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Exclusive Horizon Riders Screenshots Ready to Lock and Load

Posted by James Newton

Shots of Sabarasa's simple but stylish shooter

We brought you the latest trailer of Horizon Riders the other day, and now we have a wealth of exclusive screenshots straight from Sabarasa.

Earlier comparisons to Star Fox gain credence with a pared-down aesthetic style that harks back to the classic shooter, with some intense-looking boss battles to spice up the mix too. The character select also reveals four available playable robots, each with its own unique weapon combinations, patterns and attributes, which should help to inject the game with extra lastability.

Head over to the Horizon Riders screenshots gallery to check them out.

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Sean_Aaron said:

I can definitely dig this. Nice to see these guys look like serious contenders on Nintendo platforms other than the DSi.



Oregano said:

The graphics took a pretty big leap over the original trailer, which people were mocking.

Looks really good IMO.



Junkface said:

I really like the way this game is coming along could be better but it is WiiWare so I guess ya can't get blood from a stone. Is it too much to ask to see a multiplayer shooter that uses balance board to aid in controls with motion plus and wii speak capabilities? Star Fox on hover boards or somthing like that.



Omega said:

Looks more like a racing game than a shooter. It reminds me very much of Hi-Octane, a "car-combat" game, developed and published by Bullfrog Productions, which was released in 1996 for the PC.




Yup, Sin and Punishment 2 inspired all the way. Mega fast on-rails shooter. I never bought S&P2 but have had some sessions on it. Great, great game...but hugely hardcore in latter stages.

I'll most likely be downloading this though.

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