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Pikmin 3 Development Going "Extremely Well"

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

The alien vs. garden battle wages on at Nintendo

Nintendo's E3 showing was quite a success for fans, showcasing the new 3DS handheld and the return of beloved characters in the forms of Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kid Icarus: Uprising. But despite the slew of new reveals, one question couldn't be shaken:

What's up with Pikmin 3?

An investor during a recent Q&A session asked Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto what he was up to lately with regards to new games. While busy with 3DS things, he acknowledged that he's also been working on a certain previously announced project.

Amongst the present promises, I have to finish Pikmin quickly, so production is progressing extremely well.

Development of Pikmin 3 was first revealed, somewhat reluctantly, during a journalist Q&A session at E3 2008 with nary a peep on it since.


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pixelman said:

Sweet. I played the NPC version of Pikmin a little, and I definitely saw potential for something amazing.



DAaaMan64 said:

Its going SOO WELL but we haven't heard squat in 2 years since its announcement



LordJumpMad said:

More playing with colored ants.

As long I can still battle with them, and watch them die, then its a must buy



RevolverLink said:

Please, Miyamoto-san, just throw me a bone. Just one screenshot is all I ask for! I started getting the shakes four years ago!



Ashflow said:

I hope it's for the 3DS, but I doubt it. It's been in development for awhile now (almost a year before the 3DS was even announced). Although, Miyamoto did say this: "My basic idea is that the sense of the depth of the game and the simplicity of the control will all be there."

Notice the word DEPTH.



komicturtle said:

I think it would be cool if it came out for the 3DS. Pikmin '3'DS. Get it? I said the same thing about Kingdom Hearts '3'DS. But no, I know it's coming for the Wii.



Z_Bone said:

I just hope they make two player battle mode even more awesome. I still play Pikmin 2 for its battle mode.



miketh2005 said:

I don't like how he said, "I gotta finish it quickly". I fear the game is gonna feel rushed and won't be as good as the last 2, but the simple fact is, the franchise has lots more potential. I just hope it will be really good and have as much charm as SMG2, because it's one of my favorite nintendo franchises.

@komicturtle92: maybe its coming for both



Sean_Aaron said:

I unloaded the NPC version of the first game awhile ago, so I'm ready for this one if it delivers the goods.



Arcanum said:

it will definetly not be rushed if its taken this long to even announce NEWS on it. it will definetly not be rushed. anyone else agree?



lex0plex said:

I think 2 player co-op should be an option for the story mode, or maybe not... I don't know if the game would be any good if they designed the levels for split screen and you're just playing by yourself

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