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Trademarks Suggest Dragon Quest VI is Europe-bound

Posted by James Newton

Though we doubt you're bored of DQIX yet

In January this year, Japanese DS owners rejoiced at being able to buy yet another Dragon Quest game in the form of Dragon Quest VI, a conversion of the Super Famicom original that never saw release outside the Land of the Rising Sun. It seems the DS remake won't suffer the same fate though, if a recently-discovered set of trademark filings is to be believed.

Although the trademarks don't refer to Dragon Quest VI in exact terms, the marks "NEL REGNO DEI SOGNI", "WANDLER ZWISCHEN DEN WELTEN" et "LOS REINOS ONÍRICOS", which very roughly correspond to the original's subtitle "Realms of Reverie." It's not exactly a stone-cold certainty but the signs are promising, and we'll keep you posted as more information comes in.


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Hokori said:

now we need DQ 7 and 8 for 3DS I will buy in a heartbeat. sorry bad pun. also FIRST



SepticLemon said:

It would be nice if they would release DQ1-3 in the UK and Europe. It's hard to get those American GBC carts...



Oregano said:

All three were confirmed at the same time really but I guess they could have cancelled it.

Hope we get Monsters: Joker and Battle Road Victory.



LztheQuack said:

Now we need more copies of 5 floating around first! I had to pay $50 for my copy



Stuffgamer1 said:

Nintendo Power still has it listed as upcoming for America, so I guess we may still be getting it...hopefully.



CanisWolfred said:

Well, good for you guys, I guess. I don't know how the remake will be, but personally DQ6 was my least favorite after the original (I don't think they can make an RPG worse than that without trying). 'Course, I don't like amnesia plots, nor the new gameplay style. We'll see how it turns out.



WolfRamHeart said:

Amazon is currently taking pre-orders on this game but unfortunately there is still no release date. I really hope that it comes out this year because I'm going to need some more Dragon Quest after I'm done playing IX.



MasterGraveheart said:

Awesome. Bring it State-side while you're at it! I've been om-nom-noming on Dragon Quest IX for some time now and I think a hearty side-dish may be just what the doctor ordered.



Weblaus said:

I don't quite get it why this would be unexpected? Square Enix is shovelling pretty much everything they have in European stores anyway, no matter how good or bad it is. So why should they ignore one of their biggest brands, especially when IV and V made the jump and now IX is getting lots of publicity?



Hokori said:

@Destroyer360 No I meant DQ 7 and 8 should come for 3DS because chances are there no coming for DS I know DQ 6 is coming for DS because 3DS isnt even out yet.



Vinsanity said:

Jeez laweez - I'm still burning through DQV! And I bought DQIX at launch (to help those all important first month sales; Square and Nintendo need to see that fans want these games to continue to see western release!) -- I can't even THINK about Realms of Reverie yet! My kids were just born in Heavenly Bride!!!!!

@Otaku: I agree. At least with DQ8. According to Hardcore Gaming 101's EXCELLENT article on the series, DQ7 is a huge bore. The "Final Fantasy XIII" of the series in that it takes something ridiculous like 30 hours to really get going. And all the characters are the worst in the series - which is a HUGE blow considering how awesome the characters are in 4, 5 and presumably 6. Even though IV made me fall in love with the series, I'd definitely skip a 3DS port of 7. Though I'd love to see DQ8 come there...which it probably will, because Level 5 loves Nintendo:D

@Xkhaoz: AWESOME gif/avatar dude! Even though I don't really know why those little dudes are OMG'ing so much.



Vinsanity said:

@Weblaus: Actually, Square-Enix is pulling a lot of DS games from their release schedules lately. Thats why we didn't get Blood of Bahamut, for example. Apparently the DS piracy is killing some of their bottom lines. Stuff like FF3 remake sold way better than, say, Kingdom Hearts DS. Blame it on piracy and move on. They didn't even wanna take a chance on DQIX, since that series has never really blown up in the western world either -- so, luckily, NOA picked up the slack. Or NOE. One of 'em, that's whats important. So couple rampant DS piracy (so many little punk kids have those damn R4 cards these days!) with Dragon Quest's traditionally lukewarm (for Square anyway, whose used to multi-million sellers) receptions and there was a serious chance they were going to pass on DQVI.

Personally, I think they'd be smarter to embrace the "one thousand true fans" policy that the Dragon Quest games get. Not nearly as many gamers play 'em over here in the west as, say, Final Fantasy. But everyone who does LOVES 'em. You almost never see used DQ copies in the wild, y'know? But who knows if these DS remakes sell well enough to validate the cost of translating them. Remember, these games never saw a proper western release back in the day.



wildMissingnoappered said:

Hopefully Aus and NZ will get it along with europe because we usaly do. Although we were the first in the world besides japan to get the DSI and new super mario bros wii( which i own

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