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Bplus Blowing Up 3DS with Vector Tank 3D+

Posted by James Newton

Prepare for more 3D explosions than ever

Capcom, Konami, Nintendo and other big-name studios are all hard at work bringing some of their big name titles to the 3DS, but that's not to say the smaller developers are going to be left behind. Bplus, of Niki - Rock 'n' Ball and Bit Boy!! fame has just announced it will be bringing Vektor Tank 3D+ to 3DS in Q2 2011.

The first screenshots show off a sparse but crisp polygonal style reminiscent of early excursions into 3D such as Virtua Racing and Star Fox. Most intriguing is the description of the new controls:

Thanks to the completely new developed 3D+ control interface, your Nintendo 3DS becomes a virtual camcorder right in your hand. With the new handheld's advanced cameras and motion sensors, the game recognises every single of your movements and maps them directly onto the camera in the game. Watch around the virtual reality and aim for enemies and targets. Your Nintendo 3DS is your window into the cyber world.

Naturally the question now arises of whether Bplus has become a fully-fledged retail developer or if this production will head to the trademarked 3DSWare service, but it's certainly encouraging to know you'll still be able to buy small, quirky games on the promising new handheld.


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Xkhaoz said:

Hmmmm. Hopefully it'll be 3DSWare. And at lest they gave us a release date. The 3DS will be released before Q2 2011



Hardy83 said:

My guess is if the 3DS comes out in 2010 Nintendo wouldn't allow them to mention that in a press release.



Oregano said:

Just noticed that on the press release it specifically says 3DS retail. Interesting.



siavm said:

This is a retail title. Seeing how they did not do so well in the download space, they should rethink this.



Hardy83 said:

No, going to retail is smart, look at how well games sell when a system launches? Many DS and Wii games were garbage when they came out, but sold a million (Carnival Games) because there wasn't really any other choices.
For 3DS coming out with a simple, kind friendly looking 3D at launch they are guaranteed to do better then their digital games.
Also, I imagine with how poor their online system is, they would rather support retail more? lol Nintendo really needs to explain how they plan to improve their online services.



warioswoods said:

@5 - My thoughts exactly, but replace "fired" with "burned at the stake."

I sure hope Adam gets a 3DS, so that I can gift this to him. Oh wait, retail?? Nevermind. I'm not sure my misanthropic amusement is worth 40 bucks.




@warioswoods, Im sorry, but im having a hard time reading what you said after I was partially blinded and given a seizure by the screenshots. I could see your avatar and the number 5. THats it.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I wish I could see the screenshots, but whenever I look at them, the only thing revealed to me is that I must have dropped acid about ten minutes ago.



komicturtle said:

Methinks it's going to use that accelerometer, because that field in that screenshot looks slightly tilted



KrazyKain said:

I like the look of this, not entirely sure what to think of the 'the ds is your camera' thing though, keeping in mind that A) you'll look like a douche, so playing n public locations will become less desirable
b) 3d has a limited viewing bracket before it just looks wierd, so you'd have to move with the ds



Adam said:

YES! Retail! I'm saved!

Actually, just to be safe, I'm just not going to get a 3DS. Then if anyone wants to "gift" me this, they'll have to send me a system, too. In your faces!



Gio32k said:

Wait..same creators of Bit Boy?! That pacman/devil world clone tanked.. i'm not so sure about this game...



Bensei said:

@GabeGreens: Ace Attorney : The one can't get fired, since it's the CEO/Game Designer/Sprite Artist/3D Modeller/Programmer of Bplus.



sontuk said:

Good point. With all the light colors AND 3D it could cause a lot of headaches



Ickaser said:

It looks fun to me. I admit that in 3D it might be a bit of an overload, but as of yet I kinda like the color scheme.



astarisborn94 said:

This is butt ulgy (Seriously, it's almost as bad as a SNES FX Chip/very early fifth generation games, except some of those games were actually good while this looks to fail in the game play and visuals departments).

I'm surprised I didn't get the side effect of headache, nausea, and/or throwing up after looking at it. If this was on the Nintendo DS, I would possibly call it passable, but seriously, this is destined for the Nintendo 3DS. With as powerful as a system as the Nintendo 3DS, this is totally unacceptable and does not look fun to play. Not many people are going to buy a terrible-looking game like this, especially if it does turn out to be shovelware.

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