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3DS Form is Final Shape, says Hideki Konno

Posted by James Newton

Don't go changin'

Most of the released images of the 3DS so far have come with a "not final form" caveat, but it seems you can start to ignore that now, as Nintendo hardware honcho Hideki Konno has stated you can take those images as the final shape, making the confirmation in a brief but wide-ranging interview with Wired magazine: In 2004, when the first DS was first shown at E3, we saw an exterior form factor that wasn’t final. Will the look of the 3DS be changed before its release?

Konno: You can take this as the final shape.

Konno also spoke about the Tag Mode feature that will allow multiple games to search for information simultaneously, with a dedicated viewer to let gamers see which games have received extra content. He dodged the question of naming 3DSWare as the system's downloadable games library, but did acknowledge that the machine would have a service "like WiiWare and DSiWare."

Of course, if this is the final shape for 3DS that confirms there will be no second analogue slider added to the machine to accommodate left-handed gamers, a fact that will disappoint southpaws everywhere.


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Roopa132 said:

Too bad. I don't like the silver part on Slot1 and I don't like how the bottom part is brighter than the top part.



James said:

Note that he just said it's the final shape, not the final colour scheme. There's hope yet!



JimLad said:

Yeah, change the colour at least (they probably will)
I hope they have a more colourful option at launch than just white and black.



LightSamus said:

Well I'm used to getting gooseberried over by Red Steel 1 and 2 and soon Skyward Sword so I might as well get used to it lol

No swearing - mod team



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

Sorry lefties...
But I'm a right hand man! >:]
Also, I'm not really looking forward to 3DSWare, or whatever it will be called. DSiWare is 90% crud, which makes it hard to find the good stuff. So, that's not great for me.



ZarroTsu said:

Maybe they'll make lefty-specific versions as well, in the future? Eh?

I will admit/question though; is left-handed play even an available option on competitive console games?



NFreak007 said:

The shape is fine for me, the three-tone colour scheme is not - it looks cheap and plasticy to me. Plus the metallic finish looks like it could wear off easily. I hope they change that.



FonistofCruxis said:

@jumbif I'm also looking forward to 3dsware and I hope there will be a service for classic hanheld games but dsiware has many great games including:
-art style series
-mario vs. donkey kong; minis march again
-little red riding hood's zombie bbq
-mighty flip champs
-reflect missile
-dark void zero etc.



Cipher said:

Guess I'll have to learn to get used to holding the stylus in my right hand, then...



SuperPeach said:

I'm left handed but I'm ok with this, I've been forced to learn everything else righty so why should it bug me now. I will miss holding a styus in my left hand though.



Kirk said:

Well it looks ok as it is but it could do with some tweaking here and there.

The fact that the top lid sticks out further than the bottom half is a bit fugly for example.

To me it looks like it's half way between the original DS Fat and the much sleeker DS Lite.

I'd rather it was all the way towards the DS Lite in terms of looking perfectly formed however.

Wait for the inevitable re-design a year or so down the line.



sillygostly said:


I want the analogue wheel moved! =( It'll be especially frustrating trying to play legacy DS titles on this if the arrows and A+B+X+Y keys aren't parallel to one another. =(

In terms of colours though, I'd really, really, really love me a purple 3DS drools.



Aviator said:

Kirk wrote:

The fact that the top lid sticks out further than the bottom half is a bit fugly for example.

I can see what you mean, but I'm sure its an optic illusion.



GamerZack87 said:

@sillygostly: Perhaps for older games playable on the 3DS that use the D-Pad you may use the analog slider, just like how you can use the left stick on the Classic Controller to play Virtual NES and Super Nintendo games etc...

My guess is that the 3DS will come in a much more varied selection of colours than previous models - I can just imagine a green, yellow, purple, orange, dark blue, silver and pink selection to go with the blue, red and black models revealed at E3. And naturally, as with most consoles and accessories released by Nintendo, the available colours are likely to vary from region to region!

I really like the multi-faceted look to the 3DS' colours, since it offers a distinctive look and feel from other consoles of its kind. I remember when I first saw the 3DS during the live feed online - I immediately let-out a number of awe-ful sounds and exclamations, "Whoa!", "Cool!", "Awesome!" and "Fantasticationated!" being a few, though the last one could just be how I imagine Stuffwell would react to seeing it for the first time as well!



Kimiko said:

So these issues will remain until the redesign?

  • 3D: slider instead of +/- buttons
  • LEDs on the bottom where they're obscured by your hands instead of in the middle where you can actually see them
  • fingerprint and smudge prone shiny coating instead of the DSi's much better textured exterior
  • DS phat form factor instead of DS Lite or DSi

Sheesh, why repeat the mistakes of the past (DS phat, PSP)? So you can sell a redesign of the same system to the early adopters? Bleh



MrMartinLee said:

As a lifelong lefty, I have to say I'm not too bothered by the slider/button layout. Console games have always used the left side for moving your character, so there's nothing new about that. As for missing a second analog stick, I actually preferred using the thumb strap with the plastic on it as a kind of second analog stick for aiming in FPS style games. Now if there's ever a game that requires me to quickly move a character while writing on the screen at the same time, then I may have a problem...



MeloMan said:

I need some white with that black or a blue of a common "everyone can like it" shade, Ninty. I thought we we done with the rediculous colors since the, meh, "indigo" (purple) box Gamecube. Keep it simple, cause I hate BOTH of these colors and will wait for a color revision scheme that suits my tastes. Want my money or not?



zezhyrule said:

Using that d-pad will get uncomfortable after a while...

Guess I'll wait a couple of years, and if there is no redesign, there should at least be a price drop.



miketh2005 said:

@Kimiko: The shiny coating thing can still be fixed, that has nothing to do with the body. Iwata (i think, or miyamoto) is the one that wanted the slider instead of buttons, because he said he wanted something more quick and responsive. And if you had button's how would you know if the depth is in the middle, deep or off?

@MeloMan: WHO THE F*** CARES ABOUT COLORS!?!?!?!? You sound like those PS3 fanboys who hate Wii because the graphics suck. It's the hardware/software that matters!



Bassman_Q said:

I'll wait for the 3DS Lite.

And yeah I also noticed the pics of the 3DS when closed shows that the top and bottom parts aren't totally flush with each other, making it look kinda... bleh... like the DS Phat...



Stuffgamer1 said:

Then why did Reggie say they were looking for feedback? Here I was, actually thinking he was doing something not stupid for a change. My mistake, I should have known better.

Unless the Thylus (which I'm still waiting to arrive) proves itself a worthy problem solver, I'll be missing out on Kid Icarus right along with Raylax. Even if it does, though, it's bullcrap that I have to go to a third party and spend $8 to be able to play what righties can play out of the box. Way to destroy my earned trust regarding lefty support, Nintendo. Hurt but angry expression, something between and



TingLz said:

He never said that there wasn't going to be a left-handed version



Stuffgamer1 said:

There's no such thing as a left-handed "version." If they mirrored the controls, games that DON'T use the slide pad and touch screen simultaneously would become unplayable! Do YOU want to have the sole slide pad on the right and the fact buttons on the left when playing EVERY game on the system? I sure as heck don't!



TingLz said:

The D-pad has always been on the left, why would they change it now?



Token_Girl said:

This really does suck for left handers. Hopefully games that require the touch screen and slider to be used at the same time won't require touchscreen movements that are too complex. I tried playing Rhythm Heaven with my left hand, and I was worse than with my right hand, but the game was still far from unplayable. I feel like I could get used to tapping to aim as well, though it would take a while. A gradual difficulty curve in the beginning of games like that will hopefully make them playable for most.

Another thing that may help is a bigger stylus, similar to what came with the DSiXL. The most uncomfortable thing for me was that the stylus was too small. Not trying to be judgmental or tell lefties to "suck it up" by the way. Just a couple of thoughts from a brief attempt at bad handed play, so hopefully lefties can enjoy the games too.

On the plus side, devs won't be able to take the lazy way out give us a pile of dual analog ports when there are better control schemes available!



SilverBaretta said:

That entire interview was very insightful. I now have a clearer picture of what the 3DS will be like.

And as for left-handers, that really sucks, but I hope that some ambidexterity will come of this, so you can all at least get an experience out of it.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@lz: Doggie pic!

You're the one who just said they could make a "lefty version." Think about it, though: In order to do that, they'd have to put the analog slider on the RIGHT, so we could use our left hands for the stylus. If they did that, they'd have to move the face buttons to the LEFT so that you could still sort of play buttons-only games. It wouldn't make any sense to leave the D-pad below the fact buttons, so it would naturally end up on the right, and you have a mirrored system, useless though it is.

Maybe "Left Brain, Right Brain" would be a useful investment for us lefties now? Sure, people thought it was stupid before when it didn't matter, but I wonder if it wouldn't help with this problem. I imagine you could get it quite cheap at this point.



Robo-goose said:

I can honestly say that I'm happy with this. The design for the 3DS resembles the first design for the ds, which was my favorite.



Chris720 said:

I'm sorry, what? You expect play with that? It looks absolutely disgusting!

For one, move the analog stick!

Second, get rid of the Touch Screen and make the Top Screen BIGGER!

Third, hate where the Power and Start/Select buttons are.

Fourth, why is the top a different colour to the bottom? Gross, change it!

Fifth, just make a whole new portable.

This DS family is getting crap!



Klapaucius said:

I can only guess that the black around the top screen is related to th 3D effect. Maybe its less effective with a bright colour around it.



TanookiMike said:

Don't forget, it's only Kid Icarus as of right now lefties need to worry about, so hopefully it will not become to big of a problem.



Old_School said:

So, let me get this straight, Nintendo is making a new hand held. A hand held that rivals the power of the Wii, the most advanced hand held to date, this includes the PSP and all of the "i" hardware. They are using a cutting edge 3D technology. They have high resolution screens on the thing. The processor is apparently smoking fast. It would appear to have loads of memory. They stated that the game cards will start off at 2 gigabytes. It will be fully backwards compatible. They are working on making the DSi and Wii account based, not hardware, so you can transfer all of you stuff from the DSi. They already have Mario Kart, Zelda 64, Starfox 64 and a bunch of other great titles. All in all most of what everyone has complained about from day one of the DS. And now you are saying you won't buy it because of the color or the fact it is not for lefties? Seriously? Do you have nothing better to do than find reasons to complain? Wow! Seriously! WOW! I would think that this console would hush most naysayers.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Old School: I agree that the complaints about the color are rather absurd, but take offense at the lefty comment. If there are games I literally can not play because of the design of the system, I have every right to complain, or even not buy the thing at all if I want (though I doubt I'll do that because of all the games that WON'T have that problem).

All the improvements you list are great, I agree, but I didn't want a much-valued feature from the DS line REMOVED as a trade-off.



Phobos said:

@Kimiko - How oily are your hands? Matt surfaces scratch way too easily. At least gloss is wipeable.

@Old_School - ...Oh, how I respect you for saying that! I agree with 47drift

Sorry, lefties! I'm ambidextrous, so it goes either way for me. And I must say, I do love what the 3DS has given us so far.



Sakeraf said:

@44 your basically you want Nintendo to make psp... try to think outside the box. I agree that it could use some changes, but the 3ds is still gonna be awesome!
@47 your an inspiration to all of us!



misterquin said:

I just hope they change the two tone color goin on in the inside and back. Other than that looks great!



StarDust4Ever said:

Left-handed gamers usually learn to use standard gamepads without many problems, although that issue is moot with most Wiimote-Nunchuck games. Typing is a fully ambidextrous activity which neither lefties nor righties seem to have trouble learning. I believe that left- and right- hand controls are equally important in playing most modern games.



ExploderReviews said:

Ok, so if the 3ds has better graphics then the wii, its portable, it has an analog control stick and a d-pad, it has a great line-up of release games, it has two, no, three cameras and some sort of video chat on the way, it might end up getting 3g, it has a downloadable game service, its 3D of course, it has a touch screen, a mic, and now its getting the wiis trademark feature, motion sensitivity; well lets just put it this way. I sure a heck hope that the vitality sensor is gonna blow our minds. No offense aginst the wii though, ill still love it. No matter what happens.



Tigus said:

I dont care abbout the shape!! Games are what matters its agame system not a cellphone( even if it is better) games people games!



mjc0961 said:

Well that stinks. I'm not a huge fan of the top being a bit bigger than the bottom, plus I was hoping we'd get shoulder buttons that go all the way to the back like the GBA SP, DS, and DS Lite. I keep missing them on the DSi, they're so skinny. And from what I've seen the 3DS has similar style buttons back there.



winter123 said:

Jumbif - not 100%, the ones listed in like post 11, plus also X-scape is a must play for any action gamer.

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