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Lovefilm Streaming Heading to Wii

Posted by James Newton

Just as well, as it doesn't play DVDs

European film fans will probably be familiar with Lovefilm, an online DVD and game rental service with some 1.4 million members across Europe. Primarily built on discs and web-based viewing, the service has now signed an agreement with Widevine to allow Wii owners a chance to watch movies online through their console.

Although no time frame is given for the service launch, a PR for Widevine said the feature for Wii was a "near-term roadmap", which we think means "it's coming soon but we don't know how soon." When we hear more, we'll let you know.


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Mange said:

I´m already a lovefilm customer, will try this out when it arrives.



James said:

I'm also a Lovefilm customer (well, my wife pays but I watch the films) so I'll be really pleased if this works as well as BBC iPlayer.



Megumi said:

Didn't see "Wii" in the title and thought this had to do with the 3DS. xD



Sean_Aaron said:

If quality is on par with the iPlayer then this will be a no-brainer. Lovefilm probably figures if they sit around Netflix will eat their lunch when their relaunch happens.

Of course Apple could announce a revamped, cheaper Apple TV for streaming rentals in HD which might give me pause...



3DS said:

i wonder if they would let people stream movies straght away if they have subs 2 them



NeoRausch said:

oh cool. well stupid for netflix to ignore europe. millions flushed down the toilett,



MeloMan said:

lol, I was thinking Netflix was world wide, at least in NA and the UK. Melo's ignorance - 1, lol.



MiiMiiMii said:

I have Lovefilm, and with a subscription you can watch loads of films and tv shows online for free. If you can use your normal subscription to watch the free stuff on the wii that would be faaaaaaaaantastic!



edhe said:

I can hardly stream the fuzzy videos on the Nintendo channel, let alone a standard definition film, so this does not interest me personally.

But if my tiny village ever gets a decent broadband connection (or I emigrate), I'd definitely give it a try - subscription and all.




I'm actually an customer and get my dvd rentals from there ..... but they're now owned by lovefilm wilst still keeping their prices and identity!

Brilliant news.



Victoria said:

The majority of films I've seen on the streaming site seem to be the worst films out there. Nice idea, but...

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