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New Metroid: Other M Footage Looks Intense

Posted by James Newton


With a now-confirmed European release date of September 3rd to follow the North American launch on August 31st, the good ship Metroid: Other M is running at full-pelt now, with the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine running a week-long series of new footage.

The first video shows off some of the new cinematics that will feature heavily in Samus's newest adventure, with an hour's worth of cutscenes promised for the final game. The second footage features gameplay action, with the trademark blasting and exploring combination looking in fine form.

Head over to the Official Nintendo Magazine site to cast your eyes over the videos and see what you think.


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Adam said:

Both videos are actually really boring, but hopefully it's better with a controller in-hand. The article tagline well makes up for the content though.



Boonehams said:

Wait a minute.... Metroid: Other M... M:OM... Other M is an anagram for Mother.... How am I noticing this only now?



Graph said:

Your powers of deduction are slow ... I mean, Other M ... place the M in front of Other and see what you get. Seriously.



pixelman said:

The second one was a lot better than the E3 preview footage. (not the trailer)



Mandoble said:

What a sad excuse for a cheapy game. They did chose the worst possible director for this kind of game (better to have him managing Teletubbies like games forever), and this is the pathetic result.



Aviator said:

Still excited, maybe late at night it will seem creepy, but it needs some more music. Its quiet, too quiet.



Metroid:Other M = M:OM?



rolls eyes ugh, sakamoto



Cia said:

i'm not gonna spoil this anymore by watching any new videos.



HiroshiYamauchi said:

Coming soon to a theater near you...

Seriously, i wanted to get excited by this game, but i just can't. Retro, i miss you...



DrCruse said:

I love Metroid, but this game seriously is pushing it. Metroid games NEVER had cutscenes until Prime 3, if you can even call those cutscenes. 1 hour of cutscenes? Are they serious!? Based on the 2nd video the sound is nonexistent. Could this be the first downright bad Metroid game?



super-nintendo said:

This game will be awesome, I have no clue why some of you are so negative. This game will probably be 40 hours and has many different locations. This looks to be one of the best in the series.



Juampi said:

Title: "New Metroid: Other M Footage Looks Intense"

Honestly, it was far from intense... it was actually really boring.



brandonbwii said:

The reason to buy it is if you love Metroid Fusion. It seems like an evolution of that title. Day 1 for me.



zionich said:

I get not everyone likes change, remember all the comments when Metroid went first person, or Link got cell-shaded? The games still turned out great. This game looks like its going to be great to me. Provided I have the funds to get it, day one purchase for me also.



HiroshiYamauchi said:


While i still thinking this game is going to be great, nothing that was showed until now makes me want to play it. I have no problems with changes, because i loved Metroid Prime since the first videos and i remember loving the Wind Waker art style from the very first time i saw it.



Adam said:

I have no idea why people are complaining that an hour of cut scenes is somehow too much. Let's assume the game is at least 20 hours on the first run (each Prime game took me longer than this). That'll net you three minutes of cut scenes every hour you play -- which you can probably skip anyway. Cry me a freaking river.

As long as most of the cut scenes are better than this, I look forward to it. It won't be a huge change. Corruption probably had as much time devoted to cut scenes. Fusion had a lot of narrative to it. This is hardly entering Metroid Gear Solid territory.



Ian_Daemon said:

The gameplay shown at E3 was decidedly "meh", but this actually looks interesting now! (second video only)



hylianhalcyon said:

The more I read and see about this game, the more I look forward to it. I am pretty sure given the people who are developing this game that it won't be a let down.



SilverBaretta said:

That gameplay video kind of reminds me of the old Resident Evils, only the camera moves while in it's fixed position.



Mandoble said:

Sakamoto, the "famous" producer of WarioWare Smooth Moves (2006) and Card Hero DS (2008), these two are his latest creations and can give you an idea about the "capabilities" of this guy.
Many years ago he was the director of Super Metroid for SNES. And for those fans of Super Metroid, its designer was not Sakamoto, but Makoto Kanoh, the original concept designer of first Metroid. I really dont know which was the contribution of Sakamoto to Super Metroid, but having there Makoto, probably just the selection of the colours for Samus suite.

And I miss Retro too.



WaveBoy said:

Wont be spoiling mysefl anymore! ;p
And i don't understand the negatavity...



Adam said:

Sakamoto directed Super Metroid and was the co-creator of the series as a whole, Mandoble. His contribution to the series includes its very existence, not just the colors of her suit.

You may not personally like WarioWare, but many, many others do (every game but one has been critically and commercially received). The fact that it didn't pass the Mandoble test doesn't make it a bad game, and Sakomoto's history with the Metroid series is nothing but positive, so your pointing this game out proves nothing -- certainly nothing negative.

And if you're going to write him off for only being the director and not a designer (a lower position -- I'll just pretend this makes sense) why don't you go blaming the designer of Smooth Moves (Naoko Mori) instead of the producer Sakamoto? Or do you have an absurd and baseless vendetta against not only Sakamoto but consistency, too?



VinylFly said:

Hmm, yeah, the negativity is quite strange...

I actually liked the creepy "birth" video; it sort of feels right at home with the strange uneasy feeling you get from the "plucky" sounds during the gameplay.

This adventure seems like a mash up of Resident Evil meets Dead Space meets Aliens meets Campy-B-Movie-Spectacular. Also, I love the sparseness of the enemies and the lonely atmosphere. Day one, baby!



Hokori said:

I love metroid... unfortantly i wont be getting it right away. im saving to import Pokemon Black and a 3Ds



MrPinguy said:

Don't understand the negativism?
Saying bad things shows that you have an high standard and that you understand how games are before even touching it and that makes you coooooool =D.

Now seriously, i still linking it and i think it will be a true Metroid game worthy of the series.
But i will wait for reviews, not that i have doubts, just playing safe, my money doesn't grow on trees.



Deviant_Mugen said:

"(Hopefully when in 1st person mode, you can move around like in the Prime series.)"

@VirtualConsoleGuy: You can't...

I finally got paid my money, so one of the first things I did today was pre-order (fully paid off) my copy of Other: M at GameStop. Now all that's left is the wait until August 31st...



Mandoble said:

IMO Sakamoto doesnt have any background/experience to try to renew and refresh the outstanding work done by Retro. He might have participated in a very old 2D Metroid, that's all. What Retro did is lightyears ahead of that in all and every aspect, and it seems he now wants to go back to the times of super metroid with a false 3D sensation. What I saw in the videos is way behind Retro creations in quality, freedom, movement, handling and immersion. Add also that "outstanding" autoaiming to the mix, the static first person view, the wiimote as single controller, etc.



Adam said:

He didn't participate in a very old 2D Metroid. He participated in all the 2D Metroids except Metroid 2 (which, while good, is certainly the worst of the bunch -- coincidence? I doubt it), directing most of them, and if you weren't so closed-minded, you'd realize this includes four critically acclaimed games, the most recent of which was six years ago, hardly "very old" considering only one of your beloved Prime games was released more recently -- Prime 1 and Fusion released simultaneously, and Prime 2 was released the same year as Zero Mission.

You like the Prime games -- I get it. But that doesn't mean he's a bad designer, and you clearly don't know what you're talking about. I'm just as skeptical about this game as a lot of people, but I'm not ready to crucify the man because someone is on a crazed mission to tarnish his well-deserved and repeatedly earned reputation with blatant misinformation and undisguised bias.



DaVeMaN99 said:

While I agree that some of the design choices for this game are questionable, don't downplay Sakamoto.
And I think hes producing this one, while some one else is directing. The last game he did was Rhythm Heaven, and it was actually pretty brilliant.
And yes, the Prime trilogy is fantastic, one of the best, but I am still looking forward to this one, even if it is disappointing.



Adam said:

Right, DaVeMan, I don't think they ever said who's directing it. I'm just glad he is more directly involved this time. I love the GBA games, and it really looks like their sense of speed and action is being brought to Other M, rather than the comparatively slower pace of the Prime games (which I liked, too, just not as much).



romulux said:

mandoble brought up the same argument in the metroid thread and it was equally fruitless there. he's judging the game apparently just because sakamoto is in charge and he for some reason (no reason) hates the guy's guts.



Adam said:

I've got nothing against a guy thinking the game doesn't look good. It certainly doesn't look appealing to everyone. It's just the relentless, uninformed Sakamoto hate that is getting old. Maybe he isn't Miyamoto Jr, but his games are almost all critically and commercially successful.

The only complaint about Sakomoto's games (which have so far all been 2D) that I hear is from (coincidence?) the one guy who has gone on record as saying that every game ever is better in 3D except chess. No, couldn't be there's any bias there at all, no, certainly not.



moosa said:

I refuse to watch this. I can wait for the game to see all of this on my TV...



Elvis444 said:

I'm irritated that people are judging a game by two trailers, one of which is a teaser that doesn't actually show anything at all. I gaurantee that this will be a great game simply because Nintendo will not tolerate a screw-up on one of their core franchises (Zelda, Mario, and Metroid). This game looks bizarre, mixing first-person with third-person and 2D with 3D, but I'll be very surprised if it doesn't work.



komicturtle said:

I REALLY want to like this game and I am looking forward to it, but they SHOULD have added an option to use the nunchuck and press (-) select button for first person mode.. I dunno.. It looks kind of clunky when changing to the third person perspective and 3D movement. There's still time to fix this.. Maybe...?

Anyways, I'm sure it will be fine. All a matter of adjusting to it.



theblackdragon said:

@Elvis444: Nintendo will not tolerate a screw-up with regards to a Zelda, Mario, or Metroid game? Mario is Missing and Mario's Time Machine would like to have a word with you, and don't even get me started with Twilight Princess in terms of control scheme issues. Just because a game involves one of Nintendo's core IPs doesn't mean it's guaranteed to be a great game that everyone will love unconditionally :3



DaVeMaN99 said:

The control scheme/reasons for wiimote only is basically the only thing I am worried about for Other M. I did read some previews that said that the combat is brilliant (eurogamer I think), but because its in 3D space and using D-Pad, I expect to do a lot of tapping.
A person on neogaf said that the game was first going to be in 2D, and Wiimote only, but Team Ninja fought Sakamoto for it to be 3D, which he gave in to, but he didn't budge when they asked for it to controlled with a nunchuck. So that confirms it guys.



romulux said:

the game was 3D from the start, but to keep the 2D feel they considered having samus move on "rails" so that you could just hold left or right and she'd automatically go around corners and what not.

needless to say they didn't find that too fulfilling and they moved to full 3D control.

the reason sakamoto wants no nunchuck is because an analog stick sucks for 2D games even harder than a D pad sucks for 3D games. the game is probably going to be more 2.5D than 3D, so more often than not the D pad will feel better than a stick would.

not to mention that moving in 1st person with the nunchuck would involve a lot of extra work; how would samus jump and run with the same speed and agility in that perspective? she wouldn't. there's a reason the prime games were slow and clunky....



romulux said:

by the way, i love how the announcement trailer gets criticized for being too action packed and violent, then when they show clips of exploration and isolation they get criticized for being too boring. sheesh



Bensei said:

Has anyone of you played Eternal Sonata? The Credits and the Intro last around an hour alone, so an hour of cutscenes is NOTHING.



Mandoble said:

All the design critical decissions about this game were taken by Sakamoto. The very same guy that happily said he likes to do things in a very different way than Miyamoto.



romulux said:

so what?

i still don't know what's so bad about him; even if you don't like the games he's experimented with outside metroid, it has no bearing on his ability to make a metroid game.
shigeru miyamoto has done a lot of quirky one-off casual type games, but that obviously hasn't prevented him from making great mario games.



Mandoble said:

So what? Go and watch all the videos avaiable, also these gameplay ones with normal players testing it. Now compare what you can see there with what we already have thanks to Retro. What I see in all of them is the confirmation that, at least for my taste, Metroid has gone way down in all aspects. And all of this thanks to the "genius" Sakamoto and his particular view of that old and orignal 2D game designed by Makoto Kanoh and not by him.



Adam said:

He directed Super Metroid. The other designers created specific level areas under his direction. People get promoted from designer to director, and directors always stay intimately involved with design in addition to everything else. This is not a hard concept to understand -- he had the greater job in that game.

And as I've already pointed out, he is so far only listed as producer of this game. So if the fact that he isn't designer makes him suddenly not responsible for the game, what the heck is your problem? Your criticism not only makes no sense whatsoever but is blatantly inconsistent. Director is not less than designer, and guess what, he isn't designer or director of this game! So if you have a problem with the game, according to your own crazy logic, it has nothing to do with him. I'm not sure how often we have to prove you wrong before you realize that Sakamoto is not in fact Satan.

Fans of Fusion and Zero Mission look forward to a more action-packed, exploration-based game than Prime provided. You clearly aren't such a fan, but so what. Get over it. If you don't like his games, it's no excuse to troll every conversation where his name comes up.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm also on the "doesn't get all the negative comments" list. Both videos look awesome! The first video shows how deep & involved in Samus' history this game gets (deeply) & the second one shows how quick samus moves (fast) & how easy she is to control (very easy). Also, I thought the silence in the gameplay video was intense.



romulux said:

super metroid wasn't designed by makoto kanoh, it was co designed by sakamoto, kanoh, and yokoi together, and on top of that, sakamoto directed the game; there's no denying that he was important to it's development.

what makes you suggest otherwise, and why even argue on and on to diminish his role in super metroid when you yourself don't even like it? what insult is there in denying him credit for a game you think is mediocre? it's actually getting weird just how attached to bashing him you are.

what you can give sakamoto credit for in super metroid is the cinematic quality it has from beginning to end. it wouldn't be the same game without dramatic moments like the creepy opening on the station or the entire baby metroid sequence at the end.



Adam said:

Apparently in Mandoble World, the director's role is something akin to the team's water boy. I bet Miyamoto had nothing to do with Super Mario Brothers but selecting Mario's outfit. And all the great movie directors were hacks if they didn't write the script.



Mandoble said:

Super Metroid had all the "ground" already explored by previous versions. Kanoh designed the original one, concept and idea. And anyway, in "my world" youtube plays videos the same as in yours, so just go, watch, and and enjoy the "big" step forward that this new metroid will provide to you.

And what is as hilarious as ridiculous, so in Adam's world Fusion and Zero Mission provide more and better exploration experience than Prime series?



Adam said:

Sakamoto is the co-creator of the series; this is common knowledge. You can't write him out of the series' history and just say one person came up with the concept because it suits your whim.

Super Metroid was a big step forward as everyone in the world but you acknowledges, meticulously refining what was previously just a crudely executed concept. Obviously it did something different, whether you admit it or not.

You can't progress more than a few steps in the GBA games without having to find a secret passage. Prime relies more on morph ball puzzles to progress.

I've seen all the videos, and I'm excited about the game, as most of the commenters are here. You are not an authority on what other people look forward to. It certainly looks better to me.

And again, if you think he had nothing to do with Super Metroid, then there's no reason for you to believe he is the one responsible for Other M since if directors do nothing for a game, surely producers do even less.

I mean, you've already admitted your ignorance as to what he actually does when you said that for all you knew he might just be responsible for the colors of her suit, and yet here you are laying all the blame on him for this game that you haven't played based on the same fact that makes him undeserving of Super Metroid's praise in your eyes.

If there's anything "hilarious and ridiculous," as you politely put it, it's how you continue to avoid acknowledging this glaring contradiction.



Mandoble said:

You need to learn to read better, as what I said is that having the father of the game in the project (Makoto), the contribution of Sakamoto might have been much less critical than what you think for Super Metroid. Situation is different with Metroid other M. Read and understand first, post later.



romulux said:

"And anyway, in "my world" youtube plays videos the same as in yours, so just go, watch"

well in "my world" people form their own opinions about subjective things instead of accepting yours as the truth. i've watched every video and found them all cool enough to come to the board and post them. this last one looks especially cool to me since it has the creepy metroid ambiance front and center.

it's not so different from the wrecked ship in corruption, in fact, which makes me wonder how you can love the prime series for its exploration and atmosphere while crapping on every other metroid game based on those same things.

it's especially odd, loving metroid prime as you do, that you can't even say a single good thing about super metroid, the game it was heavily emulating (that's inarguable, by the way).

the original metroid has aged terribly because the exploration was tedious and the atmosphere was nearly impalpable; super metroid was the one to finally offer compelling exploration and atmosphere, the things the series is known for, not to mention the things you love the prime games for, which is part of the reason it's held up so perfectly in comparison.

super metroid may share the same core gameplay (just like games in the mario and zelda series all loosely share the same core gameplay), but it's evolved to the point of being nearly unrecognizable. arguing that one of the best games ever made sucks must be hard work, so in a way i empathize with you, but you've got to come up with better reasons. you make it sound like you've never played these games before...

back to other m. they're choosing to expand the super metroid/fusion gameplay instead of continuing the prime games, and would you really want it otherwise? corruption was great, but isn't four games in a row with the same engine pushing it?

i admit retro set the bar pretty high, but they're done making these games. it's nintendo's turn again and surprise, they're not doing it the exact same way. instead of arguing that they're taking a different direction because sakamoto's an untalented hack, or insinuating that they're only working in 2D to save money (which you literally did at one point), why not just admit it's not your thing and move on? it'd save us all a lot of arguing.



Adam said:

I can't read something you didn't say. You may have thought you implied it, but you never directly said it. And that still doesn't change the fact that you're saying his role is unimportant. If he is not responsible for making Super Metroid great because he was only the director, he's also not responsible for making Other M "bad" since he's only producer. Blame whoever the designer for this game is if all the responsibility lies with the designer. You're being inconsistent, and petty insults about my reading comprehension don't change this.

Either way, I'm done with this. Go play Prime again if you don't like this. I don't see what pleasure you get in finding all mention of the guy's name and raining baseless accusations on him when by your own admission you have no idea what the extent of his involvement in any of the Metroid games is.



theblackdragon said:

Guys, we're getting a bit personal in here, so it's time to cool it. Please keep the comments directed at the game(s) or people involved in creating them, plz, and not at each other.



Kholdstare said:

hmm... Other M .... M Other
M:OM ... MOM
Whats with all the Maternal References
is Samus preggers!?!?!?!?!?!




Looks awesome....The combat to me is my least favorite part of Metroid Prime, and here it seems to be much simpler. Looks to be an awesome exploration game.

1 hour of cutscenes isnt too bad. I really dont mind cutscenes.



JebbyDeringer said:

I wouldn't have a problem with them doing a completely 2D game it's this wishy washy 2.5D that bothers me. I like consistency whether that's completely free roaming or locked to one perspective. I don't like movie cameras or perspective changes on a whim. This is one of the reasons I didn't like the modern Ninja Gaiden games and why I've been worried about this game from the start. The other issue though is the graphics. Even if the game were 2D it would still have that cheap NSMBW look which is completely devoid of character and atmosphere much like a PS1 game. Actually perhaps even more sterile than that because the grainy low res 320x240 graphics made you think more detail was actually there.

I'm not sure what's up with this game and it's certainly too soon to judge (though too late to expect big changes). I'm not really impressed with the direction though I'm a huge fan of all the previous Metroid games. Metroid Prime was engrossing and believable. It felt like you were actually in the game. Super Metroid & the GBA incarnations had attractive 2D graphics and an interesting atmosphere. Metroid: Other M looks to be blocky 3D corridors with everything so well defined it looks like a bunch of objects just placed in front of a backdrop. I can go on and on about how I despise this graphic direction. Just look at this game and then look at Mario Galaxy. One of the games looks and feels seamless while the other looks like a cheap wiiware game.



Mandoble said:

@Romulux, I said not a single word against Super Metroid, it just suffered the tech limitations of its time. These limitations were definitively broken by the combo of new consoles/Retro. You are talking about similarities between what you see in these videos and wrecked ship in corruption. Well, they might be even the very very same (which of course they are not), the main difference is that in Corruption you are "feeling" everything in first person, while here you see everything from a far distance over Samus. And this is true even for sounds, with Prime you hear them in your front, back, above, but now what? The player itself is flying 50 meters over Samus. Immersion is now definitively gone.



Ren said:

whats with the weird debates on here about designers and directors, etc? Why are people trying to analyze the merits of an unfinished game that no one has played based on previous games made partly by people in different jobs on older games doing things that probably none of us have done before, and probably part of a team of people likely using a unique working style for each game they work on.

Take it easy people, these people aren't your best friends they're people you'll probably never know who make games for a living. just wait for the game to come out and read a review.

I think it'll be awesome just because Nintendo dumps a ton of money and time into getting these things done and there are lots of talented people working on them. I've never played an A-list Nintendo game I didn't like, some maybe just a little too short.
Looks just like Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword to me, and thats a good thing as long as someone at Nintendo forced the classic Metroid moodiness into it.



DaVeMaN99 said:

so like, are you two cool now.



romulux said:

mandoble, what limitations did super metroid suffer from? i think it's a timeless game that got everything right; you really can't do 2D any better. (unless you mean that it was limited simply in that it was 2D, because the snes couldn't do 1st person yet, and that before metroid prime everything else was just practice?)

if your attitude is that 1st person is definitively better than other perspectives, i think you'll be arguing that alone. there are lots of compromises in that viewpoint along with the advantages, best example being how slow and clunky samus was in the prime games.

it's usually not a problem, but during the boss fights where you have to get across the stage quickly i'm sure you've noticed that samus doesn't move very fast at all.

that's one area where 3rd person has the advantage. maybe running and flipping around isn't as fun to you as it is to me, but that agility was part of metroid before prime took a different path.
it's not unreasonable that people might want to play a metroid that offers the classic gameplay again after 16 years without it.

it doesn't necessarily mean the prime games weren't perfect in their own way... it just means they're not the end all, be all, ultimate metroid experience, and neither is super metroid; i think both games are equals that offer things the other doesn't.

other m is amalgamating both sides of the series, so while it lands more on the speed and agility side of the older games there are still nods to metroid prime in there too; sakamoto and team ninja didn't have to include a 1st person mode at all, you know. so if anything, you should have more reason to look forward to this game than a straightforward 2D metroid, right?



Punny said:

But seriously, I'll wait until I get the game to see the "terrible" cutscenes. The gameplay looks like a nice blend of Super Metroid and Metroid Prime, so I know it will be good.



romulux said:

i don't know what happened but apparently onm pulled the plug on their week of metroid. they removed the articles mentioning it from their site and haven't posted any more... lame.



TheSovietChairman said:

Really, people? It looks great to me. Mind you, I spent over 400 hours on Ninja Gaiden Black. I like the look of the combat style. The solitary angst of the previous games was fantastic, but I'm ready for some colourful action.

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