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Capcom Producer Discusses Chances of Zack and Wiki 2

Posted by James Newton

Fair to middling

Capcom's Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure is a much-loved and highly regarded Wii title, having sat inside Metacritic's top 20 Wii games since its release nearly three years ago. Making the most of the Wii Remote, each puzzle required you to move it in a different way, but sadly the limitations of the Remote itself held back the controls from being completely successful. Now MotionPlus is out, could we see a more reliable sequel any time soon? Probably not, according to the game's producer.

Revogamers recently spoke to Capcom's Hironobu Takeshita about rumours of a MotionPlus-enabled follow-up, and the response was mixed:

Thank you for your love for Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure! However, unfortunately that rumor is totally not true. I personally like this title so I would like to create a new one though I don’t think it’s good timing to do so.

Just like Tetsuya Nomura's desire to make a follow-up to DS RPG spectacular The World Ends With You, it seems Mr Takeshita may have to wait quite a while until he's able to produce a follow-up. Until then, you can wait patiently or berate anyone you know who didn't buy this Wii classic, which could take long enough to last you until the next Nintendo home console is released.


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TwilightV said:

I have it. It's pretty fun, although i'm struggling trying to get a perfect on the stage where you have to fish...



zionich said:

I would slay Capcom's competition for a Monster Hunter 3DS =)

On topic, I never played the first either, its on my when/if I get gamefly to play games I havent played list. Course Nintendo has to many new games comming out I want ><



FunderThucker said:

I didn't play the first one either since I don't like point and click games. It's cool that they're making another one though. The wii needs more squeals.



mecoy said:

didnt like the first one but i thought it wasnt bad but i just hate the genre



WaveBoy said:

Zack & Wiki is one of the greatest Wii games period. Total Classic. I'd love to see a sequal!



Punny said:

Please make another one with Wii MotionPlus, please! I would buy it!



Hokori said:

This is great some of my favorite game that I never wouldve expected a sequel is getting one
and Chibi Robo DS (even though its not coming out in US, ill import)
now all we need is MadWorld 2



erv said:

First one was nice, it just suffered from publisher hypocrisy: it was released within the same week as metroid 3, and no more heroes (i believe, or something other significant to dedicated gamers) so I hope they don't get to whining about sales numbers again.

Which, in everybody's case, allows for a nice little sequel



Linkstrikesback said:

Bought it, frankly, hated it. Would have been better without dying and as a DS title. It seems too much effort to play it on wii where i'td be more at home in short play sessions on DS



CanisWolfred said:

Linkstrikesback's got it down. If they make a sequel, they gotta take out the deaths, and put it on a system more suited for P 'n' C, like the DS. Zack 'n' Wiki was an atrocity in my eyes. I'd only hope for a sequel if they intend to fix all the many things that was wrong with it.



komicturtle said:

I didn't find anything wrong with the game. It's clever and requires you to think- quite alot. I'm stuck on the plane level where you have to sneak in the pirate lady's office to take something (a map I think). I got really far the 10th try but man, i couldn't find a way to beat that level. I don't want to go to GameFaqs or look up a guide because it pretty much ruins the game- in which you have to think and figure things out. That's the fun of the game.

A sequel would be awesome, indeed.



SuperPeach said:

Zack and Wiki is awsome! It was my favorite wii game before Little Kings Story. I'd buy the sequel the moment it's released.



motang said:

Zack & Wiki is an awesome game, too bad it didn't get the sales figure that it deserved!



EdEN said:

Loved Zack & Wiki. Bought it at launch and played it non stop with my wife until we finished it. Will probably replay it next year once most of the puzzles are out of our heads.



TheBaconator said:

I've seen the first game for $10 at stores hundreds of times with $10 in my pocket and I still haven't bought the game...I hate myself.



Link-Hero said:

I only played the first few levels of Zack & Wiki, but I lost complete interest in the game and couldn't get back into it. Though, the thing is, I don't really know why I lost interest. Something like that rarely ever happens to me. There is something about the game that drove my attention away. Just don't really know what it was.

If they are making a sequel, I hope it keeps me more interested in the game and makes me want to continue.



Popyman said:

They should at least make a series of WiiWare games. Or a DS game. SOMETHING!



EdEN said:

Popyman's idea is interesting. Re-release Zack and Wiki on Wiiware as "Episodes" with some extra content if the first two episodes sell well and everybody wins.



WaveBoy said:

I'd easuly nail it with a 9/10, It's superb!
Some of the level designs had me in awe, they were very unique, fun and creative. And i gotta say, the 2 levels that screwed me up the most both had to of been at the Haunted Mansion regarding the Painting Level and where you have to mix those potions. While the last level was incredibly difficult, and the same goes for the final Boss. Anyways, I can't praise this game enough. Truly brilliant, fantastic motion controls, great puzzles, challenging difficulty, beautiful graphics....If only it ran at 60fps instead of 30fps



JimLad said:

Rented the first one a while ago, started off kinda going 'meh', by the time I had to return it I was in love.
Definately going to buy it at some point, and would love to see a second one. I think it would do better now with the Wii's massive install base and a bit of tuning on the motion controls.



Ian_Daemon said:

@10-WaveBoy: "Zack & Wiki is one of the greatest Wii games period. Total Classic. I'd love to see a sequal!" - Z&W is a GREAT game. I actually bought three or four copies. (Two for me, two for friends.) Bring on sequels!

@23-EdEN: Why would they ever re-release a Wii game as WiiWare? Yes, Z&W is often hard to find, but it's not impossible. Just buy the retail game.

@29-Boonehams: That would be awesome!



Kirk said:

The main game itself is pretty good but...

1. The intro cut-scenes and stuff are so annoying and in your face that I wouldn't be surprised if that alone put many people off the game.

2. The menus and various level select and option screens etc are confusing and badly designed imo.

3. The various motion controls don't always work perfectly which for me is a major turn off.

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