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The Last Story Gets Incredible First Trailer

Posted by James Newton

Mistwalker RPG in motion at last

The Last Story has been one of the Wii's most-teased titles this year, with only the tiniest of details creeping out of Hironobu Sakaguchi's Mistwalker studio. Now we finally have the first footage of the game in action in this Japanese trailer, and it's an absolute stunner.

Even from this brief footage it's clear The Last Story has a sense of spectacle and scale far beyond much of the Wii's catalogue, with real-time battling at the forefront of this trailer. We won't say too much more as the video itself speaks louder than a thousand words.

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Thanks to WolfRamHeart for the heads up!

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James said:

This just shot right up near the top of my Wii most wanted list.



Markystal said:

Game looks really good and the gameplay looks vivid. A must buy for me. Wii needs more JRPGs.



Metroid133 said:

This looks AWSOME!

Now if Nintendo would of shown this at just when you think they couldn't have shown anything else besides some of those 3DS games and Pikmin 3 they could of! O_O



WolfRamHeart said:

I'm simply amazed at how good this game actually looks. It's great to see Mistwalker taking full advantage of the Wii's hardware capabilities.



MasterGraveheart said:

That looks pretty darn good, even if it isn't as colorful as I normally like my games not named MadWorld. Still, I'm just gratefull we're getting something like this for the Wii, so I'm on board 100%.



Sage_Joch said:

This is now my second most anticipated wii-game after Xenoblade. Get these games to the West Nintendo!!!



Infernape1000 said:


I thought this would be turn based...

Well, whatever. I was hoping for a turnbased, Medieval theme...



CanisWolfred said:

Bland Shades-of-brown color pallette? Hellz no!
Everything else about this game? F*** Yah!
The first and probably only Wii RPG to get me excited? Damn straight!
Mistwalker finally stopped making forgettable generic crap and finally came up with something interesting and somewhat unique within the RPG genre? You bet you @$$!



JebbyDeringer said:

I'm surprised no one has said this looks HD yet. I would have agreed except for the fact it will be 480p



Giggsy said:

Very impressive visuals. I had to check the game wasn't multi-format it was that eye-pleasing. One to watch for sure.



CanisWolfred said:


That's because it doesn't really look HD. It's still more on-par with late PS2/Xbox games such as God of War 2 or Final Fantasy XII, especially the latter. Is it still one of the better looking games on the Wii? Mayhaps, at least the top 20, if that's really saying anything. But to say it's on par an HD game is simply fool-hearty.



FonistofCruxis said:

This looks amazing and I agree with Markystal, the wii does need more jrpgs. I hope this and xenoblade come to the west.



Chrono_Cross said:

Does it get any better than this? I hope this gets a release date as soon as possible. Oh and the humming at the end was simply epic in my opinion.



RonF said:

Despite not featuring turn based action this game looks to be shaping pretty well.



JGMR said:

Along with Tales of Graces from Namco, the one RPG i am waiting for.



V8_Ninja said:

(0:12): OH EMM GEEZ!!! GIANT MECH!!!

(0:17): OH NOEZ!!! EYE-PATCH MAN!!!

(0:34): Metal Gear Solid Rising: A Wii RPG Edition.

(0:38): Ooo, smooth terrain movement! Me like!

(0:46): so...bright...AAAAAGH!!!

(0:52): WHAT'S MAH SPIDERMAN DOING IN MAH JRPGS? (Yeah, I know it's the "Attention" mechanic, but that's the first thing I thought when I saw it.)

(0:56): Ooo, does that look like strategically planning out attacks in the middle of real-time battles? Me like!


(1:02): Pirate ships? I will sink them all! To the Ninja-Mobile!

(1:06): Man, this cover mechanic is really reminding my of Gears of War. And I'm not sure if that's a bad thing or a good thing.

(1:33): Lulz, you can knock people out of your way. :3

(2:00): Mysterious girl is mysteriously singing! HOORAY!!!

The game's looking great! And I don't like most JRPGs!



timp29 said:

Yeah not bad, looks good. The perspective changes on the first scene bugged me for some reason however.



super-nintendo said:

The Wii has the best games line-up this fall and 2011 as far as I'm concerned. Almost too many games...but I'll make it.



VoltSlash said:

I'll go ahead and state the obvious (because I think many of you might have thought about this already):



bro2dragons said:

how do i do the drooling out the wazoo emoticon??

and by the waym whoever said the Wii can't do hardcore is full of... stuff ... and they can't even argue with that anymore.



SwerdMurd said:

@V8 - don't compare potentially-good games to Gears of War....that's just wrong. This game probably features more gameplay than "stay in cover 95% of the time"



Stuffgamer1 said:

Am I just incredibly spoiled to say I wish this was coming to PS3 so it could look even better? I mean, I don't see anything in this trailer that suggests it'll make use of any Wii-unique controls or anything, not that there's much of such a thing left with Move coming. I dunno...I'm also disappointed that it's not turn-based. I'm tired of developers being afraid of good old turn-based combat.



moomoo said:

The game is a collaboration project between Mistwalker and Nintendo. The probability of it coming to other systems is the same of that with Halo coming to anything not owned by Microsoft.
Also, most people are happier that it isn't turn-based. The design is pretty dated by today's standards, so lots of people would be turned off by it.



IanUniacke said:

This game looks absolutely incredible. I agree with Prosody. This game just became a "must have" for me.



zionich said:

ZOMG that was worth the wait!!!!

Honestly, I feel sorry for gamers that hate the Wii just because its the Wii. So many great games to be played on it.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@moomoo: I know that, but that doesn't mean I can't WISH it, just so long as I don't expect it to actually happen.

I'm not a fan of "today's standards." I miss the classic style of RPG's, and I wish more people still made them. As it stands, however, I can only think of a couple released in the past few years: Brave Story New Traveler on PSP and Nostalgia on DS. There have been some other vague attempts, but they always manage to screw it up somehow.



moosa said:

Wait... You mean a 3rd party dev actually TRIED to make a substantial Wii game??! About time!



Flandy said:

Prosody 08 Jul 2010

This just shot right up near the top of my Wii most wanted list.

Same here lol



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, I'd have preferred it be turn-based, but it does look nice. Now we just need confirmation of worldwide release. If Nintendo is publishing, then I'm hopeful.



Burny said:

Remember Epic Mickey? It "has happened" before.

Love the Trailer and have high hopes for the game. Usually, I prefer modern western RPG mechanics to those of JRPGs by far. So, in my book it's a good thing, that the gameplay looks so much unlike a traditional JRPG.

Very detailed game worlds in combination with traditional turn based and random combat are far too clumsy in my opinion. It's not that I don't like turn based combat, but watching highly detailed 3d-characters executing some silly (and too long) over the top attack animation over and over again, preferably shouting equally silly nonsense all the while, just makes me wish the game was 2D, sprite based, had mute characters and fluent turn based combat. This however seems to be a very different beast.

Wouldn't have complained about color, though. Looks like they permanently employ a massive brown filter.



KrazyKain said:

My stream of thought during the trailer:
"oh yay another JRPG.. I really have gotten siHOLYCRAPTHATLOOKSAWESOME... I WANT"



Raylax said:

I don't like RPGs (unless they're Pokémon).
I don't like JRPGs (unless... they're Pokémon).
I don't like brown-shaded games.




LordJumpMad said:

What a Great Looking "3rd party" Game!, and its for the Wii?!

Too bad most Wii owners won't get give it a chance,
unless it said "Last Story:Mini game Fest".....



Burny said:

@55: We'll see about that. Nintendo is publishing in Japan and it seems to be some kind of cooperation between them and Mistwalker in terms of development, too.

So there's a chance they will bring this over and might actually put decent marketing effort into it. Especially, as the game tries so deliberately not to look or be like the average JRPG and features some very serious production values. If such a trailer gets translated and promoted in the west, I can imagine a lot more reactions like @52's.

Also, I think there's potentially a large market of disappointed FF fans.

Has anyone payed close attention to the interface during the gameplay scenes? Are these the character's names, that are displayed next to the portraits? Is the last character in the scene, where the player sneaks up with the crossbow, actually named "Quark"? That would be the German word for curd.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I don't think the large market of disappointed Final Fantasy fans are going to be comforted by THIS. They're looking for something more traditional as well, which this does not deliver.



Burny said:

If the game got good or very good reviews when it showed up here and delivered where FFXIII seemingly didn't, especially in the open world vs. sequence of dungeons aspect, there just might be a few of them, who would be willing to give this a try. Even if they had to put up with so much unnecessary innovation in terms of the combat system.



Imerion said:

OMG! This game seems like it was made just for me! Looks like it has everything I like in RPG's and it looks extremely well made too. With this, Xenoblade, Arc Rise, DQX, MH3, etc I'll almost have more Wii RPG's than I have time to play. And then there is all the DS and 3DS ones. So happy!

B.t.w. does anyone know if there is a higher quality trailer somewhere? I downloaded it from, but one with better quality would be nice.



Noire said:

Hee hee, you people thinking this game can come anywhere close to Final Fantasy XIII. XD



Caliko said:


Here It Comes!!

It honestly looks way more fast-action based that I had expected!! The soothing music and logo they first unveiled was quite deceiving.



miketh2005 said:

What up with the end scene? Sex scene after that? O.o

Looks like MH3 with a story. If the game has a good story, I'll play it, or if it gets good reviews, but it looks like alot of grinding and repetitiveness to me. :/ If it's good, hopefully we'll get a localization.

Looks like a turn-based mixed with real-time action RPG, which is a great idea, though! I just hope the missions / quests aren't repetitive and are unique, instead of just saying Do this, kill 100 guys, come back.



Objection said:

Yeah, I'm sorry, but it DOES look like Gears of War+Monster Hunter Tri+RPG. I'll pray that it will be good anyway.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

This is a Wii game?!?! Wow!
This is more like it! Bring it on and other developers please take note!



EarthViper said:

I'll never understand why some people think turn-based combat is outdated or inferior design. I can appreciate someone preferring real-time but I don't see why it's viewed as "progressive" by comparison.

Some people prefer the strategy and pace of turn based combat. Some older interface designs of that sub-genre need to or have been overhauled but the concept of turn based combat is timeless. Last I checked Chess didn't become obsolete when Crossfire came out.



VideoGameUnderground said:

This game looks amazing! I totally agree that I wish this was turn-based combat too (just more visually enjoyable in my opinion), but a BIG fan of RPG's. I'm with @Markystal on this one: more JRPG's Nintendo!



Gameday said:

looking like the best game coming out for wii , simply amazing dont know much about story or game but that trailer really did get my attention cant wait for more.



Dragonmxz said:

yeah, im pretty late to the "OMG THIS IS SO EPIC ITS A MUST BUY" party, but thats what im thinking about it.



MmBuddha said:

WHAT!! Is this same game we saw concept art for? It's got such a different look and feel compared to what they've shown before, I'm actually really disappointed. It looks a lot more generic than I expected.

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