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3DS Coming to Japan by October

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Gamespot backtracks on 3DS release window report

Gamers interested in Nintendo's new 3D portable might want to start saving a little sooner. It seems that Nintendo has just confirmed to Bloomberg Japan that their new 3DS system will indeed launch in Japan by October of this year, according to a recent article on Gamespot.

We've already heard about Nintendo's upcoming announcement on September 29th, but many were still expecting the system to launch sometime early next year, not this holiday season. There was no mention of a North American or European release date, but the simple fact that the system is coming to Japan in October lets us know that the system is obviously ready to go and some games must be nearing completion.

We'll keep you posted on any new information regarding the launch date and price of Nintendo's 3DS system over the coming weeks.

UPDATE: Gamespot has now reported that an error was made in their reporting of Nintendo's plans to release their upcoming 3DS system in Japan by October. We reported the news based upon their article and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our readers. Guess we'll have to wait for the September 29th announcement.


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xAlias said:


Two days before miyamoto's b-day, one before mine.



WarioFan63 said:

Isn't this a rumor? I'm sure I just read something where Nintendo confirmed that they did not confirm anything beyond a 9/29 announcement date to Bloomberg.



ToastyYogurt said:

C'mon, if this is true, hit NA with 3D awesomeness before Christmas. Then again, I don't fancy waiting in a line that might just sprawl out of my local Best Buy (How many of you got a Wii in 2006? Anyone?), so maybe not.



SilverBaretta said:

Huh. At this rate, Nintendo really MIGHT do what Microsoft did and ship the system the moment it's announced. Fingers crossed, but I think Corbie and Radixxs have the window covered pretty well. Oh, and Destroyer360, I did.



gaminguy said:

this is GREAT. That means if it's ready for japan, it sohuld be about ready for NA. Hope this comes before christmas...



Nintendokid said:

Wow this is great for all Japanese to get it first since Nintendo want's them to test out the 3D device so by October maybe the people in Japan might post it on youtube unboxing it and seeing what features it has but little is know about it like Virtual console,and making Mii's of your own so let's hope that all of us can take inner look of the 3DS SECRETS!!!!!!



NintyMan said:

If it comes out this year, I hope it's not going to be like the Wii and be sold out for months. I must get Kid Icarus and (hopefully) Mario Kart. That's not even counting the Wii games coming this year. So many games, so few money...



timp29 said:

That is a surprise. This puppy will be sold out for its first few months for sure. Nintendo has had little to no time to build enough units to meet demand.

You would have to think this suggests a pre-christmas release!! (outside of Japan)



Adam said:

Maybe on September 29th they'll pull a Sega Saturn and announce it's coming out September 30th. We've still got a chance to beat Japan, guys. Don't give up.



skywake said:

@Destroyer360 I got a Wii in 2006, I also got a DS Lite on its launch day. Neither were impossible to get (at least here in Aus) but the Wii was definitely harder. Hell, hardest console I have ever tried to find in the shops was the light blue DS lite, for my sister, when they launched the colours. Heaps of white, black and pink but no light blue. I hope the 3DS isn't THAT hard.

I plan on getting this thing Launch day. My guesses for launch times/prices?

  • Aus: December 9th @ $300AUD
  • US: November 7th @ $200USD (US does Sundays yeah? they'd do this date just so its out before my birthday and they can annoy me)


Xkhaoz said:

Personally, I hope we get it later, like in December or March. That way I can get moneyz.



Hokori said:

PLZ PLZ PLZ must save money PLZ Announce Transferable DSiWare and VH, although my guess for some reason they wont be able to Transfer at the start but it might be the Platinum Reward next year.



J_K said:

Nintendo unlike Sony doesn't appreciate people buying games and owning them, so I doubt we'll see transfers as they're pretty stone age stupid about that. That said though, considering the price drops DS saw in Japan to make room for the 3DS, I would put my money on the retail rate stateside all things considered $199.99. It would be entirely illogical to charge higher than the Wii for a handheld, average consumer wouldn't be pleased let alone many hand held buyers as the PSP didn't take off until they got more reasonable rates too.



Token_Girl said:

The one thing i agree with Corbie on is the transfers. I still don't think this will make it out before X-mas. Sept. 29 is really too late to start the full force of the marketing machine for an X-mas. There's also been so little detail on their online/multimedia services, which makes me think they're not in place yet. You also have to consider that just because games are done in Japan, doesn't mean they'll be localized yet. It's certainly more likely now, but still doubtful.



grumblegrumble said:

They had better allow transfers or I won't be buying the new system. It should be easy enough... just tie everything to that users Club Nintendo account and credit card info, etc. Come on Nintendo! Listen to your customers and make them happy, not weary of buying new downloadable content.



wildMissingnoappered said:

fabulos. NZ and AS will hopefully get it after cause that is what happened with the DSI. Cant wait.
PS gonna get animal crossing and ornica of time



B-ry said:

I really hope that it comes out stateside in November at $199.99. However, Corbie thinks it's gonna be more expensive, so that makes me nervous. I guess i think that since he's held it in his hands, he has a better idea of what it'll be.....also, my bet is on no dsiware transfers. It's disappointing, but 3dsware will help soothe the pain _



Corbs said:

Oh you must mean like when they said 3DS wouldn't be the name of the system. But seriously, if it's wrong, we can always blame Gamespot.



Spoony_Tech said:

Don't have enough money for this now. I would not mind if they held off ti. Feb or march. It will cut into a lot of profits for other games on the dsi and wii. This might be a bad idea from a buisness stade point!



Kimiko said:

Check your sources before making announcements. A Yahoo Babelfish translation of the Bloomberg source shows nothing about an October release date, only the September announcement. I recommend again Babelfish over Google Translate.



JamieO said:

One way or another my chances of having a 3DS on Christmas Day are greatly improving with this news, if Nintendo decide to hold the EU release back until 2011, then I will order a Japanese or US machine.

Importing has never stopped me before. Great news.



Hardy83 said:

I sure it would be in Nintendo's best interest to get it out in all regions by Christmas. However there are so many factors to consider.

Manufacturing speed
Software support
Marketing plans
Development times

Is the system even fully done? (Psst put two cameras on the inside, if you don't you're REALLY REALLY stupid NIntendo)
Will there be enough system to meet world demand?

And I'm probably missing a million and a half other issues that could determine the launch date.



Phobos said:

Eh... I knew this wouldn't be fully confirmed. Although, if it did come out in Japan earlier, it'd be a good way to "test-drive" it before we do. Plus, I'd prefer if it came out in EU and NA a little later. Some of us need a bit more saving, you know.



jangonov said:

UPDATE: Since this story was published, Nintendo has confirmed that it will be revealing date and price information for the 3DS on September 29. However, the Mario Factory has said it is has not confirmed that the 3DS will be out this quarter. The headline of this story initially stated that the 3DS was due out in October, according to the Bloomberg report. GameSpot regrets the error.



jangonov said:

No problem Corbie. Just doing what I can. If only Gamespot did so in the first place.



SuperPeach said:

I'm worried, I hope it comes out early next year otherwise I won't have money for it and I don't get presents.




I won't have enough money for this and I'm not sure anyone would spend a $229.95 on a Christmas present for me I'll have to work overtime stealing those rupees. Good thing they are more valuable than dollars
Also Corbie found out the exact date at E3 by winning over one of the hot chicks with his manly charm.



TheBaconator said:

Maybe Nintendo will do what Microsoft did with the new Xbox model and it will come out the next day Sept.30 ...One can only dream.



TJ_Spyke said:

Since this info has not been confirmed to be false, maybe you should change the headline you that so don't mislead people.



fishman100 said:

11/07/2010 Price: i don't care, as long as it's under $210
hehe, I'd like it if it came out on my birthday!



Klapaucius said:

October would be good. Gives me time to test it out in a shop, get a good look at the launch games and read reviews, and save up the money to buy it around December



Dodger said:

I don't care if the date isn't announced yet. I am saving now. I am 13 and not getting a pay check so I had better start early with what I do get. I want enough to get a 3DS and a game to start with. I probably won't get it on the launch date... I don't feel like standing outside of my local best buy for a week just to get in and find they are all sold out.



Hokori said:




theswweet said:

why must this system seem so awesome its not ouyt yet and everyone is saying they are buying it!



cheapogamer4life said:

I was thinking more like $299.99 with no clue on the release date.
Corbies prediction does sound a lot better though.



G-MaxiMillion said:

I can see it in front of me already, everyone being unpatient and start buying the Japanese 3DS before it comes in their own country while they don't understand any Japanese.



Punny said:

I'm still aiming for a mid-November release (or rather wishing). Too bad the October Japanese release was false and had to burst my bubble...



Quaddel said:

cool that means that the 3ds will probably come to us before christmas!!!



Myndaember said:

I really want this. Though I believe this is going to be the same thing as with Flipnote Studio. People want something so bad, that they start to loose common sense and believe anything. If someone shouts out a random date people will believe it and then afterwards be let down when it doesn't come out. Human minds are made in such a way that want/greed/love if strong enough will overpower common sense. I am not saying that @Corbie is wrong I am just saying that it is not officially stated. If there was an official statement by Nintendo then I shall be persuaded. Though until then I shall just keep on living on my life checking on it from time to time.



rolando said:

Really, you are all really believing that the 3DS is going to be available to the public by November. There has already been a general release date announced, which said that it was coming out sometime before March of 2011. You people will believe anything. I'm with Myndaember.

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