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Kirby's Epic Yarn Unravels to 2011 in Europe

Posted by James Newton

Predictably, it sucks

We've had chance to play Kirby's Epic Yarn in both single-player and co-operative multiplayer, and both occasions only served to increase our thirst for the newly-knitted one's next adventure.

Whilst North American gamers can look forward to getting hands-on with the game this Christmas, the bad news for European gamers is that the title will now miss its Christmas 2010 window, having been sucked into Nintendo's release schedule for 2011. Time to stare across the Atlantic with jealous eyes, Europeans.


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xAlias said:

Hallelujah! I'm soooooooooooooo glad I booked that decade-long vacation in Europe!

Wait... I take it back!



Corbs said:

Okay let's not rub people's nose in it. I personally prefer it when the games come out within days of each other, not in two different years.



Megumi said:

@Crobie: ...Yeah, I don't get why they decide to do it like that in the first place. Like with this we get it around Christmas and they have to wait....are the versions different or something? o.0



Corbs said:

Nope, games are the same. Just looks like NoE has a different schedule in mind with their releases, sadly.



turtlelink said:

Our European friends won't get to play it soon! Will there be a Video Game Revolution with you guys getting games late? lol



HipsterDashie said:

The way it works for us is, because they tend to include multiple languages on one Wii/DS game, we have to wait whilst on the translations, whilst we (more often than not) still get the unlocalised American English version. At the end of the day, they are two different languages (e.g. did you know there are over 4000 words used everyday in AmEnglish that have no meaning whatsoever in BrEnglish? I was pretty confused the first time someone asked if I liked rutabaga). Not to mention there are some pretty big grammatical differences. Ultimately the meaning is conveyed, but still some dialogue will still will sound strange or make little to even no sense.




NintyMan said:

What's also sad is that it's like this whenever a hot new game is coming out. First it's Japan, us second, and Europe, Australia, and PAL third. I guess all those translations would be the reason why there's no worldwide release date.



naut said:

Why don't you guys go buy some rewards worth buying off your awesome Club Nintendo, and we'll get Epic Yarn.



gaminguy said:

im glad I live in NA, but you guys get lots of other things first., so this is fair



SullKid said:

Where do you come up with these umm.. captions?
Seriously, I'm laughing at them every other day.

I can wait for Kirby. So many other quality games coming for christmas.



Big_A2 said:

@15. NintyFan: Europe, Australia are only the PAL regions. Asia and Africa don't get their own localised games, becuase of pircacy and poverty, respectivly.

Most of the time, if Australia doesn't get a game in the same week as Europe, then Australia is getting it over a month away, or not at all.



StarDust4Ever said:

It seems there's some kind of font issue, when I saw the headline, it looked like a typo that read "Kirby's Epic Yam!"

Can't wait for this game, and as always, I'd rather wait a little longer to have the game done right



Fuzzy said:

Suprise suprise. This looks like it would be an awesome game to play over the Christmas holidays



JimLad said:

Gah, another christmas present slips through the net.
How many more do we think?
So long as Conduit 2 stays on target...



PALgamer said:

FAIL... I wanted to play it on Christmas! Thanks NoE for delaying it, as a reward wont buy it till Christmas 2011!!! I laugh last, HaHarha



Rensch said:

That sucks, might need to skip on this one for a while in favor of that new Zelda game that should come out early 2011.



NintendoCoDGamer said:

hm.. the backdrops are reminding me somewhat of LBP's more cartoony backgrounds, anyway, game looks cool. I think it's nice to stray somewhat off of the traditional formula for suck them up, swallow, fight. rinse and repeat. But this sounds better than that, I like the fact that you'll be swinging the yarn as a whip.



Starwolf_UK said:

At least its actually been given a time period this time and won't be like Superstar Ultra (which was got to the point of even South Korea having it...which made me think "you-know someone should really remind NoE it hasn't come out") which was 51 weeks after the US release and as a result sold about the same amount of units.

I guess we're stilling DKC Returns for Christmas though, right. Right?

@Nintendo-Naut. Our Club Nintendo isn't that great, no elite membership whatsoever and slightly harder to accrue points in general so prices might seem a bit higher. Personally, I think the prizes are overated as they come off as "stuff Japan didn't want" and "we were just clearing the warehouse and found spares of the press kit for some year old games like Wii sports resort" which screams not trying. That said, I just got 100 Wii Points as it was use it or lose it.



komicturtle said:

How ironic that Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver were released within the SAME month in NA, UK and AUS yet this game gets pushed back.

Feel sorry for the Kirby fans in Europe. But I can't wait to get my hands on this game (hopefully my first year in college doesn't prevent me from thoroughly enjoying this game).

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