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myNotebook Carbon, Tan, and Pearl Trailer Released

Posted by Corbie Dillard

New colors and new features to go along with them

The nice folks over at Nnooo have just sent over the newest video showcasing their three new colors in the myNotebook series of DSiWare applications.

You can check the video out below, along with a brief snippet of press release information that lines out the various features.

Information about myNotebook: Carbon, Pearl and Tan

  • Sequels to the top selling myNotebook: Blue, Red and Green (over 150,000 units sold)
  • 128 pages to write and draw on (up from 32 in Blue, Red and Green)
  • New ability to export pages to the Nintendo DSi Photo Album
  • This allows users to then email, print or upload images to Facebook
  • New blank page type which allows users to draw and doodle without lines or squares
  • Many new unlockable themes to customise each version of myNotebook

myNotebook: Carbon, Pearl and Tan are on track for an August/September release date with a planned (not finalised) price of 500 points each.

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We'll keep you up-to-date with these three DSiWare releases and we'll have a full review of them shortly after they're released on the service later this summer.


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SonicMaster said:

Woah, didn't know these were coming. If it's a planned 500 point release, how come the title info says 200?



Nnooo said:

The current versions Blue, Red and Green are 200 points and have 32 pages,

The new ones Carbon, Pearl and Tan are planned to be 500 points and as well as having 128 pages have several new features (as listed above)

Glad you all like the new colours!



bboy2970 said: be honest these features probably should have been in the original Notebooks off the bat. This mark up to 500 points per notebook for the new ones feels kind of rip-offish, especially because they are essentially the same thing: just a notebook. I for one will just stick with my original blue one.



Nnooo said:

Fair enough. We would have liked to add these features in the originals however you would not be able to get 128 pages for 200 points due to Nintendos price/size rules



ncurhan said:

You put these out at 500 Points and they will bomb. I appreciate what the guys at Nnooo are trying to do here in adding new features, but 500 Points is a huge mistake.



iphys said:

Is there a different block limit for 200 point DSiWare? I notice there's none over 48 blocks.



Nnooo said:

Don't forget you are getting 4 times the number of pages for less than 2.5 times the price!



grumblegrumble said:

cant wait for these new additions... i love that they improved upon the original myNotebook... instant download for me



Morpheel said:

oh my, i belive i suggested one of these colors
tan is an insta buy for when i get points



Kimiko said:

Eh, I never filled the 32 pages of my green notebook, so why should I care about 128 pages? Maybe you can add a feature of typing text with a keyboard, and export options to SD card and regular email? That would be features I'd be willing to pay for again.



monsterG said:

just dwnldd green mynotebk yesterday!
new colors r sweet, <3 the page ^ and no-lines option



Hardy83 said:

Nintendo doesn't allow third parties to touch the SD card, and they are pretty crazy restrictive with online too. I'm amazed some third party games have online play.



Maya said:

The new features are neat (I love that you can export your notes to the DSi Album), but I find 128 pages just useless... I have MyNotebook Blue and I love it (I use it everyday), but I never filled more than 5 or 6 pages. The reason is it's time consuming (and boring!) going from the first to the last one page at a time!

I hope there's a more convenient and fast way to go trough the pages in this new version (bookmarks, maybe?)

EDIT: Oh, and I second the wish for a touch keyboard



Nnooo said:

You can tap up/down to jump 10 pages forwards or backwards in the new versions (and 5 pages forwards or backwards in the old ones )



Hardy83 said:

Also I'm happy to see sales numbers for a Nintendo digital platform in some form.
Assuming Nintendo takes a cut on par with other similar digital platforms you're a pretty comfortable company. Nothing amazing, but still impressive.



Belgicario said:

I have the original and I love it. I don't have enough pages, though, so I might download this one...



RyuZebian said:

LOL, I read carbon as cardboard, thinking it was the brown-ish one (tan)! I thought "Um, well yeah, I guess cardboard can be nice... After all, some people seem to really like it, and I don't want to question Snakes sence of taste!" I have the original blue one, and my ONLY complaint, which really does matter a lot, is the completely incompetent ereaser! WHY would I want to try for 15 seconds to erease a sentence??? I don't know if DSiWare is updateable, but if so I would certainly like this huge problem in an otherwise great application to be fixed!



Nnooo said:

You know that there are two thicknesses of eraser? If you choose the thicker line icon (at the top of the toolbar) then it makes the eraser thicker too



xAlias said:

I'll just buy an original notebook later, after Shantae and Pop Island: Paperfield.



NapalmHornet said:

I may get the CARBON one but I am more exited about that spirit catcher game Nnooo were talking about



Feld0 said:

Eh...I think I'm gonna pass...again.
If I need to write stuff down, I've always got my laptop.



Taya said:

I have the blue one and it nicely serves its function as a notebook. I'd never pay 500 points for it though, even with more pages and extra "features" such as... uh... removing the lines on the pages.

You can already change the lines on the blue notebook although I have yet to figure out how to unlock all the extra page styles.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I was hoping the "new features" included a mode where you don't have to keep turning the system over to use the much for that. Nice improvements you've got there, but without fixing that one fatal flaw, you've nnooo hope of getting my money.



Yamishi said:

Don't listen to the negative Nellies, Mr. Watt. I'm getting (at least) one of these for sure. As an avid writer, I'm always scouring for a piece of paper, and always using up all the space in my myNotebooks.

I'll probably start off with Carbon!

Keep up the good work at Nnooo, and make sure to bring us more applications like this! I love 'em!



brandonbwii said:

Day 1 for me. I downloaded all of nnooo's other apps (even though I wasn't a big fan of pop+ personally). The thought of posting my writings Facebook through my dsi seals the deal for me. I don't know if I'll have use for 128 pages though unless I write a short story to share with my friends online.



ToastyYogurt said:

Sounded great until I saw the price. I'll just stick with myNotebook: Green (although I hardly use the thing...)



lOnE-WolF said:

I haven't gotten any of the three originals, but I have to agree with what others are saying - the new functionality and data capacity should've already been in the first three.

Since I haven't gotten any of the original ones, I might get carbon though, to match my black DSi - even though I feel 500 is a tad to much. Ah well.

I think from application standpoint alone, this is still acceptable DSiWare.



Morpheel said:

i think every DSiWare should have the ability to export screenshots to the album...



ramstrong said:

I don't care so much, price-wise. Nintendo did make that downward adjustment regarding size/price. Can't blame Nnooo for that. I welcome the export and blank page. It would be really nice to have import as well, even if it is of limited color.

But my main criticism still remains: Can you get rid of the grey box on the left side? It is obstructing the view. Also, can you flip pages, WITHOUT HAVING TO FLIP THE DEVICE OVER? I think it is very annoying. The small size of pages means that I have to write many pages for a lot of materials, and having to flip the device over is extremely annoying. The result is that I use Flipnotebook more than myNotebook for notetaking. I think the comments so far supports my contention. People like Notebook program. But it hardly ever get used due to lousy interface.

And the unlockable theme? If you can create your own customized theme AND share it via wireless, then it would be brilliant!



childofacid said:

I think a great use I have found for this is storing all those friend codes for my games!

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