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First Impressions: GoldenEye 007 Multiplayer

Posted by James Newton

We've been expecting you

Surely few words cause such excitement and rampant nostalgia in the Nintendo community as “GoldenEye multiplayer”, so it was with great anticipation we sat down to play Activision’s new Bond outing in a split-screen four-player deathmatch.

With only one game mode, one map and four characters available – not including Mr Bond, bizarrely – this was an admittedly limited demo, but still gave a decent impression of what the final game is aiming for. Played with Classic Controller Pro, although Remote and Nunchuk support will be available in the final version, this was a straightforward first-to-10 deathmatch featuring Scaramanga, Jaws, Oddjob and Trevelyan: classic Bond characters all, with Oddjob naturally sporting his deadly hat.

The controls are standard FPS fare, with an aim down sight mode replacing the N64 original’s zoom and reticule, and an action button letting you sprint, vault over low walls and perform other moves. There’s also a melee attack now, perfect for finishing kills at close range, but otherwise it’s Bond business as usual: aim, fire, kill. The classic death animation, blood streaming down the camera, is present and correct, accompanied by the same music sample too.

A minimap displays your position and that of your enemies, with arrows indicating if they’re above or below you, perfect for stalking your quarry in the multi-layered map we played. There were ample opportunities for leaping over railings to surprise opponents too, so no doubt experts will have a field day finding the best shooting spots. At the end of each match players are awarded accolades, such as ‘most melee kills’, ‘best accuracy’ and so on.

On paper it sounds like it’s doing everything right, but we came away feeling nonplussed. It looks good, controls well and there were plenty of tense shootouts, but it felt like a standard first-person shooter with a Bond lick of paint. It’s difficult to judge from one map and one mode against complete strangers, but with a regular group of friends this could be every bit as fun as the N64 original. At the moment, however, GoldenEye 007 is standing in the shadow of its predecessor and it will take something very special to make this one shine brightly on its own merits.

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Klapaucius said:

Played with classic controller? Will the whole game be available to play with classic controller? or even Gamecube controller... This has me more interested the game.



grenworthshero said:

I'm glad to hear there's actually local multiplayer. If they got rid of that, I would be VERY disappointed.



Deviant_Mugen said:

Awesome, you ended up posting it today after all, James...

Judging from the video interviews from Comic-Con it looks like this could end up being a lot of fun, the only thing that bothers me a bit is that there's no Wiimote+nunchuck support in the builds played so far, which I'd think would be something you'd want to emphasize. Guess they're a bit more focused on catering to the dual-analog gamers...

Hope that this game ends up being awesome and a classic in its own right, but, so far, I remain cautiously skeptic...



KDR_11k said:

On paper it sounds like it’s doing everything right, but we came away feeling nonplussed. It looks good, controls well and there were plenty of tense shootouts, but it felt like a standard first-person shooter with a Bond lick of paint.

Was GoldenEye different from a regular FPS?

And besides, doesn't the Wii really need a standard but polished FPS with local and online MP?



skywake said:

I hope Wiimote + nunchuck works well because, to be honest, I don't think I will be playing it using the Classic Controller. I know some FPS fanatics prefer dual-analogue over IR but... I think they are delusional.



JimLad said:

That last sentence couldn't be more true. Just having a local multiplayer mode isn't enough, they need to raise the bar in some shape or form.
It should be the thinking behind every video game that isn't toally original.

Things I hope:
I Hope there's bots
I hope there's a decent selection of fun to use weapons
I hope you can't kill people as quickly as in CoD
I hope karate chops return as the no-weapon melee attack
and that slappers only is one of the multiplayer modes
I hope the pointer controls are up to par with recent Wii FPS games

To be honest though, they're going to have their work cut out for them going up against Conduit 2. If I were them, I would focus much of my energies on the local multiplayer, as that is what many people will be buying it for.



JamieO said:

Multiplayer in GoldenEye is a no-brainer fun fest for me, because its nostalgia levels from my student days in '97 are through the roof.

I can see the Wii version getting more local multiplayer attention in our house, and with shiny new graphics for maps like The Temple, Library, Facility, Egyptian and Caves, it can not lose in my eyes.



JimLad said:

Goldeneye had the analogue stick.
The only FPS that used one before it was Turok, though many saw it's controls as complicated.
Goldeneye also had, if I'm not mistaken the first 4 player local deathmatch mode for a home console.



Corbs said:

Maybe someday I'll try the original GoldenEye. But I doubt it. My hatred of FPS games has not improved over the years.



RyuZebian said:

So... What DOES this game need that it didn't seem to have? I mean, the original is supposed to have been great for it's time, so what features do you ask from this remake that doesn't make it stray to far from it's original? I mean, if it tried to be ground breaking by todays standards, then it would most likely anger fans looking for some nostalgia! Or maybe you menat that "it's looking promising, but THE DEMO is lacking in features?" It's not suprising that it is similar to modern shooters btw... [caugh] Activision [caugh] COD...



madgear said:

Yeah I don't understand either. I've not really played the original Goldeneye other than a few brief goes on the multiplayer. However I've been looking at videos of both this game and the original and fail to see much of a difference - other than the improved graphics.

Maybe I've just not played the game enough, but what was so different in the original Goldeneye that a modern FPS tends to neglect? Surely a modern FPS game has only improved on this type of game - or are we just wanting things to be 100% exactly as we remember them?



Spoony_Tech said:

This game needs to have good wii remote controll or it will fail. Hopefully they will hold off on a release till they get it right. Like the conduit they need to give you a great level of controll over aiming and dead zones. I'm not saying they aren't working on the controlls of the game just the omiting of the wii remote set up kind of scares me as they might be a after thought. Graphics do not matter as much just give me great controll over the game and lots off old maps for multi player along with the new ones.



ejamer said:

The original game has a lot of goodwill because it was innovative and extremely polished compared to any other console FPS at the time. It also made excellent use of the license, with fun and varied missions in single player and great themed multiplayer modes (ex: You Only Live Twice, Golden Gun).

For this re-imagining to be as well regarded, it also needs to find creative ways to make multiplayer fast and fun while keeping the Bond license at the forefront. To be honest, I'm not expecting something that is really going to turn heads though - and don't think it needs to be as popular as the original was. As long as Activision makes the game polished and playable, this should be fun to play.

Count me in with those hoping to see smooth Wii remote/nunchuck controls before long though - dual analogs don't appeal to me at all.



timp29 said:

I am looking forward to this very much, but I don't think a console FPS will ever beat a PC FPS, mainly because a keyboard and mouse gives you such an immersive control scheme. The wiimote and analog stick is a good control scheme, but lacks the finer accuracy and control.

I guess at least with Goldeneye though, everyone is stuck with the same controls



Chris720 said:

This sounds like a let down to me... Especially since CoD:BO is also being released roughly around the same time I believe. I hope they add some more features into the Online area, mainly because that's where I like to spend most of my time on FPSs.

But I'm currently weighing up which oneto get... BO or GoldenEye... Or even Conduit 2...



KDR_11k said:

Well, modern FPSes tend to expect you to take cover, something old ones didn't. No idea where this one stands on that.



JamieO said:

@Oregano's link to the vid of Wii GoldenEye's first level brings up a few questions:

  • Have Activision changed the way Bond approaches the first level, because they do not have the rights to re-create it scene by scene? I mean, the layout of the level looks similar, but Activision's truck ride cuts out a segment of the original N64 game, where you walk through the tunnel, take out the fellas hidden in the sunken shelters, shoot the alarm, connect the covert modem to the satellite dish and first approach the dam.
  • Are Activision using dramatic license, through adding new action scenes, to spice up the original game's content? This could well change the nostalgic factor I'm hoping for. However, if subtly done, it may even enhance the game.
  • Am I being naive in hoping for perfect replicas of the N64's original multiplayer maps, to be available in the Wii version? e.g. The actual layouts of the maps may be owned by Rare.

Hmmm, I'm just speculating here. If I have missed out on any specific Wii details and anyone knows the answers to these questions, then I'd appreciate hearing about them.



SilverBaretta said:

Well of course it seems like a standard FPS! This Goldeneye game is embracing more of the standards of todays FPSs, such as sprinting and vaulting. It's trying to be appealing to the new-age FPS crowd while still holding on to those original Goldeneye players. While Activision seems to be doing a good job on that, I wonder if they'll take it too far?



Oregano said:

@JamieO: I think Rare does indeed own the games design which is why they can't perfectly replicate the levels and I really wouldn't count on it following the original too closely.

One of the producers did mention that they would feature altered versions of the original maps though which is good and whilst it does seem to add its own set pieces it looks like it's trying to maintain that James Bond feel and something of a modernised Goldeneye feel(which may upset some people).



JamieO said:

@Oregano Cheers mate, I think that I should lower my expectations, it was a bit unfair of me to expect a new Wii game to completely cater its gameplay to satisfy a retro gamer's nostalgia.

From what you have said, I'm hoping now that they can preserve the feel of the game and still provide some cheeky li'l nods to the classic maps.



KrazyKain said:

It looks alot like 'just another cod game'.. but then again the wii is lacking, even in those so i'll still welcome it



naut said:

I have absolutely no idea why the idiots are pumping up this stupid Classic Controller Pro. They made GameSpot use them for their demo too. Like somehow the dual sticks are superior to a point-and-fire controll scheme. Anyway, the split screen will be the whole reason I get this game. By the time it comes out, I'll have a PS3 which has better online FPS experiences.



aaronsullivan said:

I prefer Wiimote for FPS even to the mouse in some cases (you can lounge better), but using the Wiimote in a four player split screen seems awful cramped to me and if you can use a larger area to aim it might ruin the illusion that you are shooting what you are pointing at -- I'm sure some of you have some experience with 4-player split screen with Wiimote controls and can clarify this. It could be the reason they are trying to convince people to check out the classic controller pro. Just sayin'.



irken004 said:

Well it is one of the only Wii FPS's that actually does feature dual analog controls. Hence AlexSay's admiration



Token_Girl said:

If you preferred dual analog why would you even bother with Wii FPS. Last time I checked both of the HD options had a great selection of dual analog FPS games already.



irken004 said:

Agreed Token Girl. But then again, this is Goldeneye we're talking about, not some common new FPS. People are interested either because they played the original or because it seems to be a decent FPS. Besides, I can't afford a HD console



Deviant_Mugen said:

@aaronsullivan: I've played Red Steel split-screen with three players and it works quite well, despite the fact that it's a launch title. I'm sure if a launch title can handle 4-player split-screen with Wiimotes, then this game will be able to, too...



shake_zula said:

The one thing that I miss as a Wii gamer is decent FPS games. I really can't abide the sloppy nunchuk + remote scheme, so finally getting a dual analogue game is brilliant news. I don't need this game to be great - as long as it doesn't majorly screw anything up I'm going to play it to death, simply because it will stand alone in its field.



kevohki said:

@34 Yes. This article even called it a "standard first-person shooter with a Bond lick of paint." That's not a ringing endorsement for a game solely relying on nostalgia as a selling point.



Akio said:

HOLY SH*T !!!!!!!!! Classic Controller is supported, dual analog stick, AHHHHHHHHHHH AWESOME. I've been waiting for ages !!!!!!



Gameday said:

Its Gameday.... Gameday J. Fun times ahead my friends.. I cant wait to get back into the zone get those no scope aiming skills back up , and for sure cant wait to blow s**t up.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I really hope you don't spawn unarmed with no default weapon like in the original game. If they still do that, it will push me even further towards Conduit 2.

Normally, I would complain about Classic Controller support being confirmed with any mention of whether there's GameCube Controller support, but I'm never going to use a traditional controller for a Wii FPS, so I'll let it slide this time.



JonWahlgren said:

@JamieO: I think they're approaching it more as a new game based off the movie (with the plot updated for 2010) and not so much as a remake of the N64 game.



Amorous_Badger said:

@ Klapaucius - why would you play with CC/GC controller - that's a totally unwieldy way of playing a FPS, when the nunchuck/wiimote combo is possibly the best, most untuitive way of playing a FPS on any console?



gaminguy said:

well, i've haerd this before, taht the local multiplayer just isn't excting
Well, I woulndn't use it much anyways, and online is more i,portant for me



Kirk said:

"but it felt like a standard first-person shooter with a Bond lick of paint"

As far as I can tell it's basically just Call of Duty Wii with a bond skin/mod.

That is/was/never will be a true GoldenEye game and gameplay experience.



romulux said:

what's with people clamoring for dual analog, as if the remote sucks? you'd think more people would embrace the single best advantage the wii has got.

from what i've read the call of duty ports on wii didn't have great controls, so either activision just isn't good at implementing IR controls or they're too deep into dual analog to try.

judging from how hard they're pushing the CC pro with all their demos they're making it out to be the definitive way to play it, which makes me worry that there'll be another shoddy wiimote scheme.

with conduit 2 great controls are guaranteed, so if activision wants me to buy their game instead they're going to have to make a wiimote scheme that can compete.



JonWahlgren said:

@romulux: Modern Warfare Reflex controlled great. If they can at least duplicate that I don't see why GoldenEye would control poorly. I think the CC demos are just to win over people who don't care about pointer controls.



The_Fox said:

I'm glad to see it has CC support. I'm not too excited about this one, but I might at least rent it now out of curiosity.



Slapshot said:

No WiiMote or Motion Plus in the demo.... why are they even letting you test it yet then? My excitement dwindes almost evertime I read something new about this game. It almost seems like they are going to end up with a halfcrap sequel to cash-in on all the longtime fans. I surely hope not!



ejamer said:

Why do people keep asking for Motion Plus in shooting games? It never made sense to me. Seriously, what kind of arm flailing are you doing that requires precise motion controls in an FPS?

I'm all for Wii controls, but that means using the pointer to aim and maybe throwing in a tiny bit of (rough) motion for knife slashes and/or rifle butt hits.



brandonbwii said:

I believe the game will be very fun in that hollywood movie sort of way. Eurocom did a great job with Dead Space and previous Bond games, so, while not day 1, it is definitely on my radar. My biggest peeve is that Activision is touting nostalgia on what is mostly a completely original game.



Oregano said:

@ejamer: it means on the off chance that you point to either side of the sensor bar that it doesn't stop dead or spin wildly. It's a nice option but far from necessary.



Marvelousmoo said:

@1 From the looks of demos at E3 I think that it does support the gamecube controller. The player opened up the options menu, and the different controller options were shown.



motang said:

I never played the N64 version as I didn't have an N64, but I am curious about this game so looking forward to getting it.



brandonbwii said:

It's too bad that Activision is competing with itself on this one. Black Ops may turn out to be the better game. I wonder why they're keeping the Wii version such a secret?



timp29 said:

@Oregano Wow thanks for that link. The game looks great, but I hope they balance the stealth and run and gun sections. Seems strange to infiltrate a base with run and gun carnage strewn craziness.



Slapshot said:

WiiMote and Motion+ is the biggest selling point for the Wii, to have the closeness of Mouse/Pointer controls on Goleneye on the Wii isnt much to ask for imo. The fact that they are showing demos without it means that they must be having a hard time with the setup.



Slapshot said:

@Sean Aaron..... I hope not, or let me rephrase that, hopefully the headset we heard about will be supported. WiiSpeak is awful.



YoshiSage said:

I didn't even know this was being remade for Wii. O_O

But anyway, WOOOOOT! jumps up and down



bryguy1919 said:

The headset that will be included in copies of Conduit 2 will probably be the best option for online chat on wii.... hopefully will be included in this game as well.



Wolfo said:

Perfect Dark multiplayer it's better than Golden eye in N64 because all kind of modes that you can play, I vote for a remake of Perfect dark (I know that's impossible, but I would prefer).



bestbuck said:

"it felt like a standard first-person shooter with a Bond lick of paint" eh did you really think it would be anything else? Activision Suck. Rare did the original Goldeneye with Nintendo holding there hand, now "Activision"? are rip off's.



jer18 said:

Woohoo for the classic controller support. There's no way I'd be getting this if it only supported remote/nun-chuck. Definitely looking forward to this



MeloMan said:

@ 51 ejamer

The biggest thing I can see motion controls being used in this type of game is being able to adjust the angle at which you fire the gun, like holding the gun high and aiming down, or something like that. I haven't played Red Steel 2 yet, but I haven't come across a FPS that has come to this realization yet as it truly helps the shooting dynamic. Easier said than done I guess



WhiteTrashGuy said:

It's an "original" FPS for a system built for it that's NOT from High Voltage Software. I am a huge Bond fan, I am a Goldeneye/Perfect Dark Fan, and I am a Wii fan. I am obligated to pick this up.

(I would also love me a Gold Classic Pro or a KLOBB Zapper as well...)



Master_Alex said:

this game will support the wii speak or that headset which conduit 2 use?, if it use it, i will came!!! xD



Markystal said:

Wow, the Wii is getting 3 good fps games. I probably will get this game and Conduit 2 because TCon gets more playtime from me than COD: MW2 on the PS3 because of superior controls. I hope the controls for the W+N combo are good. I 'd be disappointed if they were bad while the dual analog was king. I have a PS3 for dual analog and I just don't fell that too much focus should be placed on them. As an extra feature it's great though. The only thing I can see holding these games back are bad frame rates or major graphical hitches. Maybe I should remind everyone that Black Ops is also coming to Wii, but then again, the COD games on Wii generally aren't all that great. Wii FPS games FTW.

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