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Get Immortalised in a Tetris Tournament Documentary

Posted by James Newton

If you're good with blocks, that is

Tetris is as iconic and highly-regarded now as at any time during its twenty-year lifespan, and a new World Championship and related documentary is set to keep the classic lines-and-blocks title fresh in the mind.

If you want to put your money where your blocks are, the Classic Tetris World Championship will take place in Los Angeles on August 8th, with entry a measly $10. If you don't make it past the first round, stick around for the rooftop after-party and mingle with organiser and former Tetris World Champion Robin Mihara.

Shooting the whole event will be the crew of documentary Ecstasy of Order, the proposal for which contains several potentially fascinating scenes:

Robin will be filmed telling the story of his experience at the 1990 NWC, and explaining his life long obsession with the game. From Portland, he will set up the exhibition tournament and invite all of the best Tetris players he can find. In addition, he'll arrange for a conference where players will discuss strategies, analyze games, and discuss a possible notation system and lexicon of terms.

Head over to the Tetris Championship website to enrol and start practising dropping blocks in anticipation of August 8th.


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Deviant_Mugen said:

Sounds like it'd be fun, too bad it's in L.A.—oh, and that my Tetris skills are "okay" at best...



Punny said:

This isn't for me. I like Tetris, but the competition will immediately clobber me.



timp29 said:

I thought I was pretty good looking at the scores I got on tetris party in the European section, then I saw what the Japanese and Americans were getting and realised I suck.

Actually I remember there was one UK dude, B*B who dominated all... I really wanted to see him play

It would be cool to go to LA, but I would need to do some serious practice. Is there anyone who can consistently get T-spins without messing up their stack of blocks? I think I got 4 double t-spins in a row once and then died with all the crapola I made along the way.



Stuffgamer1 said:

My brother fell asleep during a mega-long Endless game on Tetris DS the other day. He ran out of power and lost his running high score of over 10 million. His current SAVED record is 7 million-something, and mine is just over 4 million. I somehow doubt either of us is serious competition material, though.



iphys said:

B*B is Thylacine on, so if you want to watch a replay look for 17th place on the leaderboard for Survival.



Gogata said:

I have to own it on Gameboy..? Also, what's the prize and does the champion only get it?

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