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This Mega Man 10 Concept Art is Awesome

Posted by James Newton

Blue Bomber backgrounds in black and white

Although you might think Mega Man 10's retro graphical style is easy, a Japanese site has published some concept art showing the amount of work that went into bringing the game to life.

From futuristic transport systems to buildings shaped like grenades, the art shows the detail required to create something even as seemingly simple as Mega Man 10. Check out these awesome images and bask in a newfound appreciation of the hard work Capcom's artists went through just for you.


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BL_Donth said:

Did they put this much effort back in the day? I've always wondered what the concept art for earlier titles looked like during development.



NeoRausch said:

@donth8 like today. some do, some don't. i saw some concepts for the shining force-games, that would kick you right out of your chair. and watch out for some early oldscool sonic concept arts.



James said:

@NeoRausch I have the Shining Force III artbook and as you say the artwork is phenomenal. The Phantasy Star Online book is similarly awesome and both are well worth buying!



dizzy_boy said:

there`s loads of art work books based off of different games.
i`ve got one for okami from udon publishing, and they`ve already published 2 art books on the mega man series, they should be worth looking out for.
i tend to find books like these in comic book shops, either that you could try amazon. they`re pretty good.



NeoRausch said:

@Prosody well, send it over! nah, but i'm still on the lookout for artbooks of my favorite game....but man...hard to come buy or i would have to sell my house (nonexistend) for it.
on PSO: well everything (talking 'bout style here) thi series is awesome. i'm gonna make a jump trought the roof if they FINALLY (!) cancel the "hit button the times-combo"! the music...the



Chris720 said:

Awesome! But why so much work with such amazing graphics for an 8-pixel game? It makes no sense to me...



dizzy_boy said:

game art work, works just like a story board for an animated movie. which covers what everything needs to look like. charecters, background and foreground items, moveable objects, menu`s, all text, etc. most of which is covered in different poses as if they were in motion, with different colours and/or effects.
if they can get the idea of what game is supposed to look like before hand, it makes things easier, and quicker for the programers, so they don`t have to keep on tweaking stuff in the production faze.



WaveBoy said:

Too bad MM10 lacked the imagination and creativity of MM9. Those Grenade building's would of been awesome in Commando man's stage. To top it off, a giant robot Scorpion mini Boss would of pretty rad as well!

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