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You Can Play the Tron Wii Game with this Tron Wii Controller

Posted by James Newton

Light cycles speed to Wii

As if the seemingly Tron-inspired Art Style: light trax weren't enough, you can get a second helping of Wii-based light cycle action as Tron: Evolution will be racing across the Wii landscape later this year. If you feel your current Wii Remote just isn't futuristic-looking enough after years of familiarity, you may want to get your hands on this design from PDP.

Based on the designs of both the film and game, the TRON controllers will feature unique, performance-enhancing contours and design, rubber grips with a soft-touch finish and perforated details and light-up accents reminiscent of the TRON universe to illuminate late-night gaming sessions.

No, we don't quite understand it either. However, if you're a fan of Tron and things with glowing lights on them – like this guy – you might want to check this out when it's released this Fall for around $49.99. That's not the only wacky licensed peripheral PDP has up its glowing sleeves, though, as Disney Epic Mickey is due to get a few of its own. Check out the charging cradle based on the Phantom Blot and Nunchuk housing based on... well, a paintbrush, of course.

This truly is the golden age of Wii accessories.


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MasterGraveheart said:

I"ve never seen Tron and have no interest in the game as a consiquence... but this Wii Remote freakin' rocks.



JebbyDeringer said:

Looks cool but one thing I never like about game themed or movie themed items is that it has the name right on it. I understand the branding but it bothers me. Even worse though are sequel branded items like the Halo 3 Xbox 360. Why can't it just be Halo? Why does it have to be tied to that specific game rather than the Halo universe? Rant over.



Kaeobais said:

That is amazing Is it a preorder incentive, bundled with it at retail or sold separately?



Link-Hero said:

Cool, but wouldn't it be a battery drainer? With all those cool neon looking lights all over the Wii-Mote, it would require more electricity to keep them on. If you thought the Wii-Mote used up batteries too fast, then look out. Well... If you have some good battery chargers, then it wouldn't be much of a problem.

I don't know if I want the game or not, but I might trade in some of my extra Wii-Motes for this.



OldBoy said:

Gotta get one of those.Looks awesome. Who cares about needing 100's of batteries when it looks as cool as that. I like the rubber grips too,hope its well built.Will NL be reviewing it?



Shiryu said:

I first saw this on n-Space facebook page and truly need to get my hands on one. Sadly I read that they were lacking the vibration funcion. Hope you guys update the news piece with this info (and fingers crossed PDP changes this until release ). I'm still gonna have to buy it, of course.

PS: Lovely quote for the pic. =)



Link-Hero said:

Hmm... I've looked around the internet about these controlers and they all say that these were just for show and they have no plans on releasing them to the public...

I hope thats not true.



Shiryu said:

@Link-Hero I assure you these will be available for purchase circa the videogames release date. As I stated above, there are a few complaints about the lack of Vibration on the Wiimote and the fact that the 360/PS3 controllers are wired only.



Raylax said:

I forgot what the article was about when I saw the guy with testicular cameltoe. Now my brain has ceased to function.



Link-Hero said:


Oh, ok, thanks for telling me. Though, why no vibration? To decrease power consumption? Seems like a stupid move, especially for people who have rechargeable batteries.



irken004 said:

Tron remote IS BEAUTIFUL!!! But $50 for it is a tad expensive. I'll wait to see it in action before buying it.



Shiryu said:

@Link-Hero Sadly I got no answer on that particular question. I hope they think it over before release, it's a dammed shame if it has no feedback.



bboy2970 said:

I hope its the same build as the standard 1st party remote just with tron stuff on it. It might be a deal-breaker if the feel of the thing is like that of most 3rd party controllers...



SilverBaretta said:

That remote looks pretty snazzy, and I rather liked the original Tron movie, I may get this for it's style.



ToastyYogurt said:

OMGSOSEXY !!!!!! LOL I may have never seen Tron before, but this Wiimote looks like the coolest thing ever. Putting down 10 extra dollars for a cooler glowing Wiimote may be appealing to some.... if they hadn't bought all his/her wiimotes yet .



Pegasus said:

Too many youngsters in here. I still like to watch Tron every now and then. Looking forward to Legacy this holiday.

That Wiimote is pretty snazzy. I'd probably buy one. Not interested in the game though.



vakama94 said:

wow, thats what i call controller, although i dont think it will make it to mexico



Chrono_Cross said:

I'm going to buy 2. One to show off as like a collector's item and one to use for my gaming need.



TKOWL said:

That thing'll probably eat batteries like a fat person eats a burger.



Objection said:

Amazing? yes. Will I buy any of these? No.

They're going up against a bajillion Wii games I'd rather pay the $49.99 for.



Magicpegasus said:

@JebbyDerringer: I agree. Placing the logo on these types of items sometimes creates a paradigm. The cool thing about this remote design is it makes you feel like your holding and using a high-tech tool from the Tron world. But in the Tron world, they don't put "Tron" on all their items.

I want to see more of these things. The paintbrush for Epic Mickey looks awesome too. These are way better than placebo plastic attachments that turn your remote into, say, a tennis racket. Why not make a custom remote that IS a tennis racket?



Kaeobais said:

@JebbyDerringer: Atleast it doesn't say Tron: Evolution on it. It just says Tron, and odds are if you're buying this you're a fan of Tron, so it should be fine.



Kidpit said:

Serching for words to describe greatness of TRON wiimote....

Insufficent Data found...device is beyond words.




A1234 said:

awesome! day 1 purchase, no matter the cost!

I always wanted the Tron controller for Atari 2600. I still can't find that controller!



Feld0 said:

I don't think there will ever be a Wii remote with built in MotionPlus, especially one from a third-party company.

Still, that thing looks amazing, even though I don't know a thing about Tron!



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, hopefully they consider it; I expect Nintendo will release one soon enough and this is much nicer than the Nyko one.



Pegasus said:

Shucks. Apparently, those controllers come with drawbacks. I might pass after all, after reading the following:
The PS3 and 360 controllers are corded with precision parts and vibration support, and the Wii controller is wireless, but lacks the vibration support. All three models will retail for $49.99.
Via IGN.



kurtasbestos said:

Oh man, I got to play with one of these at PAX and it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. You hear that, Mother Nature? Time to step up your game up.



MitchVogel said:

I got one of these and it is AMAZING!!! There is only one drawback though, and that drawback is that the speakers on it are absolute crap.

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