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Hey Square Enix, Let Obsidian Develop a Chrono Trigger Sequel

Posted by James Newton

Western developer up for a sequel

Square Enix's Super Nintendo RPG Chrono Trigger is a masterpiece of storytelling and revered by Nintendo fans around the world, and Western developer Obsidian Entertainment thinks it could do a good job of updating the series.

The studio behind Neverwinter Nights 2 and the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas has recently signed up to develop a new entry in Square Enix's Dungeon Siege series, and when quizzed by website Siliconera the team revealed they're keen to revisit the time-travelling epic.

I think we're going with Chrono Trigger because it has elements of a Western RPG. It's more open, it's still mostly linear, but there are parts you can explore more. There are lots of differences, like you can beat Lavos at different parts of the game and you get different endings based on that. There are obvious answers like dialogue trees and all of that good stuff. The seeds are there for that kind of development.

Obsidian has no previous development record on Nintendo formats, so any potential sequel wouldn't be an automatic shoe-in for a Nintendo console, but it's best to remember this is likely just idle talk at this stage. All the same, how would you feel if Chrono Trigger returned as a Western-styled RPG?


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That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

A western developer doing a J-RPG? Hm, I don´t think it would end up well. Still, the J-RPG genre has kind of died anyway. The stagnation of the formula coupled with too much work on HD graphics has made this the worst generation of J-RPG:s.



Hardy83 said:

They could just rerelease Chrono Cross on different platforms since many people didn't play that one.



sykotek said:

Yea, I guess, as long as they don't screw it up or they could just let Mistwalker make it or how about those kids that worked on that reimagining a few years back that SE sent a C&D to, that looked pretty promising.



SwerdMurd said:

Yeah my least favorite developer ever pillaging my favorite game of all time. In no universe would this be acceptable--they'll turn it into a third-person shooter with god-awful character models and no difficulty whatsoever.



Golgo said:

It will all of a sudden become 'darker and more gritty'.
Nay, nay, and thrice nay!



Croz said:

How about SE, just release the game on the virtual console, so us Europeans can play the game on our TV's instead of on a tiny DS screen.



PSThWii60 said:

This could be a disaster of an epic Tobal No.1/Bouncer proportion! I don't like to second guess when it comes to religion, but this sounds like a seriously bad move for SE. Also, does anyone remember what happened with the Seiken Densetsu series? Yeah, it sucks now, and it is still being done by SE. Therefore I can only imagine what some western POS team might do to the holy perfection that is Chrono Trigger. I think rerelease of either Trigger or Cross would be fine, just don't try anything new with this cup of Christ of video gaming history. Now, maybe a fleshing out of Radical Dreamers could be okay, since it was text based, and just kinda okay in the first place? How about that, SE?



theblackdragon said:

while part of me says they couldn't possibly do any worse than Chrono Cross, another part of me is screaming for them to just leave CT alone in its perfection.



wes008 said:

YESSSSSSSSSS! Now before you kill me, hear me out. Trigger and Cross, two of the best games of all time, need a proper sequel now. JRPGs are awesome on handhelds, right? Obsidian is master (well bioware really is, but) of WRPGs, right? So what if there was a SE-Obsidian collaboration on a new Chrono, that will was a JRPG and WRPG cross on DS or PSP! (leaning towards DS on that one )



deshadow52 said:

I don't care who is developing it, Chrono Trigger does not need a new sequel! How can they possibly add to the story?



Oregano said:

Why you're at it Square Enix get Kawazu to direct FFXV!...that'll never happen.



StarBoy91 said:

It may just be me, but the way Chrono Trigger is, it doesn't really need a sequel, nor does it show any hints of planning a follow-up. Don't get me wrong, I love the game.



Egg_miester said:

omg that photo just killed a part of me
bla Obsidian sucks and i doubt that square will let them



JGMR said:

It's really, REALLY sad to see these once 'great developers' give away their own responsibility, creativity and all in all their heart by running to western developers and letting them to do their work for them. Konami, Capcom, Namco and now....Square...



JebbyDeringer said:

Chrono Cross wasn't bad it just wasn't anything like Chrono Trigger. As a stand alone game it wasn't bad. I think I even played through it twice.

That said as talented as a lot of western developers are these days most wouldn't be able to pull off a decent story if they tried. I'm not saying Japanese developers are original (they've been doing the same thing for decades) but american developers tend to just rip all their ideas from movies.



kevohki said:

Cross was a better game than Trigger, in design, characters, story, and gameplay. People hate Cross because they thought it was a direct sequel to Trigger. It's not and never was. There's no reason to make a direct sequel to Trigger. It will be the terrible FFX-2 all over again.



Marvelousmoo said:

I think that some games are good enough to make sequels out of, yet others are just too good to touch again. Chrono Trigger is a classic, and it need not be mixed up with our idea of gaming today.



MasterGraveheart said:

Would they even develop it for a Nintendo platform?

Either way, I'd wholeheartedly approve a sequel... Chrono Cross was just bad...



MasterGraveheart said:

@abgar: Well, according to the three games people have CLAIMED are RPGs, Mass Effect, Fallout, Borderlands, and Gears of War... they're first or third person shooters with a bit of a bad attempt at story and giving experience points and managing stats. In the end, though, they're not really RPGs.



B-ry said:

I just played Chrono Trigger on the ds, and a direct sequel like they did with Final Fantasy IV: The After Years would be awkward and only accessible to hardcore fans..... that being said, make it 500 points with extra downloadable content and I'm sold.



LordJumpMad said:

Am I the only one who liked Chrono Cross?
It was an hard game and sadly i did't get the chance to beat it at the time, but I still found it to have a interesting story.

But since we're on the topic about Chrono Trigger, and hearing how great it is. may me wish I had a chance to play it, (since it seem, I'm the only one who still havn't played the games yet)...........

If it ever comes out on VC, I'll get it, or l'll just pick it up for the DS.
Since this game must be real good.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Chrono Cross is good in its own way. While I don't agree with kevohki that it's better than Trigger in every way, he's right in saying that people only hate it because it's not what they were expecting in a Chrono Trigger sequel. If they'd released it as its own game, I think people would've liked it more...if they bothered to even try it, that is (there were a number of overlooked Squaresoft RPG's on PS1, and I could see this going among them without the Chrono label to sell it).



CanisWolfred said: Chrono Trigger sequel? Mayhaps, especially if it's only similar in style and gameplay. But please, anybody but Obsidian.



Digiki said:

they'll turn it into a third-person shooter with god-awful character models and no difficulty whatsoever.

This was a dumb assumption, and one third of it is already applicable, if anything it would likely gain some difficulty.
Which would change it from two reasons against it, to one reason for and one against.



KrazyKain said:

I would like it, i dont actually like the jrpg format so i personally thing this would improve it. (raising flame shield)

I'd just be extremely offended if it didnt end up on Wii



The_Fox said:

@ Post 31. MasterGraveheart
No one has ever claimed Gears of War is an RPG, ever. Borderlands either, for that matter. And Mass Effect and Fallout are excellent RPGs.



The_Fox said:

This is one of those games that was great for its time (something I admit despite hating 95% of JRPGs) that has developed a core following of mega nerds. They would hate it no matter what.




BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD idea. Obsidian destroyed Knights of the Old Republic 2 and Neverwinter Nights 2. Everything they touch turns to ****.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@The Fox: Who said Borderlands ISN'T an RPG? 'Cause from what I've heard, it very much is. Experience, tons of weapons with different stats...sounds like an RPG to me.



JaredJ said:

I just bought the playstation game Final Fantasy Chronicles new for $16. It has Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV on it.



miketh2005 said:

Ha, I was just thinking this was the best game I've played for the DS so far (I had never played it previously on the SNES, was too young at the time), but when I got to the very end to beat Lavos, (I literally was at the VERY VERY end) my save file got corrupted! :S I dunno what happened, maybe I accidentally turned the power off when it saved, that would do it :S So I never got to see the ending or do the side quests. I was planning on doing the side quests to build up EXP then beat Lavos because my team was too weak to beat him, I tried. I'll prob never see the ending now, because I'm too lazy to do it ALL over again, since I used a walkthrough to the tee, and put in prob 50 hours grinding alot. No way I'm doing it all again.

I have never played Chrono Cross, either.

I wish it would come to the 3DS, or even the DS.

@47: Buying a PS1 game for $16? WTF?!?!?!?



Imerion said:

Sorry, but I'm very sceptical. I really doubt it would be true to the original since western rpg's pretty much always have other priorities and focus. For some reason I love J-RPG's but have never managed to really like the more free and open western counterparts. The open-ness pretty much always come at the sacrifice of story, personality, variation and design. That is not always the case of course, but I still prefer the more japanese style of rpg's and I think Chrono Trigger should stay like that.

Slightly off-topic, but there was a really nice looking 3D-remake of the original Chrono Trigger in development by some fans, but sadly Square-Enix shut it down. The trailer might still be on the net though. If you've seen it, THAT is how I would like a Chrono Trigger sequel/remake to look and feel.

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