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Jett Rocket's Return May Not be in Platform Form

Posted by James Newton

Shin'en interview hints at branching out

Graphically resplendent and rather enjoyable WiiWare platformer Jett Rocket has been making waves since landing in June, and those who've clocked the adventure may have already seen this closing screen that hints at a reappearance for the jumpsuited Jett. Well, don't expect to see him repeating his platforming antics in the next title as Shin'en's Project Manager Manfred Linzner spoke about Jett's return in a recent interview with The Bit Block.

Interviewer: After completing Jett Rocket players are shown a screen during the credits which mentions Jett Rocket 2. Is there anything you can possibly tell us about the game’s sequel at this time?
Manfred Linzner: Jett Rocket [will] come back. And maybe in a different way then expected. That's all I can say right now.

As well as teasing the series' future, Mr Linzner also discussed his feelings about episodic titles, saying:

We don’t like to have our customers paying twice or triple for a similiar experience. So I doubt we will ever do something like that.

That rules out Jett Rocket: Episode Two, then. What possible incarnations of Jett might we see in the future? Let us know your thoughts.


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Faildude said:

Maybe a super-stylized 2D-platformer?
Or an RPG.
I wouldn't want a Jett Rocket puzzler, racing or sports game.



RchUncleSkeleton said:

They won't charge 2 or 3 times for a similar experience? Ummm this is what most game devs do! If the 3D platforming aspect is what made the game then they shouldn't deviate from that, they should instead keep the 3D platforming and create a whole new story along with new characters and weapons along with new styles of play....ditching the platforming doesn't seem like it's going to do any good at all! Some people are just plain stupid and this is an obvious one right here!



alex167 said:

I think could be a 2D platformer adventure,i hope it won´t be a puzzle game :-s .



pixelman said:

Aww c'mon, I want a new platformer. I'm guessing he'll be used in the racer they're making, then.



Objection said:

I'm all for each episode doing different stuff but that doesnt necessarily mean they need to change genres! lol



accc said:

I certainly wouldn't mind paying $10 for another Jett Rocket platformer/adventure. In fact, I'd welcome it! The first one felt like it ended just as it was getting started.



Jockolantern said:

I loved Jett Rocket as a platformer and I'd be disheartened to see Shin'en go and change that. Bringing out a sequel as a 2D platformer would be neat but I do so love my 3D platforming the way Jett did it; just the way I remember my favorite 3D platforming experiences with Spyro, Mario, Crash, and Sly Cooper. Please don't change that too much, Shin'en.



Sneaker13 said:

To be honest, I'm a bit pissed at this. So they make a great little game. It's short, but fun and at the end we can be happy that a sequel is on it's way.

And now they are telling that the next installment will be a completly different game. What the hell? Why announce a sequel at the end of the game. Just finish the game and then release a different Jett Rocket just as a seperate game, not a sequel.

And what are they going to make? A 2D platformer would be the only logical option and that would be a big step back. WiiWare have enough gorgeous, innovative 2D platformers and I can say for sure that Jett Rocket wouldn't get noticed as much as it has now. A 3D platformer on WiiWare is pretty impressive, especially with these graphics.

My apoligies for the rant, I'm just very disappointed in Shin'en about this news. Oh well, we will see what the future will bring.



SwerdMurd said:

For those that follow Shin'en, they've changed every single iteration of every series they've made (and in a good way imo).

Let's look at their shoot em up series so far:

Iridion - original shoot-em-up by Manfred
Iridion 3D - Launch-date Gameboy Advance sorta Space Harrier-style game
Iridion 2 - Shoot em up with depth (sorta tilted perspective)

Nanostray - similar depth-perspective to Iridion 2--first DS installment
Nanostray 2 - both side-scrolling and bottom-to-top (level-dependent)

Each game has been wholely its own entity--I'm sure it would be much easier to refine the same basic gameplay concept over 5 different titles, but they've elected to give us 5 unique games. I can't see any reason they'd break this trend with a second similar Jett Rocket adventure--they're entirely too talented a development team to do so. Maybe it'll be a platforming action-RPG? Hell they could make it a fishing sim and I'd buy it--trust in Shin'en.



Omega said:

It's good that they'rer trying something different instead of using the exact same game engine again and only alter the level design a little bit. I don't like those sequels that don't change much.

It's a bit risky though because not everybody might like Jett Rocket Pinball. So, tell us a bit more, Mr. Linzner. What can we expect? I personally would like a small Jett Rocket Action-Adevnture in the style of Starfox Adventures.



Imerion said:

Either way is fine with me. I really liked Jett Rocket as a platformer and I would gladly buy a similar game but with new levels and worlds. But something that expands upon that concept could be great too. The comment is "And maybe in a different way then expected. ". It's not a very strong statement, so I doubt it will be a completely different genre. But we'll see.

I'm more interested in the last comment in the interview : "And be assured the best is yet to come from Shin’en." I can't wait!



Vinsanity said:

A 2.5D side scroller would work, as Jett has a similar moveset to another one of my favorite platformer heroes, Sparkster the Rocket Knight:) And Climax's recent PSN remake of that game was excellent. Making a Jett Rocket sidescroller could be really cool - heck it would make a great "little brother" title for DSi (or rather, 3DS).



imapterodactyl said:

I'd love to see them do something different, or at least ramp up the difficulty. The first game bored me to tears. There was so much potential with the engine and the game's world, but it seems that in the end they decided to make an overly casual game for those who've never played a 3d platformer before.... and exactly who would that be on a Nintendo system?

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