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Lust After this New Monster Hunter 3 Longsword

Posted by James Newton

Rising Soul up for two weeks

Monster Hunter Tri's event quests keep on bringing the new content, with the new quest Sea Power letting qualified hunters grab themselves the new Rising Soul sword. Fancy your chances? Here's the lowdown straight from Capcom:

The new event quest, Sea Power, throws you into a battle versus two Lagiacrus. This quest is definitely made for seasoned hunters. First, you'll need a hunter rank of at least 40 to join the quest. Second, it's in the water arena. It's sort of like swimming in a kiddie pool with your three friends and a 6,000lb blue alligator. Once you beat the crap out of the first Lagia, you'll be immediately pitted against another.

But hey, it's for a great looking Long Sword. And remember, if you're not hitting your friends when you swing your Long Sword, you're not doin' it right.

The event quest is available in Monster Hunter Tri online right now, and will be up until July 17th. You'll need five total Lightning Tickets to craft the Rising Soul.

Good luck and good hunting.


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3DS said:

no fare hr 40 + im only hr 3 boooooooooooo but it is cool



sykotek said:

I don't own MH3. From the front page, I thought it was a neat lookin stylus. =D



Morpheel said:

"if you're not hitting your friends when you swing your Long Sword, you're not doin' it right."

im a pro then



Aviator said:

Pix, is this gonna end your stopage of MH3.
@DSi I can help you out if you want.



pixelman said:

It might. I need to find some people willing to farm high-rank Rathian now.



James said:

I can kill a Great Jaggi all by myself. Am I good enough to get this weapon?



Megumi said:

doesn't like Long swords
Honestly though, I thought to fast when I saw the title, thought a Monster Hunter game was gonna be announced for the 3DS. xD



CoffeeWithGames said:

"First, you'll need a hunter rank of at least 40 to join the quest."
How about like a HR 13 or lower?



GN0LAUM said:

@ pixelman

I'm HR 41 but I'm interested in farming Rath+ too, I'll send you a friend request later tonight or tomorrow sometime.



GammaGames said:

now i have another reason to get this game: online quests with rewards! i never know about that



NeoRausch said:

well i'm close to HR 50....but i'm also a "hammer only"-guy. maybe i'll get it just for the giggles!

can't wait to get a special hammer event!!



HipsterDashie said:

Haven't touched this game since I bought it. TBH, I got bored after about 4 hours, and left. Shame really...



Popyman said:

@pixelman: I'll help you out too, dude! It might be a while before I get on, I have a MAJOR headache >_<

My name is Popy, HR 42 (maybe 43).



komicturtle said:

D: That's a HAWT sword. Though, I use Hammer and Sword+Shield , mostly... And I'm only HR28... Darn



Shmavey said:

@ Maniac How do you get + peices? I need some but I have no idea how to get them.



nr_09 said:

got it and man ITS COOL even if you have it as collecteble (hr82 now)



Javet said:

@SoulSilver IV
That's because the first 4-5 hours or so are some of the most boring hours you'll ever play. After that is when the game starts to get amazing.

Anyway, I got this sword day one and I'm loving it. I feel so hardcore with it.



Yanagi said:

I'm not opposed to using a long sword and this does look beautiful... but I would have to multiply my hunter rank by 10 to even try this quest out. It sucks that I only have one friend who plays this game and he doesn't even play that much, since he resubscribed to WoW. Why pay to play online when you can have all the online monster hunting action you want for free?



Fuzzy said:

Oh I want that. Just need to get my wii re-connected to the net and level about 7 ranks.



Tate24 said:

Can i just say am hr47 and i find it incredible hard find players who are willing help me out on (sea power). I badly want this long sword! but i cant find anyone who is willing help sumone else? most people on there are selfish or crap and dont understand the most basic survival techniques like not healing right in front of charging lagiacrus!!!



zionich said:

I have just about 100 hours into Monster Hunter Tri atm, to bad its all offline. Im HR8 I think =(



Hokori said:

Man! i really need to play more of this ASAP
so many games to play, so many to get.

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