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Poképark Wii Coasts into Europe on 9th July

Posted by Brad Long

Get your Corn Houndooms ready

While it may not be the full-fledged console Pokémon adventure that fans are after, Poképark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure promises a unique adventure the likes of which the Pokéworld hasn't seen.

We'll let the Big N explain things further.

6th July: Jump into an incredible new adventure on Wii as you take control of Pikachu and discover the boundless fun waiting for you in the PokéPark!

Available in Europe on 9th July, PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure challenges you to protect the PokéPark from danger by collecting pieces of the precious Sky Prism. But with the Sky Prism Pieces spread across all kinds of Zones and only attainable after completing tricky challenges, saving the day isn’t going to be easy!

When tackling the PokéPark’s special Attractions with Pokémon you’ve befriended during your adventure you will discover that PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure is crammed with fun activities that take advantage of the Wii Remote’s motion-sensing power and provide endless hours of fun for players of all ages. There is also the opportunity to take part in challenging Skill Games with Pokémon. Depending which Pokémon you approach in the PokéPark may determine your skill level as different Pokémon will prefer one skill game to another.

Get ready for a new kind of Pokémon adventure on Wii where exploration, adventure and a multitude of games collide to create a place beyond your wildest imagination. Get ready to enter the PokéPark!

PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure will be available only for Wii and launches on 9th July 2010.

Whether it's as good as Nintendo make it sound remains to be seen, but we're sure that in three days time it will sell like corn dogs.

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turtlelink said:

Never heard of an release date that was set so close by.
This one looks real cool. And Corn Houndooms? Why does this site have an issue with turning me into food?



Aviator said:

I would only want a console pokemon game if they allowed me to go to all 4 (at the moment) generation's worlds, as well as making a new gen please.



HipsterDashie said:


I actually liked the 'Cube adventures, especially XD. I don't see why people hate them so much...

But I'm giving this one a miss, looks way too childish for my liking.



Aviator said:

@SoulSilver As did I, but the battles took way to long compared to the handhelds, and it would have been fine if it had been a game like the Stadiums, but they just had to shorten the battles and I would have loved it soooooo much. I only like it.

This isn't the same for Australia is it?



Omenapoika said:

@consolepoke-conversation: Yeah, I recently played through the XD. It took me 30hrs and at least 20 of them was spent tapping A to skim the battles, it was so boring it was exhausting.
I just don't realize why they couldn't make a decent pokémon game on a home console after stadiums... I mean the colosseum and xd kind of pass as games, but PBR?? that's garbage. Well, pokémon snap wasn't all bad either. But there's so much more that could be made. I've kind of given up the hope, and this Park thing doesn't look like it's going to turn the lameness around.
(but I can totally see myself painstakingly playing through the pokepark wishing to find something to make my poke-veins pulse...)



jkgatling said:

I actually think PokéPark looks kinda good, of course I dont expect Deus Ex type greatness...



Klapaucius said:

Looks good to me I'll probably pick it up in Japan if I get a chance to play it.

I also enjoyed Collosseum, but never tried XD.

@jkgatling ...Well, no, they're completely different genres of game. Not even comparable.




The intial reviews/previews using the Japanese version that is already out suggest its a mid 6/10 at best. Seems to be aimed at a very young audience. I'll wait for the reviews of the EU version, but I also have to consider all the other games I want ahead of it. My lad is a big Pokemon DS series fan and is keen on this, but...



rjejr said:

This game looks like it takes place in the same park as Psychonauts

Will almost certainly have to get it for the boys who havw put in many hours with Pokemon Rumble.

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