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Exclusive Mecho Wars WiiWare Screenshots

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Check out the WiiWare version of the iPhone classic.

Our good friend Luc Bernard was nice enough to send over a batch of brand new Mecho Wars WiiWare screenshots for everyone to peruse in the screenshot gallery. Luc has informed us that development on the game is completed, but no release date has been set currently.

There's also a WiiWare version soundtrack available for download for $9.99 for those interested here.

We'll keep you posted on any Mecho Wars WiiWare developments as they become available, and of a course we'll have a full review of the game upon its release on the service.

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I was thinking of getting it on my iPod Touch, but I haven't heard many good things from friends who have played it. It doesnt look interesting enough for a purchase. I do like the art though. I just wish something more unique and intriguing is made with it as far as gameplay goes. An RPG with an interesting battle system or something.



Shane_Gill said:

I haven't seen a single bad review for Mecho Wars. Gamespot gave it an 8.5/10, and Slide to play gave it a 4/4.



irken004 said:

Still not very interested in this. Perhaps a review could change that though.



Ravage said:

I keep forgetting about this one until suddenly some news comes in saying that it is still a long ways off




$10 does seem a bit much for the soundtrack (I got the game for $0.99 on my iPhone), but the game is good. Odd that they didn't upgrade the graphics though.



RedBlueSpot said:

I've bought this for the iPhone. It wasn't worth it. The ideas are all great and the music's great too. BUT the graphics are meh, the animations are meh. When units are attacking the energyballs are just flying from their cannons. So the game flew of my iPhone. If these things isn't fixed, I wouldn't buy it again



Adam said:

Glad to see it's still alive, Luc. I hope I can finally download this soon. It's perhaps the WiiWare game I've been most looking forward to, and I've been looking forward to it for a long time now!



Tethers said:

In march it was said that we should get a release date fairly soon, the same was last year, and now again. I don't know, I don't think we'll see the game in the near future...



Spoony_Tech said:

I love advanced wars and this does look loke a clone of it. If its as good as some are claiming i will picking this up day one. Now just need to add more points to my system.



Pegasus said:

Got it on my iPod Touch long ago. A really poor man's AW clone is all that it is. Don't expect anything great.

IMO, as great as some of Luc Bernard's concepts may be all of his games lack proper execution. He should just stick to comics or something.



SwerdMurd said:

I tried to like this game on iPhone, but I echo Pegasus' sentiments. It just feels clumsy-homebrew to me. One of the many iPhone game purchases that quickly made me realize that i-Devices weren't a very serious gaming platform for people who own....anything else.



BrazCanaMan said:

Nothing about this game appeals to me, especially the "swirly" art style. Also, if a Luc Bernard game is announced for WiiWare I already expect it to never get released. Doesn't seem like I'd be missing much anyways.



Conker3000 said:

Sean Beeson is an excellent music composer.
I just hate this his great music gets wasted on mediocre games. Hopefully better game developers approach this guy. He's a true talent.




Where is this game?!! I thought it had perhaps died, but it's out on PSN now! (And it's amazing by the way!)

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