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First Impressions: myDiary

Posted by Brad Long

Are you trying to read myDiary?

We recently reviewed the application myNotebook Carbon, Pearl and Tan, now out in America and soon to hit the virtual European shelves, and were quite impressed with it. Now the focus is on Nnooo's next release, myDiary for DSiWare. What can we expect from the next instalment of the myLifeCollected series? Our man Brad Long spills the beans from his visit into Nic Watt's inner sanctum.

The first feature that myDiary brings to the table once you've got the calendar up on screen is the ability to write notes for any day of your selection. Choosing which one you want to look at is accomplished by simply tapping the stylus on the day that you want to check out. myDiary is capable of holding up to 400 notes, meaning that it's got more than enough space to write one for every day of the year if you choose to do so. For the sheer size of the notes, however, comes the cost of not being able to use more than one colour for each, though it does give you the choice in which colour ink in which you're to write.

myDiary also allows you to lock your notes with a four-digit pin, so anyone who happens upon your DSi won't be able to look at what you've got hidden, handy for such things as birthday surprises and Corbie's bank account details.

Lastly, there is an alarm feature that goes off even when the DSi is in sleep mode, great for those who'll be keeping the application open throughout the day, which is what this program is all about.

myDiary is set to release later in the year, after the three lots of myNotebooks. We will be sure to bring you a more accurate release time and price point once information becomes available.

Please note, the version of myDiary played is not the final version, and features may be subject to change.

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Raylax said:

Password-protection is useful. I'm still not sold on this software's advantages over myNotebook, but I suppose it's a decent incentive for those considering starting one. Probably won't pick this up, planning on getting one of the new myNotebook apps though.



Odnetnin said:

I would so buy a compilation of all of Nnooo's myLifeCollected apps for 800 points or so.



MeloMan said:

I'm waiting on this. Not too keen on having multiple electronic devices, and since I carry my DSi almost everywhere I go, this app will come in handy. Can wait to know a solid release date.



Myndaember said:

I hope it gets better I want it to have more than 1 page per day, and be 200 points. If it gets more features, like the abality to use the camera and more than 1 page per day, then I will pay 500 points.



NGpenguin said:

nothings wrong with flipnotestudio, this just has more color choices and locks (not for editing)but to make sure no body sees it



mjc0961 said:

... They must be called "Nnooo" because that's the answer you give if anyone asks if they should buy one of their products.

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