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First Impressions: Kirby's Epic Yarn Co-Operative Play

Posted by James Newton

Cast on for a two-player pearl

Kirby’s Epic Yarn emerged from E3 as a highlight for many people, even winning the much sought-after Nintendo Life Best Overall Game of E3 Award. Whilst Corbie raved about the game’s single-player pursuit, Darren and James got chance to team up in tackling several levels from the game, and like many things in life, this one’s far more fun with two people involved.

Both players have identical skills, with a range of transformations available to give you the power to smash through blocks, glide gracefully, race around and generally cause havoc in a way only knitted characters can. As with New Super Mario Bros. Wii before it, you can pick up your teammate and throw them around, bowling them into enemies and sending them flying gracefully over gaps – or that’s the plan, anyway.

In one level, Kirby transforms into a giant rolling tank capable of firing rockets by tilting the Wii Remote and pressing a button. The second player can help out here as he or she turns into a rocket-propelled boxing glove, doubling the amount of firepower available for taking out the enemies that rain down from above.

The yarn theme works well throughout the stages: working together with your buddy to uncover each of the treasures hidden behind sewn-on patches is classic gaming at its best, and combining to pull zippers that reveal even more secrets is a fresh spin on teamwork. Tackling the dragon boss was improved with a second player too, as one could concentrate on tugging its buttoned-up tongue whilst the other worked on distracting it.

On the whole, the game’s nowhere near as chaotic in multiplayer as New Super Mario Bros. Wii’s insane action: the levels we played were fairly sedate, and although you can interact by picking each other up and whipping your teammate around, you’ll get in each other’s way far less often than in Mario’s multiplayer romp.

Whether you play solo or with a friend, there’s no doubt this was one of the most enjoyable games on show at Nintendo’s event: the imagination and graphical style are absolutely fantastic, with all the invention you’d expect from a top-drawer Nintendo title. It didn’t seem difficult enough to challenge gaming veterans, particularly in multiplayer mode, but we were only playing early levels from the game, so it’s possible it could become more difficult later on.

Our hands-on time with the game further cemented the growing feeling among Nintendo fans that Kirby’s long-awaited return could well be one of his best. Kirby’s Epic Yarn is scheduled for a release around Christmas 2010.

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pixelman said:

No matter how many times I see it, it always looks like "Yam", not "Yarn".



Corbs said:

I thought the co-op made an already fairly easy game, even easier. Plus the girl I played with kept grabbing me and tossing me around. She was quite the meanie. But I fixed her, I learned to turn into the little car and speed away from her evil grasp. Beep! Beep!



noname875 said:

Haha, nice

Anyways, this COULD be good, but kirbys epic yam really the kind of game that co-op is good for in my opinion. and yes i typed in yam.



odd69 said:

Man i am so buying this. If it releases around Christmas, that would make my holiday even better.



NintyMan said:

Since this game is being made by the same group that made Wario Land: Shake It, it's going to look beautiful.



JamieO said:

I am such a superficial 2D graphics lovin' type, it is Epic Yarn's visuals that I am most excited about at the moment. It'll obviously be its gameplay that counts in the end, so co-op is definitely welcome, and hopefully the sedate challenge will rise further into the game.



fishman100 said:

I feel like it'll be a HUGE step away from the artwork from the past games, but in a good way.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

This is my most-anticipated game right now, on any platform (although I only have Nintendo systems so I can't really be anticipating games from other systems since I can't buy them.



komicturtle said:

It wasn't the Kirby game I was expecting- but I'm glad something unique and different turned up and turned out great. I can't shake the feeling that this would probably be best on 3DS, with the flaps and zippers coming loose and popping out and Kirby going through the some of the small openings of the fabric. Would definitely be more impressive if that happened.

Kirby's Epic Yarn 2, if this turns out to be successful in sales, should be handed to the 3DS.

Oh, and Hal, get to work on that Kirby Adventure title that has been delayed for 5 years. They won't even say IF it's canceled, but they say "on hold" or "in-development". Yowza



Dazza said:

Epic Yarn was easily my favourite game of the bunch from the London event. My only concern is it might be too easy, but with all the creativity on offer here it would likely be a fun ride regardless. The two player mode was a hoot!



Corbs said:

That was kind of my thinking Daz. A bit easy, but very fun! Of course it might get quite a bit harder later on.



TheBaconator said:

I have no doubt this game will be a blast. I'm just worried about its length since it is a Kirby game.



gaminguy said:

lol, kirbys epic yam. But the co-op soinds like it doesn't provide a whole new experience like NSMBwii



IAmNotWill said:

Thought I should point something out, the game is being developed by Good Feel and Hal Lab, not Nintendo themselves.



Splat said:

It just had to have the word Epic in the title because it will be just that.



Adam said:

I would bet it's not just easy because you played the first few levels but because it's Kirby. However, given how imaginative this game is, I don't think I'll care.



Megumi said:

@22: ...Good Feel...what other game have they made for Nintendo? Sounds familiar...



Fuzzy said:

I don't mind it being easy cos I reckon this will be a great game to play through with the gf, and we can still have fun.



JakobG said:

You, know, this is a great game overall, but I still have problems with getting used to Kirby without his inhale/copy-abilities.
It's like Starfox without Arwi… Oh, wait.

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