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UK DS Prices Could Tumble as Nintendo Cuts Trade Cost

Posted by James Newton

No new colours on the way, sadly

Earlier today we reported that Nintendo is set to launch new DSi XL colours over in Japan, accompanied by a decent price cut on all DS lines. Now Nintendo UK has announced it'll be chopping down the asking price of every DS unit it sells to retailers, leaving the door open for cheaper consoles across the country.

Predictably Nintendo didn't mention the size of the price cut, reiterating its stance that retailers, not Nintendo, set the final price to consumers, but with the Japanese market receiving cuts of around £25 a unit we could see some drastic drops on console prices.

The new trade prices come into effect from June 18th so keep a beady eye on your local games emporium to see if you can snatch up any cheap machines.


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GammaGames said:

So, they could've been cheaper all along? CURSE YOU NINTENDO! No, I'm still glad I bought my DSi a month after it came out!



Hardy83 said:

US is always last because NoA likes to milk everything.

I imagine this is because E3 will be announcing the 3DS and show it off.



WaveGhoul said:

I would of bought the DSi XL, but due to the increase of screen size the graphics are supposed to look worse as the pixel count remains the same. I'll just stick with my DSLite White



Nintendoftw said:

WaveBoy- The DSI Xl's graphics isnt too bad at all... it only stretchs the pixels a bit



Klapaucius said:

Still using the original DS, and not looking to upgrade just yet. Still, good news.



WaveGhoul said:


ahh I guess that's not too bad. But the big downside is that when the 3DS hits I'm guessing the screens will be smaller(yet widescreen) in comparison to the DSi XL screens. It may actually be a bit of a dissapointment if I get used to those big DSi XL screens



Nekogao said:

Any idea what the new RRP in Japan will be? I'm still using my DS Phat...



Ickaser said:

I'm not sure I want the price to fall here, as that might ruin my plan to sell my DSi for 3DS money, provided the 3DS is backwards compatible with DS carts and DSiWare.

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