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3DS Unlikely to Feature Achievements System

Posted by James Newton

Finer points still being thrashed out

After the 3DS's big reveal at E3 this year, a series of videos hit the 'net showing various developers and publishers talking about how exciting the machine was for them. One such video featured EA's Ryan Stradling, who spoke about the 3DS's online features including the potential for an Xbox 360-style Achievements system. Now German website has broken the news that such a feature is unlikely.

Nintendo's Harald Ebert told the site during Gamescom that the console will likely not have a global Achievement system, though no other information was forthcoming. Ebert also confirmed again that the machine's visual styling is still to be decided and could change between now and launch, with Capcom recently stating that the final D-Pad will be different.

Would you be pleased or disappointed if the 3DS launched without Achievements?


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Redhawk said:

Oh well, achievements would have been nice, but nothing that would really make the 3ds much better. Also, I like that they are rethinking the placement of the D-Pad.



TheBaconator said:

Meh, I just like getting achivements randomly. I never really purposly got them. It was more surprising when you got them that way and possibly more humorous.



noname875 said:

i only purposely get them in TF2 where you get new weapons when you get achevements.



hithomas said:

On the whole I'm not too fussed about achievements, but that could be because most of them are either boring(complete level 1) or just plain lame(press start.) Then again having an achievement system can't really do any harm so its probably worth having(if they have the time/resources to spare.)



skywake said:

Achievements? no. I don't care if I gets them or not. A unified friends list on the other hand.......



MrDanger88 said:

Achievements are pointless without an online service like XBL and PSN where you get a single profile. Friend Codes would need to be abandoned.



HipsterDashie said:

I'm a completionist, so I don't mind achievements as long as they're not too hard to get.

It annoys me that I only have 10G in GoW (since a mate played it on my console) and 80G in Game Room (I downloaded it since I thought, because it was free, no achievements. You can probably tell how much I raged when that 5G - Show Me! achievement popped up).



Kingbuilder said:

Yeah, I didn't really expect achievements in the first place, though.

Also, that image is awesome.



ZarroTsu said:

(continued to) Break the achievement cycle.

Don't swear - Mod team



Stuffgamer1 said:

If Nintendo steps forward with a decent online system, it'll be easier to forgive an oversight such as this. Of course, as P.D4NG3R said, an Achievement system would be utterly pointless without a unified online system to begin with.



NapalmHornet said:

I dont care if there aint an achievement system. People usally measure how good you are at a game from how many achievements you've got on it. Therefore if you don't play it loads you look rubbish.



Archy said:

You better come up with something twice as awesome as a achievement system!



TKOWL said:

Achievements are kinda pointless... that's why I have a Backloggery



HolyMackerel said:

You know what, I could care less about achievements. Just give me a good online service like XBL, with friends, profiles, in-game notifications, messaging, the whole deal. I'll gladly forgo achievements for that!

Just get the online service right this time!



Token_Girl said:

I'd settle for just an account based system like PSN with online play, easy voice chat with friends during online games that can support it, and messaging.

Honestly, the only thing I like about achievements is that some of them are funny. They mainly seem like pointless stuff to make it take longer to get to 100%. If there's no in game reward, it's probably a useless waste of time. Plus some of them are so random, there's no way you'd get them without searching online or random accident.

I wouldn't mind games including percentages (so many do anyways) and have that be displayed online or a backloggery type system. As for achievements, I'd rather not spend time doing useless stuff to get 100% when I have plenty of other games to play. Want to increase the value of a game? Make it engaging enough that I'd WANT to play through it again for fun at some point.

I know I wouldn't HAVE to get all the achievements if I wanted to, but I just feel like I'd never have the joy of completing games knowing there were still a couple random achievements left.



LittleIrves said:

Ebert said it won't likely have a "global" Achievements system.... but what about region-locked ones? Similar to the Sin + Punishment 2 high score lists that are separated between Japan/Europe/US? I'd be cool with that.
But all in all, I'm not a huge achievement wh#re, so it's not a deal-breaker. Would be nice for those who care about such things, though.



MeloMan said:

I basically agree with ballkirby1. To me, I never came to understand the "big deal" about achievements... I guess it's my age talking but it's just a gimmicky status bragging rights thing which is ok if you need that kinda thing or if you're constantly trying to promote your "gamer status", no hate on you there whoever you may be. But for me, I could care less... if an achievement jumps up on the screen, I'll just say "oh ok, cool", and that's it for me.

Now, even if a console doesn't do an achievement system, can't the games themselves by way of the developers do it still? Isn't that where the biggest acheivements count for a gamer anyway? (example: Super Streetfighter IV for 3DS. "Achievement unlocked! 10 consecutive perfect wins!"). I would think that would mean more to a gamer than "Achievement unlocked! 3DS played for 1000 hours!". Ah well, done ranting, lol



ArmoredGoomba said:

That's fine. I've always thought just playing through a game or beating a tough level was enough of an "achievement"



Hokori said:

Nintendo already has achievements I think, Look at MM9 endure a 10 Min Boss Battle? Achievement. Chibi-Robo Park Patrol, Get 30 flowers in a row? The only difference to me is the name.



MasterGraveheart said:

I don't care about the achievement systems. Didn't care about them in the two Mega Man WiiWare releases, don't care about them elsewhere.



Link-Hero said:


Lol, but seriously, I couldn't care less. Acheivements on the other consoles just seem to be pointless. Like "You Pressed The Start Button: 10G" or something stupid like that to increase the length of a game.



sonic_brawler95 said:

I do admit, acheivements would be nice, but I can live without em.

Besides, the 3DS will be awesome either way.



Akio said:

Achievement is a very nice feature to keep players on the game even they have already finished it. I think achievement is the must-have one for modern game design. Many online game portals have already implemented and got great success!



V8_Ninja said:

Meh. Never really saw the point of achievements beyond the "HA!!! My internet willy is bigger than yours!" factor, and the less of that the better.



Lotice-Paladin said:

It's not 100% confirmed.

I'm not bothered either way...but we could see something different compared to the Achievement/Trophy gimmick.



Cia said:

Why would Nintendo want copy this pointless system from other, lesser companies? Couldn't care less...



LordJumpMad said:

Achievement are fun to have, but in the end it dosen't really matter.

The only type of Achievement I want Nintendo to do, is getting Club Nintendo Coins, for every time I beat a Game.



WolfRamHeart said:

Something tells me that Nintendo won't be implementing an achievement system until their next home console launches. I would have liked to see some type of achievement system in the 3DS but Nintendo probably has something even cooler planned.



SMW said:

I'll miss them, but theres no stopping devs from including in-game ones.



GEOFF said:

This is total nonsense. Achievements? You have achieved bugger all, you are playing a video game for christ sake.



Punny said:

If achievements will make it even more awesome than it already is, bring it on! If there aren't any achievements, it's still going to be awesome.



Azurineknuckle said:

Achievements sound nice, but the real achievement is just to get our hands on one of those bad boys when they come out.



fishman100 said:

See, I'm not much of an online multiplayer person (partl due to the fact that I can never find someone to do multiplayer with me), but I wouldn't mind an Achievement function.



Markystal said: we really want to be more like XBLA and PSN nuts that buy bad games just so they can get all the trophies or achievements?



Akirih said:

I don´t think that having achievements or not is a big deal. I like competition, and I find fun to fulfil achievements, but I won't die if 3DS doesn't have it, after all, we all love DS without achievements, right?



HappyHappy said:

I don't want achievements for the 3DS. I don't really see the whole point of having them in the first place. It's just a cheap way to get players to keep on playing the game until they have unlocked everything and it’s just a way for them to get the true achievement addicts to buy and play the bad games to increase their score. If Nintendo is really all about making sure that gamers actually have fun while playing the game not get them all hyped up on some meaningless competition to get the most achievements then they should stay far away from achievements.



Var said:

I'm personally pro achievments. I can see some games where they would be virtually pointless, however there are many games...much less linear games where achievements would be beneficial.

Without achievements I would usually go through a game complete it and be done with it for a few years or what not (depending on the game of course) however with achievements that stray from the main story I find it more interesting to come back to the games and try to fully complete them or discover them.

Best example I can give (due to not owning many games on my 360) is Batman Arkham Asylum; without achievements I'd have gone through the story and possibley done some challenge mode missions but thats about it. With achievements I went back after completing it to do the Riddler riddles which I wouldn't have felt the desire to do otherwise.

One particular Nintendo franchise I could imagine that would benefit quite a lot from achievements is Metroid. There is so much room for things to do (read: item %, secret items etc) and to not do (read: speed runs, low % runs, low map discovery etc).




komicturtle said:

Achievements have been around for long time now (before the 360- even).

Smash Bros. Melee had 'Notices' for when you complete something yet you couldn't find out HOW to get them. Smash Bros. Brawl changed that to Challenges (yet retaining 'Notices' as well), and that game, those "achievements" was worth it. Points, or a Trophy of Mewtwo? Yeah, I'll choose that trophy. Challenges was in part borrowed from Kirby's AirRide that really didn't offer much- but unlocked a new level as well as rides.

So the whole Achievement thing is not a necessity for the 3DS. Video Games had some sort of an achievement system for over a decade, so it isn't anything new or big really. Keeping achievements within some games like Smash Bros. is really the way to go because at the same time it offers a challenge that rewards you with something (stage, trophy, stickers, characters, etc.)



Bensei said:

I'm quite ok with it. Sure, I play xbox games much longer because of achievements. It gives you a kick in completing it all. But on the other side there are stupid grinder achievements which make you games play longer than they are meant to. Games should be played because they are fun, not because you get 100G for doing so.



OldBoy said:

You know what I think would be cool. An acheivment system whereby the points you earn 'achieving' things could actually be used to get free downloadable VC/WiiWare/DSIware.Obviously they would have to be harder to get than some cuurent games (Press Start!!WTF) but say you completed a game you then get 100 points added to your account.Unlikely? err yes, very cool? most definetly!!



Dodger said:

I am perfectly happy with the achievements being inside the video game such as with WarioWare DIY, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and a few others.



wes008 said:

I'll won't be too crushed if the 3DS doesn't launch with achievements. I will, however, be extremely disappointed if the next Wii doesn't have achievements.



triforceofcourage said:

not a big loss although it would be cool. but they didnt say no so its still possible and it sounds like theyre still working on it.



Pogocoop said:

Common' Nintendo, Microsoft has copied you on tons of stuff, You can copy their best idea.



Radixxs said:

I don't care at all. But, like KnucklesSonic8, I feel like there are still some rather large features that Nintendo has yet to reveal about the 3DS.



Games nowadays have a serious crisis of content. Achievements is one of the most pathetic way from the game industry to add shallow replay value to games lacking in content. Games need better and more complete satisfying content. Not "yay you jumped 1000 times! have a cookie" stupid badges that are good for nothing



GammaGames said:

i would have loved achievments. Thats a reason i play ps3 games over, because i want them ALL!



mastersworddude said:

I don't see why peoole don't want Achivements/Trophies I mean If you don't care for it, just ignore it, Its still a good option for people who like those sort of things.



timp29 said:

he says 'no global achievements' that could mean region locking and local achievements still.



mjc0961 said:

Well, yeah. I wasn't expecting there would be. Take it however you want, this is Nintendo we're talking about here, and if anyone wants to play some Pokémon later my friend code is 31415926535897932384626433832795028...



Objection said:

I love aiming for Trophies. It gives me an extra set of things to try and accomplish after beating a game.

Example: Just going for high scores in Rock band is boring. Trying to 5star every song because there's a trophy for it, or trying to Perfect (no-misses) 3 songs in The Beatles for a trophy is a lot more engaging, at least to me.

So it would be nice, but needs a unified profile, which really, is even more exciting. Because Friend Codes suck.



The_Fox said:

You people do realize you don't have to get achievements, right? That they're something on top of the game that is completely voluntary? Because some posters here seem terribly confused.



koops330 said:

no Achievements Nintendo don't stup down to Sony and Microsoft level of stupidy. There is no need for them and are just plain annoying I hate playing a game like gears and having a message pop up saying you earn 10 points just leave achievements out of everything and just focus on making great games



JimLad said:

Well if you can turn them off I wouldn't have minded. I found them pretty annoying though, popping up telling me I got 50 headshots or whatever, I DON'T CARE! GET OFF MY SCREEN!




Not bothered in the slightest. I think there's a few positive things yet to be revealed about the 3DS btw



Junior117 said:

If they did put in achievements, it would probably be the same as Wii Sports Resort's way (Nintendo DOES put in achievements, but they're 1) not unified into one account and 2) rare).



MR_SUPREME69 said:

I would want achievements on it. every system should have a unlocking system. it adds replayablility, and you can show off what you have accomplished in whatever game your playing.

plus i would get all of them for OoT(the best game ever)



Blink said:


Also, D-pad under buttons would be a better positioning in my opinion.



sam322 said:

my question is out of topic,sort of.
here it goes.
Why is nintendo creating this new ds?
instead of creating something we can benefit from
ex.they could have added virtual console titles such as super mario world,super mario bros. ,etc...... on dsi shop.they had an opportunity but i'm not sure if it's too late for them



sam322 said:

my question is out of topic,sort of.
here it goes.
Why is nintendo creating this new ds?
instead of creating something we can benefit from
ex.they could have added virtual console titles such as super mario world,super mario bros. ,etc...... on dsi shop.they had an opportunity but i'm not sure if it's too late for them



Phobos said:

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Ability to survive without Achievements system. Congratulations!

(achievement system implodes)

...Well, that went pretty well, wouldn't you agree?



KiroX777 said:

achievements and trophies are iiiight..i just want Nintendo Wifi accounts. simple, and OH so important! all that friend code crap just HAS to go! we need to keep in touch with our friends. THAT is WHAT sony AND microsoft ACCELS inDOT

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