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Collect this Cosmos X2 Trailer to Activate its Powers

Posted by James Newton

500 Points for side-scrolling shooter

DSiWare fans wanting a spot of shooting action on Monday may want to set their sights on Cosmos X2, a 500 Point download from Saturnine Games that looks to emulate the classic side-scrollers of old.

Here's the first trailer followed by the official press release containing everything you need to know.

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Saturnine Games announces the upcoming release of Cosmos X2 for Nintendo DSiWare next week. Players can pilot the Cosmos X2 spaceship through the solar system in an effort to defend against an alien invasion.

The Cosmos X2 can be equipped with two out of three available weapons. Each weapon provides a unique attack and defensive shield. The Cosmos X2 has a separate energy meter for each equipped weapon. The active weapon loses energy when the Cosmos X2 is hit. The inactive weapon regains energy when enemies are defeated. The Cosmos X2 is destroyed if both weapons run out of energy. Players must find a balance in their weapon usage to maximize their odds of survival.

Players can choose from three difficulty levels as they battle their way through the main adventure. Three bonus modes are also available to provide additional challenges.

Cosmos X2 will be released on the Nintendo DSi Shop on August 30, 2010 for 500 Nintendo DSi Points.

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Iggy said:

Good music but i dont know about the gameplay looks a little slow and the power ups dont seem to interesting.



ErrorSupply said:

Day 1 purchase for me.

@ SaturnineGames: If Cosmos X2 does well, any chance Antipole will also appear on DSiWare?



SwerdMurd said:

yuck. i'm shmup fan...but yeah this needs to shape up considerably (and quickly) or this is an autopass...gameplay looks archaic.



LuWiiGi said:

I want this. Is someone gonna change the caption already?
@NLTeam The video doesn't appear on my computer, they never do. It's probably just my rubbish computer, but do you have any idea why videos don't show up for me?



Slave said:

Will pick it up for SURE!
DS needs more shmups!
Gameplay looks a bit slow to me (I'm a manic shmup fan) but still looks good

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