Corbs strongly suggested the DS version played like a Sonic Rush 3 and you don't NEED to use the colour gimmick to complete the levels in that version. Also, the dev is more reliable in the DS version. BTW, the DS version is a completely different games to the Wii version.



LightSamus said:

I don't mind the song, but in my little opinion Sound Effects are much more important and they seemed fine, the gameplay looks like a great combo or switch between 2D and 3D, the 2 shown powers don't look spastic either, i have hope for this Sonic game, can't wait



JackMack said:

I've always found 3-D Sonic games to have a "this music is so bad it's good" feeling to it. And this game meets those requirements. But throw in a chao section and this could be the best game ever. I really love chao.

Don't swear please - Mod team



CanisWolfred said:


Um...They tried that. That was Sonic '06, which is very much the worst Sonic game ever made. I don't think we want another game like that, now do we.



James said:

@NassaDane @MickeyMac Well, Sonic Unleashed started out as Sonic Adventure 3 (in Japan it's called Sonic World Adventure) and bears some similarities to the original Dreamcast Adventure games... apart from the night stages, of course!



WaveBoy said:

It sounds like this song is written by Sega based on the failing of the Sonic franchise in general and not looking back at their awful attempts and not giving up. LOL

Listen to the songs lyrics...."I'm running wild living fast and free. got no regrets inside of me" "Not looking back, not giving Up" "Not letting go" "I'll keep on running" "I'm gonna find my own way, and take a chance on today"



WaveBoy said:

Oh crap! It looks like those Air Jorden sellers have found their way to Nintendo Life! Curse you IGN! The invasion has



brandonbwii said:

Your right, some of the best Wii games DON'T use motion controls, and even then I wonder why not sometimes (Little King's Story for example). However owning a Wii and not expecting a little bit of motion controls is like buying a box of mac and cheese and not wanting the cheese part. It was part of the marketing. The system itself doesn't even come with a Classic Controller. If you didn't want ANY kind of motion you shouldn't have bought the platform.

On topic: I'm following this game with VERY cautious optimism.



SilverBaretta said:

@Shockerz: The word "color" is spelled differently in different places. In Europe, (and Canada apparently, thanks TheSolarKnight,) it's spelled "colour," and this is a UK-based site. So yes, it is very much a real word.



Linkstrikesback said:

Heres hoping its decently long. I seem to remeber sega saying something like they included the werehog in unleashed because it'd be difficult to produce a lengthy sonic game in the style of only "day stages". That could be balanced by it being a wii game rather than a 360/ps3 game which are (supposedly) more difficult and time consuming to create games on, but who knows.



Knux said:

Looks surprisingly good, and the theme song is also good. This might actually be a Sonic game worth buying!



Gamesake said:

I love Sonic Adventure but I'm not much for sequels. The only platformer I've been excited about since Psychonauts is Epic Mickey. I'd pre-order Sonic Colors to get that stupid hat though.



Nintonic said:

Hey does anyone know anything about the sonic storybook collection?
Sonic and the secret ring(Oh that was a bad game...) and Sonic and the black knight?



NeoShinobi said:

Gameplay looks pretty solid. That music is pretty bad but I have faith that the rest of the soundtrack will turn out fine (as long as the rest of the tracks don't have any vocals).

I'm still more interested in Sonic 4 at this point though.



MeloMan said:

As always, Sonic gets me super hype, but I refuse this time to get my expectations too high... I will remain neutral on the "Sonic Cycle"-ness until I see the review and THEN I will think about it. So far it looks enjoyable to say the least, but that's also how trailers of Sonic games have looked in the past. As far as the music is concern, I've come to expect this elevator pop rock since Sonic Adventure, but it never really bothered me... for some reason it seems to "work" in a Sonic game, but I'd hate this music anywhere else, lol. C'mon Sonic, surprise me by breaking the cycle...



Boonehams said:

@69.Gamesake: Looks like SOMEONE here finally has their priorities straight. [puts on goofy hat]

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