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Bask in the Supernatural Aura of this Ghost Trick Trailer

Posted by James Newton

Detecting new phantoms inbound

We had a short but enjoyably bizarre hands-on session with Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective a month ago, and the curious DS puzzler continues to take shape under the direction of Phoenix Wright mastermind Shu Takumi.

With Gamescom currently tearing up Cologne, Capcom has released a new trailer for Ghost Trick to show off more of the ghostly gameplay players can expect this Winter. The animation stands out as being particularly fine, the characters are as oddball as you'd want and to speed up transitions between areas your main character travels down the phonelines, as all good ghosts do.

Capcom also released enough new screenshots to fill a haunted house, so flick through them after giving the trailer a good once-over.

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MeloMan said:

I'm intrigued, but I still need to see more before I'm convinced this game is for me.



Punny said:

Looks like one for the Christmas list! After seeing all the awards and nominations thia game got at E3, I'm going to get it! I'm in need of a good puzzler.



Mayhem said:

The demo was great, this is pretty much a shoe-in for a purchase.



hulklol123456789 said:

WOW!!!!! It looks really really amazing, like a type pof proffesor layton but different and oh well, Im really looking for these. Event if the graphics aren't so great.



Golgo said:

What a fantastically cool premise! Could be the last great DS game before 3DS - not counting Okamiden of course...

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