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Get More Cutesy DSiWare Racing with Pop Island: Paperfield

Posted by James Newton

Odenis Studio bringing more action soon

We know many of you enjoyed odenis Studio's animal racer Pop Island as some Nintendo Life user comments are featured in the press release for follow-up Pop Island Paperfield, coming to North American DSiWare on July 12th.

With more of the same animal-piloting, flag-capturing multiplayer action as its predecessor, Paperfield offers a nice bonus for those who bought the previous title, as owners of both games can unlock extra maps and vehicles, including a helicopter and a submarine. Even better, this follow-up is only 200 Nintendo Points, so you can pick up more animal action on the go.

Here's the usual press release and trailer double whammy to fill in the gaps.

Thanks to the easy pick-up and play control themes, dive into this fresh universe and have fun in almost no time!
Join your team and race, surf or fly on three new islands. Get a maximum of flags to win the victory in the “Race for flags” or “Capture the flag” mode.

With the new “Magic Shooters” team, take control of eight land, sea and air vehicles or animals, including tanks, hovercrafts, planes, surfing penguins, eagles, black cats!
Get even more involved in the action with the impressive graphics engine that runs fast and smooth at 60 frames per second.

In Solo Mode, rack up points and unlock new playable vehicles and maps.
Thanks to the DS Download Play feature (available on ALL Nintendo DS™ and Nintendo DSi™) , share Pop Island - Paperfield and compete joyfully with up to seven friends!

If you own Pop Island on your Nintendo DSi , you can get three new maps and four vehicles including the helicopter and the submarine!

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Xkhaoz said:

YAYAYAYYAYAYY I loved the first one. And 200 points for all that? WOW. EDIT: Ohh, they mentioned NL in the trailer.



James said:

I want that shark submarine, but I would have settled for a better quotation from the site. Never mind!



Blue_Cat said:

I loved the first one, I was playing it earlier today! For 200 points, this looks like a bargin. . . but I have to wonder, is it worth it, if I still play the first one regularly?



BleachFan said:

...Am I the only one who wasn't thoroughly impressed by the original?
Probably because my friends don't really enjoy it too much, so the point of multiplayer for me is moot...
Still think they should've added Wi-Fi...



rafaelluik said:

I love Pop Island!
I think I prefer to play with animals but maybe the overall game surprises me.



brandonbwii said:

I think this is their answer to an expansion pack/dlc since nintendo doesn't allow that type of stuff on dsi.



Morpheel said:

looks like the same game with other characters, but for only 200 points? wow!



GammaGames said:

now i wish i hadnt bought that Electroplankton game I liked Pop Island, but i want THAT m=impressed, it was fun for like 3 hours...



Oregano said:

@brandonbwii: Looks like it but if it's true that Nintendo dictates price like they say then Nintendo is fine with them doing so... which is pretty cool.



ToastyYogurt said:

I guess this could help me see if I'll like the original... if it IS the original with more stuff than I guess I won't have to get that but oh well we'll see.



KCKowalchuk said:

by 3 new islands, will it be like only 3 instead of in the first game? and will it have more content then the first game too?

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