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This DS Game Includes Bespoke Cheese and Wine Guides

Posted by James Newton

Only team-up with ELLE à Table makes that headline possible

With E3 just a matter of weeks away, all eyes are on Nintendo to see what innovative and exciting titles the company has planned for the next year and beyond. It's safe to say that nobody ever expected the company to announce a game that includes cheese and wine guides, but here we are on that auspicious day.

Called 1000 Cooking Recipes with ELLE à Table, Nintendo and the aspirational lifestyle magazine have combined forces to bring culinary experts and noshing novices the ultimate guide to creating top notch grub in your own home. Packing in a range of styles from light bites to three course occasions, each dish has full step-by-step instructions and nutritional information too.

The best part though is the inclusion of Master of Wine Jancis Robinson and John Farrand from the Guild of Fine Food, who have created guides to wine and cheese so your special occasion need not suffer the indignity of a poorly-picked provolone or a mystifyingly misplaced merlot.

Voice recognition lets you navigate the recipes without use of your hands and there are even recipes unlocked on certain days of the year, plus DSi users can snap photos of their culinary accomplishments and share them with other users.

1000 Cooking Recipes with ELLE à Table is due for release in the UK on July 2nd.

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ToastyYogurt said:

OMG ANOTHER DS cook book? Although this has more of a reason to exist than America's Test Kitchen; I never knew what made it different than Personal Trainer: Cooking.....



Junkface said:

Thats was what I was missing, don't want to look foolish for serving a poor pairing. The US needs this one.



Tails said:

I think i'll pass but atleast its nothing too bad. My sister would probably buy it.



KDR_11k said:

Is this based on the system of Cooking Navi? That was a good system but the recipes that came with the original application were fairly limited, releasing new software with more recipes that fit more with western tastes is definitely useful.

I think this will be the European equivalent of America's Test Kitchen, not released alongside it?

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