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Advanced Circuits Flash Demo Offers Free Wheeling

Posted by James Newton

DSiWare game sampler available online

You may have seen Advanced Circuits in the DSi Shop and thought to yourself, "would I like this game?" That's something not even our Advanced Circuits review can tell you, but it is a question the new Flash demo of the game can answer.

By heading over to the game's official website you can partake in a five level demonstration of the game's track-laying puzzles before deciding if the game's worth 200 Points.


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Blue_Cat said:

That was a really fun demo. The last puzzle gave a taste of difficulty, as well.

I'd decided not to get this, but now I may have to re-think that decision.



EdEN said:

For 2 bucks the game is fun. One of those pick up and play games best suited for the DS.



ErrorSupply said:

Bought this game last week, and was pleased with my purchase. The presentation is a little amateurish, but the gameplay is solid and the achievment style medals are a nice bonus for completionists.



KrazyKain said:

thanks for the demo, kinda proved to me that its just not a game for me however, not that theres anything wrong with it, I just really dont see myself enjoying these kinds of puzzles.



miketh2005 said:

tried 3 levels of the online game, didnt like it, didnt think I'd like it. mostly dont like puzzle games. just boring, dont like to think unless its rewarding, hate picross and crosswords and sodoku too.

well, i know what it is. just figured it out. i luike word searches, and i was wondering why i like word searches but not crosswords? its because, the answer is there and i will EVENTUALLY get it. wheereas with crosswords, if i dont know the answer, i just dont know it with picross, its just too hard, it'd take me forever to figure it out. so i like puzzle games which are easy i guess, not one which will take me a really long time to figure out.

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