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Furry Legends Delayed in North America

Posted by James Newton

WiiWare roll 'em up simply "coming soon"

Those of you expecting to download Furry Legends: Chapter One on Monday might want to put those Nintendo Points away for a short time as the game has been delayed.

Developer Gamelion Studios has said that Nintendo has changed the game's release date to "coming soon", and that they expect the new release date to be announced next week. Nintendo of Europe recently dated the game for a release on July 16th, so this delay in North America could see Europe and Australia receive the game first. As soon as we have the game's new confirmed release date we'll let you know.


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Dazza said:

I think James is making this news up just so he can use THAT photo again!



Corbs said:

I've had a bad feeling about this game for a long time, and now it's delayed. Hmmmmm.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Any chance to post a picture you're in, eh, Prosody?

I obviously haven't been following this game very closely...I didn't even realize it was a "Chapter 1."



suburban_sensei said:

Since I am not really excited for Furry Legends in the first place, I can't say that this delay is upsetting. However, I know a few users that are looking forward to it, and for them, I feel pretty bad.



James said:

"Gamelion We've received update from Nintendo that Furry Legends for WiiWare is NOT coming on July 5th to America. The release date on the Nintendo America page for this game has been updated to "coming soon".

We'll extend the sweepstake contest until the game has been released in that region.

The final America release date will be announced very soon. Most likely next week we'll know the date."

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