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Fifteen Years On, Chrono Trigger Collectables Emerge from the Portal

Posted by James Newton

They're called Formation Arts, apparently

While Square Enix's other main RPG series have received countless merchandise tie-ins over the years, Super Nintendo RPG Chrono Trigger has always been a little thin on the collectables front. Fans of Crono and friends can soon bolster their collection with a range of new figures on the way later this year.

Launching across North America in October and officially known as Formation Arts, the sets feature Crono, Magus, Lucca, Robo and more in a range of poses. The level of detail and quality of staging is impressive to see, with a boxed set of four pieces setting you back a reasonable $29.99 from Big Bad Toy Store.

Hopefully it won't be another fifteen years before we see more in this line from Square Enix.


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Punny said:

I love a good video game figurine, so it's nice seeing Chrono Trigger as the subject of one!



Odnetnin said:

Saw those in Nintendo Power a few months ago, that reminded me I really need to pick up Chrono Trigger. Should be really cheap now?



LordJumpMad said:

That reminded me.

I havn't play Chrono Trigger,and Super Metroid yet.

Hopefuly I hay time this week to find a copy of Chrono Trigger DS, but I don't want to buy a 20 doller Card for Super Metroid.



Ashflow said:

On Amazon it's selling for a cheap $20. That price is definitely worth it.



Ashflow said:

Woah. I just checked and it's actually $15. Darn you Amazon. A few weeks after I buy it you take $5 off.

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