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UK DSi Price Goes Down, UK DSi Sales Go Up

Posted by James Newton

40% increase every week since cut

About a month ago Nintendo announced it was dropping the cost of DS consoles to retailers, with retailers lowering the cost to consumers. It seems the move has paid off handsomely, as Nintendo has revealed the machine's sales have increased 40 per cent every week since the trade price was cut.

A primetime advertising campaign didn't hurt sales either, but being able to pick up a brand new DSi for thirty notes less than a few weeks ago has obviously spurred plenty of customers into taking trips to their local games boutique. Here's Nintendo UK's head of communications Rob Saunders with the official line:

Since the adjustment in trade price has been passed on to consumers, each of the previous three weeks have seen DSi sales increase by over 40 per cent week-on-week.

As only the DSi received a price drop it's uncertain whether the DS Lite and DSi XL lines suffered similar-sized sales decreases, but it certainly seems the looming giant that is 3DS hasn't had any immediate impact on the uptake of DSis.


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Morpheel said:

@3: Maybe he wants a little brother? :3

vv Thanks i may change it... some day



King_Boo said:

We'll get a price drop, I'd bet heavy on the Lite since production of it will stop after we get 3DS.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Mars11 wrote:

Ya the problem is I already have a DSi.

The problem i see is Nintendo releasing the DSi in the first place.
Nintendo should have keept on devoloping the 3DS instead of devoloping a modified DS alongside the 3DS.



jangonov said:

Anyone from Europe care to say the old price, the new price, and what each of those is in American dollars?



colmtheperson said:

Old price (this time last year) €189/$240... New price (as seen on saturday in Harvey Norman) €99/$125 give or take a few cents in the conversion



Stuffgamer1 said:

So it went from ridiculously expensive to cheaper than a DS Lite in comparison to the American market? DANG! Get with it, NOA, seriously!



EdEN said:

My guess is come february 2011 the Lite will be $99.99, DSi will be $129.99 and the DSi XL will be $169.99. They can still sell several million Lite/DSi/Xl at the current price and make a killing at christmas and THEN lower the price before the march release of the 3DS.

They COULD do the price drop before black friday and completely kill off Sony...

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