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Down Under's DSi XL Range Gets Colourful Next Month

Posted by James Newton

Grab yellow, blue and red on September 23rd

Colour-conscious Japanese gamers gained three more colour choices in June when yellow, blue and green DSi LL consoles launched, and North America received the midnight blue console last month. PAL regions have been disappointingly short-changed in the XL colour stakes – until now.

On September 23rd Australia and New Zealand are set to have their line-ups bolstered by yellow, blue and red options, complementing the burgundy and bronze machines already available. That date will also see the launch of Art Academy, the portable artist's studio that's enjoyed considerable chart success in the UK already.

There's currently no news on whether these colours will be made available in North America or Europe, but when we know, you'll know.


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XD375 said:

Will a Pikachu follow me around if I pick the Yellow one?

On a side note, I wish they'd release more colours up here in North America.



Aviator said:

If the 3DS wasn't coming for another 2 years, I would probably buy one of those. No matter, I still love my Phat.



WiiLovePeace said:

Damn! I just put a DSi XL on laybuy & am going to pick it up next week & now they come out w/ new colours... Thankfully though those colours aren't very nice looking so it's all good



HipsterDashie said:

Even though I already have the Dark Brown DSi XL, it'd be nice to see some more colours come to Europe.



Fuzzy said:

I'm a lot happier getting my new DSi for $200 than spending an extra $100 for the XL



Victoria said:

oooh Good! I hope more colours come to the UK soon. I'm hoping for one for Christmas, and didn't really like the colours available.



sillygostly said:

No green? ="(
You can kiss my impulse spending goodbye then, Nintendo. =P

I wouldn't mind a yellow one, however that green one is teh sex. =D



fishman100 said:

Lucky! We need more colors here in NA!
Maybe when the 3DS launches, we'll get more colors than the PAL regions or the UK (Japan? Unlikely.)



LuWiiGi said:

TBH I don't really like those colours, I don't think they're very stylish.
Anyway now that the 3DS is out not many people are gonna want to get the XL. Not once the 3DS marketing starts at least.



PSICOffee said:

Not since the GBC has North America ever gotten colors like yellow and green for their systems. Kids nowadays think any wacky color is gay so we will NEVER see a yellow, orange, or neon-green portable system in North America anytime soon. Just burgundy for old people, and black for the cool kids, and pink/blue for the girls. That's sadly how marketing is done.



GamerZack87 said:

It has just occurred to me that we in Australia get two free DSiWare games and an app when we buy an XL, whereas Europeans only get one game and an app. Uh...lucky us?

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