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Aussie Child Uses DS to Save Mother's Bacon

Posted by Damien McFerran

Nintendo's dual-screen wonder to the rescue

Next time you're in a potentially life-threatening situation you might want to make sure you have a handheld console nearby.

A quick-thinking Australian schoolchild - credited only as "Christopher" - found a use for his DS that didn't involve training pocket monsters or defeating Bowser; when his family's car overturned after an attempt to avoid hitting a kangaroo (just in case you forgot this is a story from Down Under), he used the light from the famous dual screens to locate his mother's mobile phone in the darkness and so that she could call for help.

His mother Kathleen was trapped in the vehicle and was naturally pleased as punch with her heir's actions, branding him a hero - which is a viewpoint few people will consider arguing with. In fact the youngster - who we hear plays a mean game of Mario Kart DS - has rightly been nominated for a Community Hero Award.

So there you have it - Nintendo's products are unquestionably a force for good in this crazy world. FACT.


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RogueBologna said:

This a situation in which that 200 point flash light app would've helped.



Supermegaman said:

And I thought it was going to be a ridiculous story about the mother was about to lose a bunch of bacon....

Well its still cool, that is a pretty bright light.



James said:

Didn't I say in my Flashlight review it might actually save your life one day? Didn't I? I wasn't lying, you know!



Xkhaoz said:

Wow, first the DS saved that kids eyesight, and now this? The DS is a hero;



timp29 said:

Sounds like with his mad mario kart skills, the whole situation would have been avoided if he had been driving.



Sean_Aaron said:

That's right James. I'd go so far as to say anyone with a DSi in a region that can buy Flashlight would be a fool not to!



exiled312 said:

A force for good as long as you ignore Nintendo's last place standing for green practices. So "unquestionably", perhaps not.



Corbs said:

I heard it was actually a PSP, but a Nintendo Rep was standing on the scene and slipped the kid some money to say it was a DS. Shameless Nintendo.



Ryon said:

the question is... WHAT game did he have inside the DS to illuminate the upside down car?



TJ_Spyke said:

Why would anybody buy a stupid flashlight app? The DS screen alone is more than bright enough,



naut said:

Nintendo. Changing (and saving) lives every day. Funny, I use mine for a light too sometimes.



Chunky_Droid said:

I often use mine to find the switch to the lamp on the side of my bed, cheers to this kid, jeers to the driver that actually managed to upend a car by swerving around a kangaroo. Must have been a 4WD, lol.



Flandy said:

Imagine how much bacon the iphone can save with all those free apps that light up stuff



Ogy said:

This is fantastic! and trust me the Kangaroo's come out of no where especially in the dark



PATUX3T said:

I wanna shove this in the face of every idiot that said that Nintendo sucks! >



Objection said:

I use mine as a light sometimes too. But I keep it in the "what game are we playing today, Master Bruce?" mode to do so. Cuz it's white and bright.



RowdyRodimus said:

So he's a "hero" for getting his moms phone? Ok, I get the fact that he used the DS as a light (which, lets be honest, is something even a one year old can figure out- "can't see now but can see when this is on, got it") but once again all he did was find a cell phone in a car. It wasn't like he used the DS in some kind of McGyver way.

I guess it's good to know that from now on when you hand someone their phone, you too are a hero!



King_Boo said:

the story should be that he used the light from his DS and guided by Trauma Center, he was able to close an open gash on his mother's leg, then he'd be a hero. All he did was know of a light source and how to use a phone.



WAM2 said:

@RowdyRodimus-and-Joe22: In a crashed car. You seem to be forgetting they were in a crashed car. He didn't just "use his DS to help her find the phone" as you 2 are saying.



Bassman_Q said:

I dunno. I still dont get why hes such a hero for this... I mean again, all he really did was find a phone in a crashed car. I mean sure, he helped big time but labeling the kid a hero seems a bit overboard. Thats just me though.



argus said:

To the people questioning whether or not this kid is a "hero".... he's just a little kid. Most kids would be crying and screaming if they were in a dark, flipped over car. He's 7. After he used his DS as a flashlight to locate the cell phone, he helped his 5 year old brother get out of the car. Then he came back and helped his mom get out of the car. It sounds like this kid stayed calm and acted fast to help his family get out of the car. If his local community wants to call him a "hero", what's the big deal?

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