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Triple Trouble in this New Pokemon Black & White Trailer

Posted by James Newton

Three-on-three battles could mean 50% increase in strategy

Making two captured monsters fight each other is passé: one of the new features of Pokémon Black and White is the ability to take three monsters into battle for even more tactical fighting.

Not only does the trailer show off a sextet of battling monsters, it also leaves tantalising hints at a web-based Poképortal for trading monsters, as well as showing off more of the game's new graphical style and the brand new monsters that populate its world.

With a confirmed Japanese release date of September 18th expect further waves of Pokémon Black and White information to crash onto Nintendo Life.

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SuperPeach said:

Three on three. Sounds, kinda interesting.

September 18th!? They missed my B-day by 1 day.



Klapaucius said:

It will be difficult to wait in Japan for an English-language release and then import that



Noire said:

Three on three? Good lord, I have trouble enough with two Pokes out...



Swiket said:

I've never heard someone use the word "sextet" for anything other than musical groups...



fishman100 said:

woah! that's a shocker!!!
I'm thinking we'll get Black and White around spring 2011, since they get it in the fall of 2010 (that's kinda how it was with HG and SS)



AVahne said:

awesome! looks like the in-battle party sizes are getting closer to other RPGs



Omenapoika said:

Yargh, my situation is going to get kinky : D
I will start my exchange in Japan 2011-2012 next spring... Maybe I should import the japanese one to get to know the language even better. But I might lose some of the game to concentrating on the language... And I would know all the new pokemon by their japanese names :E But when the english one is released, I might already be in Japan, so I'd need to import it anyway.



realar said:

I'm amazed at Gamefreak, we are getting updates up the wazoo. In fact, we had updates 3 days in a row. Almost every new batch we get we get one new favorite to add to my team. It started with my snake, shortly after I got the super awesome surprise of Zekkie, then the beast known as Hihidaruma from Corocoro, and now the currently unnamed green dude which looks like a science experiment- I LIKE!



Var said:


Once you get into the Pokémon meta game, and EV training/IV breeding etc, you'd be surprised at how strategic it can get.



Digiki said:

Well I guess it can't get uglier.

funny you used pokemon and strategy in the same sentence

Funny you tried to appear bright, but have proved the opposite in the same sentence.



Objection said:

Okay that's just ridiculous. Also, the sprites look awful when the camera zooms in. HD art would've been nice.



Digiki said:

Now they should let us have more Pokemons that we can carry to battle. I call for at least nine.

What? Personally, a drop to five would be reasonable if they decided to remove the need for HM slaves. Yes, people would complain and moan much, but in the grand scheme of things it could be balanced just fine (and realistically it is already more balanced towards groups of five already).



sillygostly said:

Ick. I've officially lost all hope. The new Pokes continue to look absolutely hideous. A few of them are tolerable, but even they in no way resemble what I would identify as a "Pokemon".

I know I'll grab the games at launch and enjoy them thoroughly, but these new Pokemon designs are just awful. Who the hell's designing these? =/



Aenaida said:

Eh, it's going to take a lot more than 3-on-3 battles to get me interested.



Morpheel said:

So they plan to add another pokemon into the battle every odd generation?



Megumi said:

Wait a minute I thought I heard something about them making some changes with the battles or whatever. Is this what they meant?...



SSBbrawler08 said:

@BellFoRiiing - I also heard the pokemon won't be static sprites. They'll actually move, even if its not their turn to attack, much like Mario and Luigi in their trilogy (Superstar Saga, etc.)



Raylax said:

@38: Possibly. On the one hand I'm a liiiiittle disappointed that they haven't overhauled it, but on the other hand, there's no point in fixing what isn't broken. And triple battles look awesome. Electrode used Explosion! [everything dies]



Megumi said:

@39: Yeah, they do, saw a video before and they do move. (finally, lol)
@40: Was hoping for something like, 4-way battles, lol. Also heard something stupid like, online battles take place during the game. I'm not sure what that means (if I even said it correctly) but it sounds like if you fight a trainer in-game you're actually fighting him/her online or something...



komicturtle said:

Hmm, a mummy tomb? Interesting. Looks like the equivalent of Spiritomb.

The electric Tarantula is interesting- and yet another Pokemon I would have never thought of. Yet, I hate spiders. SO much. The Pokemon revealed so far are cool, but some are out of the whole 'Pokemon Realm'. Pokemon like the electric Zebra and Chinchilla would probably fit in with the original 150 (I'm SO going to get that Chinchilla and woop some ass with it haha).

One thing that's kinda.. bothering me, is that there were no OLDER Pokemon shown all except for Entei and Raikou. In Diamond and Pearl, they showed Pokemon like Wooper, Scizor and Butterfree in videos and screenshots.. Back when Ruby and Sapphire were revealed, older Pokemon, again, were not even shown in screenshots. Black and White is somewhat following that trend. Not a HUGE problem, but I'm wondering why Pokemon such as Pikachu, Koffing or even Gengar have at least not shown up. Maybe I'm overthinking, but please-oh-please don't follow Ruby and Sapphire's trend of only having less than 200 Pokemon available in game ONLY and older Pokemon not being catchable someway. Least trading the older Pokemon from D/P/PT/HG/SS is good...

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