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Prepare Yourself for GoldenEye's "Epic" Tank Level

Posted by James Newton

Bond brings big bangs

We all remember the tank level from the original GoldenEye: the feeling of destructive power at your fingertips was brilliantly realised, and with the recently-announced GoldenEye for Wii on the way Activision is looking to revive this classic level in a big fashion.

In a recent interview with the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine, Activision's Tim Coupe describes the tank level as "epic to say the least," before going on to describe the level of destructible scenery in the game:

There's helicopter combat throughout the levels and trucks with varying levels of destructibility, and our environments are also built for destruction. Your cover degrades as it gets shot, forcing the player to move around and not simply camp out in one spot.

Sounds like some veterans from the original title may have to change their multiplayer game plan to fit in with this new "no-camping" style, and with the studio promising more iconic sequences and classic Bond music to feature in the game this one sounds as though it could turn out nicely. It's certainly one to keep your (golden) eye on over the coming months.


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Sneaker13 said:

Funny, GoldenEye is on tv in Holland right now (I'm watching it now). This shows everything what is wrong with the Craig Bond movies. So I really hate it that they have replaced Brosnan by Craig in this game. Still curious though. What I've seen on E3 didn't blew me away, but hopefully it has good gameplay and fun multiplayer.

BTW. Lego James Bond would be awesome.



ejamer said:

This game seems set to sell on nostalgia - and all of the marketing is capitalizing (heavily) on that fact. Here's hoping it ends up being a decent game... Activision isn't exactly known for releasing good games on Wii.



Morpheel said:

Brosnan is the bond i grew up with, and the bond from the original videogame, its kind of awkward thinking about Golden Eye (the game) with a different bond.

i wonder if "get down" will be in there



xAlias said:

Lego Bond wouldn't even dare think about facing the pure awesomeness of Lego Mr. T!



JebbyDeringer said:

Daniel Craig is in the game because of the licensing and MGM probably wants to sell the current bond.



Sneaker13 said:

@A-SWE, I think Craig is not a Bond at all. I really don't like the serie that much any more since the reboot and Craig is one of the reasons.



IanUniacke said:

Destructible environments? Sounds pretty awesome.

@ejamer: Actually I think that some of the best shooters have been activision shooters (at least if you go by popularity) eg CoD: Reflex edition.



MeloMan said:

@ 14. Sneaker13
I'm with you there, I am NOT a Craig Bond fan at all-- he doesn't look the part to me AT ALL. Heck, whathisface from "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" looked more Bond than him and I thought he sucked, LOL!



antdickens said:

They've probably had to use Craig for the new game, probably to do with the terms of license as he is the "current" James Bond, part of the deal must be they always use his face on new games.. would of preferred to keep Brosnan also.



Marvelousmoo said:

@ejamer CoD: MWR was actually a really good game in terms of multiplayer. The online setup was far better than the Conduit. I think that the game is in good hands.



WAM2 said:

@Sneaker13: I hear ya. I almost like Brosnan better than Sean Connery (almost). Although, I'm just wondering if Daniel Craig would be a decent Bond if the movies he was in didn't have such bleepin' awful plots. I was extremely dissapointed hearing they were altering the plot (EDIT: of Goldeneye 007) to fit with the new "Bond", if you can even call him that.

Oh, and Lego James Bond sounds cool, too.



StuffyStuff said:

I'm really excited about this game. I wonder if they'll leave the glitch in the Facility to climb back up in the air duct. Probably not. Hopefully they add some more multiplayer maps than in the 64 title.



Master_Alex said:

we´ll, im 16 years and im still remembering how funny was the 64 version, i grow whit brosnan, but i like a lot more Daniel Craig, and i love the idea of put him here, the reason?, one of them is the voice, craig shows that he stills being bond, and makes me hopes to see a 23th movie whit daniel craig



Ren said:

Goldeeye without Brosnan does seem a little strange, but in terms of the films, I think Craig was fine. The whole point is that each Bond brings something a little different, so I appreciate the new feel of it.



Imerion said:

Really hyped about this one! I think I might have played the original GoldenEye a bit too much... but I'll gladly return in an upgraded and enhanced Wii version. And more epic scenes can't be bad, right?

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