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This Beatboxer Has Clearly Played A Lot of Mario Games

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Japanese musician performs some impressive beat-coin-boxing

We've seen some interesting 8-bit musical adaptations before, but Japanese beatboxer Hikakin has done the reverse, emulating classic Mushroom Kingdom melodies with nothing more than his mouth / throat combination. It's Rahzel meets Miyamoto in this incredibly impressive display of vocal virtuosity.

Check out his recently posted video and marvel at this unplugged sound sensation.

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He is a good beatboxer, but to be honest, the lead parts of the tunes sound just wierd.



pikku said:

lol our good friend Turtlelink showed this to us just a few hours ago. quite awsome indeed.



Zach said:

@turtlelink Actually, our senior editors proofread, revise, improve and approve everything before it appears on the site.



JamieO said:

Ha, ha, he busts out a Super Mario World tune half way through too.



Klapaucius said:

Impressive shame its not perfectly on note, though. But then its not like I'd be able to do anything like this o_o



Zach said:

@Klapaucius & Gabe Greens: Ace Attorney I didn't know we had any celebrities on our message boards! Ladies and gentlemen, Simon Cowell & Simon Cowell.



Raylax said:

Equal parts the most brilliant and hilarious thing I've heard all day.



SwerdMurd said:

Rahzel's a clown imo. So many better names out there.

"I'm on a Twix commercial and I have horribly disfigured teeth! I deserve to be famous covering other people's work!"



Zach said:

@Swerd_Murd And what of "If Your Mother Only Knew"? I don't know whether or not it's a cover, but have you heard his version? Or his newer version, which you can see on YouTube? Nice.



JimLad said:

I love the underground bits, the one after he taps his chest... how the hell!?

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