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First Impressions: myNotebook Pearl, Carbon and Tan

Posted by Brad Long

All the way from Nnooo HQ

Recently we had Brad Long, one of our very own Nintendo Life reporters visit the studios of Nnooo, the lovable blokes behind Pop and the myLifeConnected series. Dr. Nnooo himself, Nic Watt showcased a few of their upcoming titles for DSiWare, including the latest myNotebook apps, Pearl, Carbon, and Tan.

First of all the most obvious difference that becomes apparent from the original myNotebooks was the jump to 128 pages, making the 32 available in the first set seem paltry by comparison. Other useful additions the team have thrown in to make it more worth your while are the inclusions of a Clock and a Battery Indicator, something which will hopefully become standard in apps to come across the board.

The main addition, however, is the ability to export your notes to the Nintendo DSi Camera, allowing you to save them to SD card, upload them to Facebook or even just to save more notes to your DSi.

With all going to plan, myNotebook: Carbon should be available in mid to late August, with Pearl and Tan following soon after. With the extra pages and content available in these versions, Nnooo are hoping to release them with a 500 point price tag.

Stay tuned for impressions of myDiary and Spirit Hunters Inc!

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Corbs said:

I'll be picking up the Pearl one when it's released. Great impressions. And nice guy that Nic.



Chunky_Droid said:

When it comes to the myLifeCollected series, I really didn't see the potential behind them until Nic showed them to me. I was convinced to get this on day one

And if you're reading this Nic, looks like Pearl's got another fan



Dazza said:

I'm more of a carbon kinda guy myself. I'm not a fan of tan!

Nice offices Nic, very swish.



Ogy said:

If you squint (or have magical eyes) you can see me and Jess behind the shelves!!
btw Pearls my favourite



MeloMan said:

Meh on Pearl, Carbon is first and the one I've been wanting since announced. Yes, YES I say!



MeloMan said:

Hey Nnooo, if you guys are listening: Is that an "undo" arrow I see at the top of the side menu I see there? If it is, THANK YOU, that is MUCH needed and appreciated. Also just a suggestion: do you guys think you could add a "page copy" feature in case you do anymore of these Notebooks? You have no idea how much I'd like to copy a page's contents and move it to another page intact within the Notebook.



Shane904 said:

Please please have left hand mode _

That totally ruined the first mynotebook apps.



Pogocoop said:

Although I am against the whole idea of spending 5 bucks on a notebook, I just might get tan, It deserves love too :3

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